6 Myth-Busting Facts about Bidet Toilet Seats

There are a lot of misconceptions around bidet toilet seats. The fact is bidets are one of the most incredible miniature innovations out there, especially when it comes to hygiene and comfort.

As one of the leading experts of bidets and smart toilets in Australia, we feel that it’s our responsibility to enlighten our customers about these state-of-the-art bathroom fixtures. With that in mind, let’s clear the most common misconceptions about smart bidets once and for all with the following facts.

  1. Bidets Are Stunning and Functional 

Bidets might look like a spaceship or even a sink to some people, but you cannot deny that the bidet is a sophisticated plumbing fixture that can make your bathroom look ultramodern and luxurious instantly.

At first, you might feel a bit awkward when using a bidet, but once you get accustomed to it, there’s no coming back. The flexibility and convenience that comes with a bidet toilet seat are simply unparalleled.

  1. Bidets Can Easily Fit Most Bathrooms

When it comes to buying a bidet, many homeowners think of them as a separate fixture. However, that’s not entirely true. While bidets can be installed separately in a bathroom, you can also transform your existing toilet into a smart toilet with a feature-rich electric bidet seat.

What’s more, there are also hand-held models available in the market. These options will help you get the most out of your bathroom space.

  1. Bidets Are Not Messy

Today’s bidets are nothing less than technological marvels. They are designed to offer a convenient and soothing experience to the users. Adjust temperature, position or pressure as per your needs with the touch of a button

  1. Bidets Do Not Require Soap

You do not need to mix the soap in your bidet water. Washing your genital regions with a harsh soap is never recommended as it can dry out the mucous membrane.  Bidets use regular soft water to thoroughly and safely clean your genital areas after using the toilet.

  1. Bidets Are Not Expensive

No doubt, bidets used to be somewhat expensive in the past. But, that’s not the case anymore.  Nowadays, even the top brands like Toto offer a huge variety of bidets and washlets to suit every budget. With a little bit of research, you can even get a high-end electric bidet at a surprisingly affordable price.

  1. Bidets Are Not Difficult To Install

Contrary to popular belief, bidets can be installed quite easily. If you know a thing or two about plumbing, you can install it on your own. Your existing water connection can be attached to your new bidet. However, if you want to install a standalone unit, it might be a good idea to contact a professional plumber. The installation is pretty straightforward, and it won’t break a bank even if you hire professionals for the job.

At Australian Bidet, we all are bidet fanatics. We hope the above-mentioned points have cleared up most of your misconceptions. For more information on bidets, washlets and smart toilets, visit Australian Bidet or get in touch with our experts today!

Bidet Spray Why people prefer Electronic Bidet as compare to Non – Electric Bidet

First time users may have a fear of using an electric bidet because it’s powered by electricity. For the safety of users, the manufactures of bathroom products like electric bidets have integrated apparatuses like thermal fuses for safety measures. Apart from the safety features, electric bidets are also designed to help people with disability, pregnant women, elderly and those with health problems (hemorrhoids, constipation) become more comfortable using them. The controlled water high temperature feature of electric bidet seats prevents incidents of burns and scalds.

In comparison to non- electric bidet, electric bidet are so popular in many places because they are simple to incorporate in bathrooms. Many manufacturers will have different fitting or mounting options, but standard bidets can be installed simply by attaching a hose connection and fixing the seat over the toilet.

After this, a deodorizer will help you with keeping odours out. An electric bidet will use a cartridge or other unit to neutralize the odours produced within the bidet space. This will identify odour particles and collect them to wear those points out before they can produce even more annoyance in a space. But you must look at how well the toilet bidet spray works so you will feel comfortable with the setup.

For more information about benefits of Bidet toilet and bidet sprays, visit Pristine Bidet Today!

3 Important Reasons to Finally Get a Bidet Toilet Seat

People have a lot of reasons for using an electric bidet. For instance, bidets can help you feel fresher and cleaner than any conventional toilet. This level of hygiene is the new standard for people who are environmentally conscious and need a better and more comfortable method to clean their intimate parts.

