3 Must-Have Features for Your Smart Toilet

When it comes to the most reliable smart toilet brands in Australia, Coway comes at the very top. It offers a wide range of options to clients depending on their budget and needs. The best thing about Coway is the cutting-edge features it offers at an affordable price tag.

If you want to get your smart toilet modified, then Coway might be the right fit. But you need to know the features it offers before you go visit a trusted bidet shop. Here is a list of the Coway features you can get for your bathroom:

3 Essential Smart Toilet Features by Coway

  1. Heated Toilet Seat

This is the most popular smart toilet feature in Australia especially among the elderly. A heated toilet seat can give you a little piece of luxury that pays much more than it demands. Coway is one often the most popular brands for smart toilet modifications with heated toilet seats. If you have one of these in your bathroom, every experience is sure to be satisfying.

  1. Washlet

Washlets have been a staple of the toilet market for years. With the advent of smart toilets, the technology has grown as well. Now, Coway is offering all kinds of washlets which can greatly enhance your bathroom experience. There are plenty of models available and they go with most popular toilet brands. But to be safe, you should get a consultation before you make a purchase. After all, installation is crucial.

  1. Bidet Spray

Bidet sprays are another popular choice for Coway users. The company offers plenty of options for different clients. They have specialized bidet sprays for the elderly and young children as well. Of course, you should ask a professional the exact one which will fit your smart toilet and your needs. Bidet sprays also come with multiple types and functions. So, you can select the ones which give you the best features without overshooting your budget.

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Why Cold Winters Demand Heated Toilet Seats and Smart Toilets

Smart toilets are no doubt the way of the future. Heated toilet seats, in particular, have changed the way people view their bathroom experience. This is very important as it adds a layer of convenience and luxury for everyone. For those who are reaching the age of senior citizens, heated toilet seats are a real blessing. So, if you are planning to get a smart toilet for your home, here are some benefits which may help you make the right decision.

 Do You Need a Heated Toilet Seat in Your Home?

  1. Have a Comfortable Bathroom Experience

Feeling the chilly surface of a toilet seat at the height of winter is the last thing anyone would call a pleasant experience. This problem is particularly big for people who have sensitive skin like children or the elderly. So, getting a smart Toto toilet with heated toilet seats is a sound investment for such households. Having this luxury will not cost you much and save much in the way of skin rashes from exposure to cold. Considering the economical pricing of some of the more basic models, this is a luxury which is affordable for almost everyone.


  1. Get a Range of Other Benefits

Toto toilets are not just known for their heated toilet seats. They also come with a range of other features which make them a great addition to any home. For example, the bidet spray can make cleaning up after a bowel movement much easier and hassle-free. You can even set the specifics of the bidet spray as you like using the remote you get with your smart toilet.


  1. Get a Cutting-Edge and Beautiful Bathroom

A great thing about Toto toilets and other smart toilet brands is that they can fit into most popular bathroom design aesthetics. This makes them a great addition in all bathrooms which blends in nicely with the walls and other bathroom décor. Also, these toilets come in a number of colours so you can purchase the one which suits your needs the best.

 Where Can You Find the Best Smart Toilets with Heated Toilet Seats? 

Find the right Toto toilets for your needs from us. Australian Bidet provides one of the widest ranges of smart toilets with heated toilet seats in Australia. View our catalogue now and find the right toilet for your home!