Doors Made from Quality Timber Veneers Can Blend Cost-Effectiveness with Elegance

Australians often look for various ways to give their homes and offices swanky new makeovers. In some cases, they will re-paint the walls. In others, they might consider replacing the floors. Perhaps, replacing the furniture might bring about the desired results. Or, revamping the existing doors and windows could make the home or workplace look elegant, while being energy efficient too. When they consider replacing their doors and windows, some property owners will not shirk from doing their homework. They will not only select the most suitable material for making these doors and windows. They will ensure that these doors and windows last them for several years as well. No one can eliminate the likelihood of accidents. As such, homes and offices will always remain susceptible to fires and other similar occurrences. To mitigate these risks, using fire rated boards for making your doors and windows could be worthwhile.

Many people will be aware of the popularity of veneers in recent times. Furniture makers and joiners have been using veneers for making their wares for thousands of years. The use of wooden veneers traces its origins to the civilisation of Ancient Egypt. In that era, wood remained a scarce raw material. Hence, the people valued its worth and its aesthetic qualities. The beautiful shrines in the monuments of Ancient Egypt highlight the value of wooden veneers. The Ancient Egyptian culture sprang up around the River Nile. But, apart from this river, the area remained arid and desert-like. Despite this, the Egyptians sourced timber from Lebanon, Syria and Phoenicia to use them in various applications.

Even today, the use of timber veneer in the furniture industry remains widespread. Timber veneers come from a natural and sustainable resource. In the past, woodworkers used saws for processing wood. During the 19th century, they began using slicing and peeling methods for processing wood. In those days, sawing veneers remained a highly inaccurate practice. With the passage of time, slicing methods and techniques evolved. These veneers did not only look good. They came at much lower costs than objects made entirely from solid wood. This unique blend of visual appeal with affordability has made the use of veneers quite popular these days.

Today, if you happened to walk into various shops, offices, banks, restaurants and other public buildings, you would be able to observe the use of wooden veneers in these structures. Many of these buildings will feature veneered wall panels. In addition, you might observe the use of some exotic veneers in luxurious settings in ocean liners, railway carriages etc. Offices and other public buildings use veneered wall panelling extensively nowadays. And, many joiners can offer custom-made furniture from natural timber decorative veneers. Among other things, timber veneers come from natural and sustainable resources. In addition, the use of veneers minimises shrinkage and wastage levels as opposed to using entire blocks of wood. These aspects appeal to many people the world over. Not surprisingly, wooden veneers have come into use in a myriad of applications these days.

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Processed Forest Products – Your One-Stop Destination for Quality Veneers and Fire Rated Boards

Several technological advancements have taken place over the past two centuries. The pace of progress has only increased with each passing decade. Despite this, some materials and substances continue to be as popular in contemporary times as they used to be in the past. For instance, consider wood as a material. It ranks as one of the earliest building materials that came into being. But, all these centuries later, wood continues to be the material of choice for many builders. Its versatility and durability make it tower over several other materials. Not surprisingly, wood continues to play a leading role in modern architecture. In particular, the emergence of wood veneers has served to enhance the versatility of wood even further.

When you want to obtain quality veneers for your home or office interiors, you will undoubtedly consider visiting the facilities of many wood veneer producers. For some people, all wood veneer producers could seem alike. After all, virtually all of them will offer a comparable range of products for similar prices. But, the cost of purchasing wood veneers from the wrong producer could be significant. Wood veneers do not come cheap. So, if you purchase large quantities of veneers and find them lacking the quality you seek, you will have lost a considerable amount of money. Therefore, it pays to be prudent. Only purchase your timber veneer sheets from wood veneer producers who:

 Have years of experience in making wood veneer sheets
 Have the relevant proficiency in making and supplying timber veneer sheets
 Have been the suppliers of choice for many reputed furniture manufacturers and commercial organisations
 Can offer a vast selection of products to suit the tastes and requirements of their customers and,
 Can offer the type and the quantity of veneer sheets you require in reasonable timeframes

On all these counts, you will do well to obtain your veneered panels and sheets from Processed Forest Products. We specialise in suppling quality timber veneer to Australia’s diverse furniture industry. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities enable us to provide any variety of veneers designed to suit your needs. In addition, our stable and efficient processes enable us to produce short production runs as well. Thus, we can meet specific customer requirements in minimal timeframes.

It can be worth mentioning that we’re probably the only major veneer manufacturer in the country to have in-house control of all the veneer lay-on manufacturing processes. Because of this, we can offer greater levels of control in terms of the quality and consistency of the raw material we use in our processes. Naturally, the superior quality of the raw material will yield a higher quality finished product. These aspects have been responsible for making us the veneer supplier of choice to many commercial establishments. It has also helped us to supply premium-quality veneer panels throughout the country. Our ability to generate minimal amounts of waste has been handy too. Lower shrinkage and wastage enable us to utilise as much material as possible. This has also helped us contain our manufacturing costs. For these reasons, we remain one of the top veneer producers in Australia. For more information, contact us at (02) 9771 5155. Or, Visit Forest Products Today !

How Do People Typically Use Wood Veneer Panels in Australia?-

Veneers made of wood or timber can enhance the visual appeal of almost anything. Manufacturers often use wood veneer panels for making high-quality furniture. Others use these veneers for making decorative panelling for the walls of buildings. The growing popularity of veneers could make you believe that veneers have been a recent or modern development. But, this could not be further from the truth. The use of wood veneers dates back to ancient Egypt. In those times, the lack of abundant forests and desired species of wood necessitated using veneers for crafting various objects.

However, the development of effective and efficient means for slicing wood veneers only emerged during the early 1800s. Some decades ago, people used wood veneers for transforming the look of their furniture and home interiors. To capitalise on the demand for veneers, some manufacturers began coming up with veneers that could be as thin as tissue paper. While these veneers came at affordable prices, they didn’t last for long. Hence, people began to consider other alternatives. Nowadays, the availability of quality veneers has brought these products back into vogue.

 Suppliers of Fire Rated Boards Supply Veneers to Makers of High-Quality Furniture

Wood veneers can be versatile enough to use in a myriad of ways. Many manufacturers have found ways to incorporate these veneers into different kinds of applications and projects. But, companies making high-class furniture will typically rely on veneers quite extensively. Incorporating wood veneer panels on chairs, tables and dressers can make these items look quite distinctive. In addition, makers of furniture can use veneers to add patterns to their products. The use of wood veneer sheets invariably offers an endless range of possibilities that furniture-making companies could capitalise on.

 Builders Use Wood Veneers to Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Home Interiors

Many Australians will know that hardwood floors can look quite good in homes. These floors will never look dated. Nor will they go out of style, thereby requiring replacement. The durability and attractiveness of these floors makes them highly sought-after. Similarly, homes with veneered walls, floors and ceilings can look quite charming and welcoming. Not surprisingly, many builders apply wood veneer panels to the ceilings, floors and walls of their structures. Not many other decorative options can produce a comparable effect.

 Wood Veneers Can Be Ideal for Using as Decorative Inlays

Some manufacturing establishments source veneers from reputed suppliers of fire rated boards for using as decorative inlays. They use the attractive patterns of these veneers to embellish their woodwork products. For instance, a regular table might serve the same practical use as a table decorated with wood veneers. However, the look of the latter will clearly appeal to people and thus, command a higher price. To cater to such clients, suppliers of veneers will inevitably offer a wide selection of wood veneer products. Thus, veneer sheets will enable clients to create unique projects. Similarly, veneer hobby packs enable buyers to complete various simple projects and achieve compelling results. Some suppliers even offer veneer products as edge bandings and other accessories.

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