However, bidet toilet seats are still not that common in Australia. This is mostly because of the lack of knowledge about their benefits and not knowing how to choose the right one for your home.

With that in mind, here are some of the most prominent reasons why bidets are one of the most practical and useful fixtures you can get for your home.

Why Should You Get A Smart Bidet For Your Bathroom?

  1. An Electric Bidet Offers Better Hygiene than Toilet Paper

If you haven’t used a bidet toilet seat yet, you might think that the good old toilet paper is still the best way to clean, or a jet of water being sprayed on your derriere may get too uncomfortable for you. Well, a bidet is just like a shower but for your derriere. You probably know that cleaning your body with water is a better way than wiping it with the sponge. In the same way, bidets can make a world of difference to the personal hygiene of your loved ones, including:

  • Children
  • Disabled, seniors and people with mobility issues
  • Pregnant women, especially the ones who are at later pregnancy stages
  • People who are overweight and cannot easily access their personal areas.
  1. Smart Bidets Are More Comfortable Than Anything Else you’ve used

A soothing jet of warm water is one of the most comfortable feelings anywhere. On the contrary, a harsh toilet paper being rubbed on your delicate areas on a regular basis can make it vulnerable to a number of infections such as haemorrhoids, UTI and yeast infections, and so on. Trust us, once you experience the magic of an electric bidet seat, you’ll never go back to your traditional toilet again.

  1. Bidets Are Available For All Budgets

From electric bidet seats to stand-alone bidets, you can access a huge variety of smart bidets at established suppliers like Australian Bidet for every budget. You can easily choose the one that fits your budget and bathroom design perfectly. Basic models are quite affordable and come with all the essential features such as heated toilet seats, night-light, and dryer and so on.

However, you need to make sure that your existing toilet can accommodate a bidet seat. In some cases, you may need to upgrade your bathroom if it is really old. This might be a blessing in disguise as newer smart toilets are more water-efficient, and can help you make some significant savings in the long-run.

For more information on bidet toilet seats, visit Australian Bidet or get in touch with us today. We will be glad to answer all your questions and help you make a well-informed buying decision.

Frequently Asked Questions Before Installing Electric Bidet

Homeowners see the importance of having a luxurious bathroom fully installed with latest amenities such as the electric bidet. In fact, it’s every homeowner’s dream to upgrade their traditional toilet seats into cutting edge smart toilets. If you are among those homeowners planning to buy an electric bidet, here are frequently asked questions to ask when making a final decision.

Question #1 – Is the electric bidet compatible with any type of toilet?

One of the greatest concerns of homeowners with plans of buying the electric bidet is whether it’s compatible with any existing toilet seat. Electric bidet seats come in two shapes; the round and oval (elongated) shaped and both can fit on a standalone or two-piece toilet.

If you want assurance that the electric bidet perfectly matches your current toilet, get it accurate measurement. Be sure to take into consideration the distance between your existing toilet seat’s holes and front of the toilet’s water tank, distance from one hole to another including the front edge of the toilet seat.

Question #2 — Will you need an expert installer?

Another concern you need to ask when buying the electric bidet from a bidet shop is whether it will require an expert installer or you can do it alone. Most electric bidet models can be installed by a newbie DIYer. The instruction manual for electric bidets is easy to follow and apply in real life.

Question #3 – How does the water temperature work?

Among the top features of electric bidets is the water temperature that can be adjusted depending on the user’s preference. For example, during colder months anyone can enjoy warm water in cleansing the private parts with an electric bidet seat.

Question #4 – Is there a specified power outlet for installation of an electric bidet?

Electric bidets need the power to operate efficiently. Power source can only be generated through an electrical outlet. In most cases, an electric bidet power cable should have its own power outlet and not be connected to an extension outlet. If in doubt on the standard power outlet for an electric bidet consult a licensed electrician.

Question #5 – How to clean an electric bidet?

Cleaning an electric bidet is not the same as with a conventional toilet. You need to disconnect first the power cable from a power outlet prior cleaning to avoid accidents like electrocution. Once, disconnected you can now carry on cleaning the electric bidet seat with recommended cleaning agents.  If you need to clean the nozzle handle it carefully to avoid direct contact on the skin. However, the latest electric bidets according to the bidet Australia shop have self-cleaning feature.

