3 Compelling Reasons to Buy Inflatable Boats in Australia

Taking your boat or dinghy out to sea on a lazy weekend is one of the best feelings ever. If you live anywhere in Australia near the coast or river, then you might have seen many of your neighbours doing this.

Naturally, you might want to take to the water yourself. But hitching a ride with the neighbours is a pale satisfaction to having your inflatable boat. Maintaining a conventional boat is a hassle. The best alternative is to get inflatable boats. Here are 3 more reasons why you should buy them:

3 Benefits of Getting Inflatable Boats in Victoria

  1. Value for Money

Inflatable boats are popular for being an easy buy. They do not cost a fortune and this makes them very popular among boating enthusiasts. Plus, there are plenty of options available. So, you can get the one which benefits you the most. Whether it is a single person inflatable kayak in Australia or a swift marine, you can expect the best money value from your purchase.

  1. Maintenance Costs

Getting a regular boat may sound like a great idea but it comes at a cost. Often, the maintenance costs add up to be a lot over several years. Instead of bearing this expense after a purchase, you can get an inflatable boat and offset the costs. This will save you a lot of money in the long run even with the occasional touch-up or tube repair.

  1. Convenience

Ease of purchase and delivery is another big factor when choosing inflatable boats. You can have inflatable boats in Victoria to your home. Getting a boat made of wood is considerably harder. At the same time, getting a blow-up boat makes it much easier to transport it to the waterfront. You can simply carry it there. This is much easier than having a traditional boat which must be hauled to the beachfront or riverside by car.

Lejen Marine: The Leading Experts of Inflatable Boats in Australia

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Inflatable Kayak Australia: Expensive vs. Cheap Inflatable Kayaks

There are different types of inflatable kayaks in Australia, ranging from recreational inflatable kayaks to inflatable fishing kayaks and others. But for the sake of this article, let’s focus on two other types of kayaks: expensive ones and cheap ones. And yes, all other types of inflatable kayaks, in terms of price and quality, fall under these two categories. And when it comes to purchasing an inflatable kayak, the price is generally a deciding factor for many buyers.

Like other types of boats or even inflatable buoys in Australia, the price of an inflatable kayak is influenced by a variety of factors, and these factors are what separates the good ones from the bad ones. Some of these factors include the materials used in the inflatable kayak and the way that it is constructed. Needless to say, cheap inflatable kayaks make a compromise on either (or even both) of these factors.

Cheap inflatable kayaks are often made from low quality materials in order to cut the price down. These materials will certainly not last long, especially when you use your inflatable kayak more often than usual. Punctures and holes are pretty common experiences when using a cheap kayak, and although they can be easily repaired with a kayak patch kit it still won’t be as good as a damage-free high quality inflatable kayak. Besides, patching up a cheap inflatable kayak every now and then will only compromise the structural integrity of the boat. In addition, this will ruin the overall look and appeal of the inflatable kayak.

Construction and manufacturing is another corner that is too often compromised when it comes to cheap inflatable kayaks. To be more specific, cheap inflatable kayaks will have poorly stitched or glued seams. When they break, they can be difficult to repair, and sometimes they will open up again despite having been repaired. That said, such repairs will not only be costly but they’ll be impractical as well.

On the other hand, high quality (and consequently more expensive) inflatable kayaks will have no compromises in the materials used and the construction practices employed in making them. They’ll also last you for a long time provided they are cared for properly. By paying more upfront, you’ll have a kayak which you can enjoy using for many years down the road. Besides, you’ll actually save more since you don’t have to worry about repeated expenses on repairs.

As such, it is always recommended that you spend a little more money when buying an inflatable kayak. As a rule of thumb, buy the most expensive inflatable kayak that you can afford (the same goes when buying rigid inflatable boats in Australia). If you don’t have the money right now, consider saving until you have enough to buy a high quality boat.