How to Select the Right Type of Clothesline Posts for Your Home

For many people, clotheslines can be simple contraptions. These lines come into use for hanging clothes and not much else, if at all. Hence, these individuals often take their clotheslines for granted. In many cases, these individuals do not even pay much attention to the lines once installed. And, if they need to replace their clotheslines, some of these individuals will opt for like-for-like replacements without even considering the alternatives available. This lack of knowledge and scant regard for doing their homework often ends up complicating the lives of these people unnecessarily.

As many Australians will be aware, clotheslines come in an array of types. From portable to folding clotheslines, suppliers of these products will be able to offer any type of washing line you need. Assuming that you do the laundry twice a week, it follows that you will be using your clotheslines at least 100 times each year. This fact alone makes it imperative to ensure that you pick a clothesline that suits your needs admirably. In addition, it should serve to convince you that investing the time to find the right posts for your clotheslines now, could end up being highly beneficial in the years to come.

Two aspects that you will need to dwell on when purchasing clotheslines posts include:

  • The Height: The length of clothesline posts varies from one household to the next. But, you will want your clotheslines to keep your longer clothes and bedsheets off the ground. At the same time, you will want to ease the process of hanging your clothes on the line too. For this, ensure that your clothesline has a height of not less than 170 cms. A good way for assessing the height of your clotheslines could be to lift your arms straight. Then, measure the height of your wrists from the ground when you stand straight. Add a metre to this to account for the length of the post that will remain buried in the ground.
  • The Material: Ground mounted clotheslines will need posts comprising durable and solid material. This material will be ideal for area you live in and the climate you usually experience. You must remember that these posts will remain standing outdoors. Hence, the material used for making these posts will need to withstand the elements. In addition, it will need to weather the occasional storm. More importantly, it will need to be solid enough to bear the total weight of the wet clothes hung on it. If you live in dry and warm areas, posts made from any type of timber or metal can be ideal. In contrast, if you live in areas that experience frequent rains, opt for metallic posts – such as galvanised steel. Even in humid conditions, posts made from galvanised steel will not corrode. If you can afford it, opt for posts made from stainless steel. These will be suitable for use in any kind of environment. But, their higher price tag might not suit the budgets of many people.

Once you have the posts that suit your needs, you can afford to be creative. In some cases, these clothesline posts can stand out like sore thumbs. To remedy this, you could ask the supplier to add provisions that can be useful for installing a canopy, if needed. With some colours and carvings, you could enhance the visual appeal of these posts even more. Another aspect to consider might be the ease with which you can obtain spare parts. Clothesline delivery companies in Australia will typically stock an extensive range of spare parts for an assortment of mechanised clotheslines. Ensure that you shop with a supplier who can provide the necessary replacement parts should things go awry at any point in time.

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