Question #6 — What other features that electric bidet seats have?

Electric bidet models can have numerous features such as heated seat, water pressure and water temperature adjustment setting including dryer. Depending on your bathroom and toileting needs the bidet shop representative can offer customisation.

Do you need professional advice for your bathroom’s toilet to upgrade? If yes, and wish to buy from a bidet Australia shop, contact the representative of Pristine Bidet.

What Nozzle Features Should You Look for an Electric Bidet Seat?

Unlike other smart toilets that come with a separate toilet bidet spray (a sprayer that looks pretty much like a handheld shower), washlets come with a built-in nozzle that sprays cold or warm water for cleaning one’s bottom after using the toilet. These nozzles are often the more convenient choice since it offers a hand-free way of cleaning one’s self. Depending on the model of the bidet seat, these nozzles come with various features and functions.

Ability to Conduct Self-Cleaning

Self-cleaning nozzles, as the term suggests, is capable of cleaning itself without the aid of the toilet seat owner. To clean itself, the nozzle rinses itself with fresh, clean water before it retracts back to its original position. Some models allow for the use of warm water when the self-cleaning mode is engaged. By using warm water, it is better able to clean and remove any particle that may have stuck to it. Also, warm water is much better at eliminating germs and bacteria that may be present in the nozzle.

Made from High Quality Stainless Steel

Most washlets in Australia have nozzles which are made of stainless steel. There are many reasons why bidet manufacturers make use of this metal. For one, the inherent nature of this material helps to prevent the growth of mold and other organic materials. This further makes the nozzle more hygienic and sanitary, preventing any contamination brought by such organisms.

Secondly, stainless steel is known to be highly resistant to rust and corrosion, and considering the amount of moisture that toilets are exposed to, it is important to make use of materials that are durable and can withstand years of water exposure.

Can Be Adjusted According to User Preference

Nozzles on electric bidet toilet seats should not only be retractable, but they should also be adjustable so that they can better serve the user. Basic bidets may not have this feature, so it is best to check with the manufacturer before making the purchase. An adjustable nozzle is a great feature to have, especially when there are multiple users of different ages. Because the nozzle is adjustable, users don’t have to wiggle around the seat when using the spray cleaning function.

The cleaning nozzle is an important component of your washlet. In fact, you can’t really consider it an actual washlet unless it has that specific feature. Cleaning nozzles on washlets will vary in terms of design and feature according to the manufacturer or model, but they are essentially the same thing and are used for the same purpose. However, not all cleaning nozzles are created equal, and it pays to know which of them are the better options for you.

For more information on our products and services, contact Pristine Bidet today.

Basic Considerations for Choosing a Bidet Seat

Buying a bidet seat or an electric bidet can be a daunting experience for the first time buyer. There are many things to consider, and sometimes it can lead to confusion for the buyer. Although there are indeed many factors to consider, you can usually get by with knowing the basics first. These basic considerations are the following.

Fit and Size

Toilets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and bidet seats are designed to fit any of these perfectly. Regardless, you’ll want to make sure that you get a bidet seat that will complement your toilet bowl. To do this, you first need to determine if you have a round or elongated shaped toilet. Then, measure the distance between your mounting bolt holes to determine if the seat will bolt on to your toilet. If you’re looking for an easier way, you can check the manufacturer’s details to see the exact measurements and dimensions.


The prices of bidet seats will vary depending on several factors like the brand and features that they have. Needless to say, the more high-end models will have more features and will thus cost more. However, they will still be more affordable than a full-blown smart toilet. In order to save some dollars on your bidet purchase, you may want to consider buying a bidet that only has the features that you want. The most basic bidets have all the basic functions that you’ll need, and is more than enough for regular users.

