3 Reasons Inflatable Tenders in Australia Are a Great Option for Consumers

Inflatable tenders are quite common option for all kinds of river or ocean activities. Whether you like fishing on the open ocean or a quiet lake party with someone special, you can use inflatable tenders for the job. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in one of these:

3 Things That Make Inflatable Tenders in Australia a Great Investment

  1. Multiple Options

Like all inflatable buoys, inflatable tenders offer many options. You can get a huge variety to choose from if you select a trusted company like Lejen Marine. From commercial grade tenders to economic models, from standard sized-ones to custom sizes, the choices are limitless.

For those who do not know what kind of inflatable buoys they want, inflatable tenders in Australia are a wonderful option. Aside from this, you can also look at inflatable kayaks and high field RIBs. However, inflatable tenders are easily among the most affordable boats in this category in Australia.

  1. High Value for Money

Getting the right value for money on your inflatable boats in Australia is difficult at best. There are so many options that you really need to know what you want and how to use it. Only then will you get the most value from your investment. With inflatable tenders in Australia, you can be sure you are getting what you pay for. The sheer variety gives you ample choice and versatility of action. This means you can use inflatable buoys in many places including rivers and the open ocean.

  1. Minimal Maintenance    

Inflatable tenders are very easy to maintain. They do not need a lot of money when it comes to repair and maintenance. In fact, if you follow all standard safety rules, then you probably won’t need to worry on upkeep. Inflatable tenders in Australia from reputable companies have exceptional durability. This means you can rely on them in all kinds of waterways, whether you are on the Open Ocean, white water course or Gentle River.

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5 Things That Inflatable Boats Do Better Than Traditional Boats

Inflatable boats in Australia have made a big impact on the small watercraft market. They have changed how private individuals, as well as small businesses in this market, go to the water. Several things make inflatable buoys and boats a great option for boating enthusiasts. Here’s the list if you are planning on getting an inflatable buoys and boats:

5 Ways Inflatable Boats in Australia are better

  1. Inexpensive

Anyone can buy an inflatable boat. This makes these boats instantly more approachable than other kinds. Moreover, inflatable buoys and boats can be maintained very easily. So, you don’t need to spend that much money on them. Definitely not as much as on a traditional boat.

  1. Wide number of Options

There are many options available when it comes to Inflatable boats in Victoria. This means you can choose any kind of boat that takes your fancy. Further, the wide options let you have the brand value and identity you are looking for.

  1. Trustworthy

Keeping a boat is great, but only if you maintain it. Also, boats can always get damaged when out on the water. This can be a real problem especially if you do not have the repair tools on hand. In contrast, an inflatable boat in Australia can be fixed on the spot with some waterproof tape.

  1. Easily Replaced

Inflatable boats in Victoria can be replaced easily. Since they don’t cost a lot, they are easy to swap for others. Plus, they can always be given to friends and family. This also makes them a good option for birthday gifts or other occasions.

  1. Versatile

Versatility is another big asset for inflatable buoys and boats. You can take them to different waterways and also some distance away from the coast. Depending on the size, you can also accommodate multiple persons. Be sure to know the weight of per     person limit on your inflatable boat before heading off the land. Also, make sure you have the right safety equipment like inflatable jackets or lifelines on board.

Where Can You Get the Best Inflatable Boats in Australia?

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Inflatable Boats Australia: Types of Inflatable Boats for Saltwater Flats Fishing

Some anglers prefer fishing in saltwater flats instead of going offshore. And why not? There are still plenty of great catch just waiting in the flats. In fact, many professional anglers claim that they have landed some of their best catch by fishing saltwater flats.

If you plan to go fishing in saltwater flats, you’ll need a boat to carry you and your fishing gear out into your desired fishing spot. Although most types of fishing boats work well for saltwater flats angling, you’ll want to consider using an inflatable boat. Many professional anglers actually prefer using inflatable boats when fishing in saltwater flats.

There are different types of inflatable boats in Australia which you can use for fishing in saltwater flats. Which one to use will depend on a variety of factors and personal preference. To determine which boat is the right choice for you, let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Inflatable sportsboats like rigid inflatable boats are a great choice if you need to travel a relatively long distance over the saltwater flats. They are equipped with engines as well so you don’t have to worry about paddling towards your fishing spot. But perhaps their biggest advantage over other types of inflatable boats is their speed. So if you prefer traveling far and fast, this would be the perfect inflatable boat to use.

You can also opt for inflatable pontoon fishing boats if that’s more to your liking. Not only are they smaller and take lighter engines, but they’re also specifically designed for fishing. These types of inflatable fishing boats are also much more stable. Their biggest advantage in saltwater flats is that they are capable of being used in shallow waters, which is the case in most saltwater flats.