Water and Energy Saving Features

One of the best features of bidets and Japanese toilet seats is the water and energy saving feature. In a world where resources are dwindling, this is one feature that is worth considering. These toilet seats offer dual flushing option, allowing you to control the amount of water used to flush the toilet. Also, the temperature settings for the seat warmer can be adjusted so that it doesn’t consume huge amounts of electricity. All in all, these features will not only provide you with a means to help the environment, but can also help you cut down on your water and electricity bills.

As mentioned earlier, there are many things to consider when choosing a bidet or Japanese smart toilet. The ones mentioned above though should be able to help you get started with your search. Once you’ve got those ones right, you can then start thinking about other options and features that you want out of your bidet or toilet seat.

For more information, contact us at Pristine Bidet today.

The Air Around a Coway Toilet Bidet Spray Will Stay Clean

One of the greatest concerns surrounding a toilet entails the surface developing odors that can persist for a while. In most cases, those odors will develop due to the waste being produced or anything else that the user passes into the toilet. Those odors will stick around for a while and can become very uncomfortable after a while. But a Coway bidet seat works differently from this.

An electric bidet from the company will keep those odors at bay. The bidet will produce a comfortable surface that will prevent odors from harvesting or developing to where the space will become uncomfortable and hard to utilize.

How Does This Work?

The toilet bidet spray will help with keeping odors under control. The water produced by the spray will do well with clearing out any stains or dirty spots on the user’s body. This keeps those features from being exposed within the electric bidet for far too long, thus improving upon how the area feels.

After this, a deodorizer will help you with keeping odors out. An electric bidet will use a cartridge or other unit to neutralize the odors produced within the bidet space. This will identify odor particles and collect them to wear those points out before they can produce even more irritation in a space. But you must look at how well the toilet bidet spray works so you will feel comfortable with the setup.

How Effective Is This?

The deodorizer and spray in the bidet should be comfortable and easy to handle. The design should be managed to where the odors will not be likely to stick out. But you might have to replace a cartridge inside the deodorizer on occasion; you can get the cartridge for last for months at a time in most cases though. Also, regular cleaning is recommended, although the smooth and streamlined design of the bidet should make that process easy to cover.

You can get a Coway bidet to start working in your bathroom to not only keep people clean but to also prevent those annoying odors from developing within the room and persisting for a while. Ask Pristine Bidet to see what you can get out of a bidet for your needs.

Why an Electric Bidet Is Better Than a Non-Electric Model

You have the option to use either an electric or non-electric bidet for your bathroom needs. While either option might be intriguing to find at a bidet shop, a fully electric model will be the better choice for you to utilize.

A Warmer Choice

The problem with non-electric bidets is that they don’t offer heating or warming features. An electric bidet uses a warmer on the inside that you can adjust to produce a comfortable seating surface. This is vital for keeping you relaxed while on the seat.

An Air Dryer Is Needed

An electric bidet will also come with an air dryer. Using a gentle breeze of air is much easier for the delicate skin to handle than using a potentially rough towel for cleaning off the surface.

Easy to Adjust

The bidet wand is easier to adjust on an electric model. You can use a remote control or on-board control panel to move the wand around. The setup may include pre-set positions for male or female use depending on the model you choose. The best part of this feature is that you don’t have to stick your hands in there to adjust the wand, a point that is important when you consider what has been in there in the past.

Useful For Handicapped Persons and the Elderly

An electric choice from a bidet shop is also easier to operate than a non-electric model. This is especially the case for the elderly and handicapped persons who might struggle to physically adjust a bidet. Many of today’s bidet models are very easy to figure out with simple controls that are carefully labeled and organized to suit your usage needs.

Look at how an electric bidet can work for you when finding a model at a bidet shop. Pristine Bidet gives you the solutions you need for getting a bidet ready for your use.

Why Choose An Electric Bidet Over Non-Electric?

Are you having a difficult time deciding on the type of bidet to purchase, electric bidet or non-electric? Finding the right bidet needs careful assess on your need and budget. For your convenience, we have decided to provide you a brief walkthrough of the benefits and drawbacks of both, so that you can come up with a well-informed decision after reading this post.

Benefits of Electric Bidet

Electric bidets are becoming popular in every household that wishes to improve their bathroom experience. Here are some of the awesome benefits of an electric bidet:

  • Each electric bidet model has distinct features that set it apart from a traditional toilet
  • Access to remote control operation
  • The user gets to enjoy warm water wash both for the front and rear
  • Remote control panel is designed both for right and left-handed users
  • No more chills as you get to sit on a heated toilet seat
  • Easy to operate, making it ideal for individuals with the issue of mobility
  • Adjustable nozzles are available to all models
  • Air drying feature can be added which can eventually lead to zero use of toilet paper
  • Can fit on most standard toilets

Drawbacks of Electric Bidet

Although innovative in every sense the electric bidet has also some drawbacks and may include the following:

Expect to pay more for an electric bidet model that a non-electric bidet or ordinary toilet. You may need a licensed electrician to help in the installation because this type of bidet works only via electricity. Apart from that, you should allocate more funds for your next electric bill because your energy consumption may gradually increase. Not all electric bidet models can easily fit on any toilet model, so you have to be careful with your selection before making a final purchase.

Benefits of Non-electric Bidet

Any customer with a limited budget can still enjoy an innovative bidet that doesn’t run on electricity the non-electric bidet. Below are some of the benefits that a non-electric bidet model can offer:

  • Non-electric bidet can mostly fit on any toilet model
  • It’s relatively cheaper than electric bidet and washlet
  • Attachment of the non-electric bidet is usually underneath the existing toilet seat
  • Provide the same cleaning function like the electric bidet unit
  • Quick installation because it won’t require the services of an electrician

Drawbacks of Non-electric Bidet

A non-electric bidet has some drawbacks, so you have to be aware of the following before making a decision:

  • No availability of heated seat and warming system
  • Using a non-electric bidet can be quite challenging, especially for people with disability or mobility problem
  • Adjusting the water pressure can be a struggle.
  • Most non-electric bidets have no adjustable nozzles
  • May take some time to learn the proper usage of a non-electric bidet

Which is the best type of bidet for you?

If you are on the lookout for a more convenient and hassle-free usage of a bidet, then, opt for the latest electric bidet or washlet model. However, if you are on a tight budget, but, prefer to update your bathroom with a bidet, then, the non-electric is the right choice for now.

Get inspired with the newest and top quality Toto products at AustralianBidet. Feel free to browse their product categories and find the perfect match for your bathroom.



4 Reasons an Electric Bidet Is a Great Choice for Your Next Bathroom Renovation

So, why you need to switch to an electric bidet? People take their health quite seriously these days but not many of them are aware that our toilet is one of the most important places when it comes to ensuring good health and hygiene. State-of-the-art Toto toilets or an electric bidet seat can help you eliminate many of the health issues.

Toto Toilets: Talking Toilet Hygiene to a Whole New Level!

Toilet hygiene and comfort is an important consideration for everyone. Apart from helping families lead disease-free lives, high-tech Toto toilets are particularly useful for seniors and people suffering from mobility issues.

These days most households prefer an electric bidet over toilet paper. It has helped them tremendously to make the whole cleaning process a lot easier and more effective. An electric bidet is extremely easy to use and quite portable. You’ll get some cutting-edge features such as ability to control temperature and pressure, heated seats and so on.

Benefits of Getting an Electric Bidet for Your Bathroom

With a sleek and stylish electric bidet seat, you can enjoy some amazing benefits for years and years. Let’s take a look at a few of these:

  1.  It offers a more hygienic experience than toilet paper.
  2. It can help you make some significant savings in the long run because you don’t have to waste money on toilet paper that frequently. In fact, it can help you reduce your toilet paper expenses by up to 75%.
  3. Installing an electric bidet or Toto toilets in your bathroom is a great way to avoid clogged sewer pipes.
  4. Getting an electric bidet is a great way for families to improve their health, hygiene and well-being.

Here’s the best part – you can get Toto toilets or an electric bidet for your bathroom at a surprisingly affordable price these days. Just make sure that you shop at a trusted specialist like Australian Bidet.

For more guidance or to choose from the widest range of Toto toilets, bidets and other luxury bathroom products in Australia, visit the leading specialist – Australia Bidet today!