Motorized dinghies are also an option if the two inflatable boats mentioned above aren’t available. They are pretty small though, so you won’t be able to carry more than three anglers at a time in a single boat at any one time. Most dinghies aren’t designed for fishing, so you may have to make some modifications to make them suitable for fishing.

If you’re going solo, then an inflatable fishing kayak should be good enough. Fishing kayaks can be rigged to make them perfect for fishing. You can add swivel chairs, rod holders, and other accessories depending on your needs or preferences. You can also add a small trolling motor so you don’t have to keep paddling in order to move around.

There may be several other types of inflatable fishing boats that are available, but the ones mentioned above are generally what anglers choose to use when fishing in saltwater flats. Just make sure that you do your research first before committing to any of them. If possible, give each type a try and make your choice based on your experience.


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4 Key Differences between Rented Inflatable Boats and Newly Bought Ones

Inflatable boats in Australia are one of the most convenient ways to traverse waters near beaches and other coastal features. But not all inflatable boats are made alike. In fact, there is a considerable difference to be found in rented ones and the type that individuals own. If you are wondering which one will be right for you, then here is a short guide into deciding between the two options:


What is the Difference between Inflatable Boats for Hire and Newly Purchased Ones



The biggest and most obvious difference you can see between rented and newly purchased inflatable boats in Victoria is in their quality. Rented boats have a somewhat lower quality due to natural wear and tear. They can work properly but this depends entirely on the maintenance protocol the business owner follows. But newly purchased boats and Inflatable SUPs in Australia come with a certain quality guarantee which you can bank on.



The purpose of renting or purchasing an inflatable boat in NSW largely determines the better choice. If you want to just go out over the water with a few friends or family, there is nothing better than a rented boat. However, if you plan to keep the boat for some professional purposes, then getting a new one is a far better option.



Another major factor to be considered when buying inflatable boat in Sydney is the overall cost. For short term events like an off-coast excursion, renting a boat is a better alternative. However, if you plan to use the boat for any longer period, especially for business purposes, then investing in one will be much more profitable.


Brand Value

The final consideration on our list is the brand value. Now, an inflatable kayak rent shop in Melbourne can have a variety of brands on offer. However, it is never going to have all the brands which are in the market. For people looking to own inflatable boats for any longer duration, making an independent purchase will give a much wider set of options. With that said those who do not know which brand to go for or what to look for can simply go for the tried and true and test out a boat before buying it.


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Types of Hulls Used for Rigid Inflatable Boats

The hulls of rigid inflatable boats are made from a variety of materials, and the three most popular materials being used nowadays are aluminum, fiberglass and plastic. But does is really matter what material your hull is made of? And is one material necessarily better than the others? To answer those questions, here is a brief overview of the different hull materials and their pros and cons.

Aluminum Hulls

Aluminum hulls are one of the more popular types of hulls used in rigid inflatable boats. Some of the best brands like Highfield RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) actually make use of aluminum hulls and transoms. One of the key benefits of aluminum hulls is that they are much lighter than their fiberglass counterparts. In fact, an aluminum hulled RIB will weigh about 75% lighter than a fiberglass-hulled RIB of the same size.

Aluminum hulls are recommended for boat owners who tend to beach or their boats a lot. Aluminum is more resilient to sand and pebbles and will experience less wear and tear than fiberglass.

Fiberglass Hulls

Fiberglass hulls like those used in some models of Zodiac inflatable boats in Australia are strong in their own rights. They may not hold well against sand, pebbles, and other gritty surfaces as these can quickly wear away the hull’s surface, but they can hold their own against impact with rocks and boulders. This is because fiberglass is more flexible than aluminum. This means that a collision with a rock may result in less damage since fiberglass flexes accordingly. This flexibility makes it less prone to breaking under such circumstances.

In addition, fiberglass hulls are easier and less costly to repair than aluminum hulls. This can be a deciding factor for those who are looking to save on repair costs in the long run. Fiberglass hulls are also available in a variety of hull shapes since they are formed in a mold.

Plastic Hulls

Plastic hulls are not very common and are usually found in small rigid inflatable boats in Australia that are designated for use as tenders. However, plastic hulls are very durable and can withstand rough usage and abuse. They also require little or no maintenance, which is a factor that many boat owners who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to maintaining their boats.

Regardless of the material used in your inflatable boat’s hull, it is important that you choose quality over price. Your boat’s hull is one of its most important components, and you don’t want to settle for a boat with a low quality hull especially when you consider the important role it plays in your boat.

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