Aged Care Furniture Items Often Include Strong Beam and Bench Furniture Items

There are often times when an aged care facility can use a seating area that handles more than one person. Bench or beam furniture items are valuable comfort furniture products that allow seniors to feel at ease while in a care center. Such furniture items will allow seniors to talk with each other or to be with their family members or medical personnel in a comfortable and intimate environment.

How a Bench Furniture Product Works

A bench furniture item is perfect to see when finding chairs for the elderly. A bench is made with a comfortable surface. With this, it will include a soft seating area and a comfortable cushion space on the back end. The rectangular layout of the aged care furniture can add a gentle surface that seniors are bound to enjoy.

What Is a Beam Furniture Layout?

A beam furniture design features a series of chairs that are laid out in a row. A large beam is included on the back area. The beam allows the chairs to stay upright. The seats on the aged care furniture layout should have enough cushioning over them to keep the beam from being noticed.

This is ideal for how seats are made with bucket-like surfaces that support a person’s natural shape. The comfortable backs may also be easy for people to relax on. Think of this as a more dynamic layout for chairs for the elderly as it offers a good surface.

How Many People Fit?

The number of people who can fit on one of these comfort furniture items will vary based on how long it is. A beam furniture layout could include three to five individual chairs linked together. A bench may be long enough to handle two or three people at a time.

It is vital for an elderly care center to have the proper comfort furniture that is easy for seniors to sit on. Talk with Atama NSW to see what is available when finding such furniture products.

Buying Bedside Tables from Hotel Furniture Suppliers

An essential piece of furniture for any hotel bedroom is the bedside table or nightstand. If you are in the process of buying one for your business from hotel furniture suppliers, here are some tips and considerations to keep in mind to make sure that you don’t end up wasting your money. The following tips are applicable whether you’re buying bedside tables or nightstands for commercial or personal use.


Bedside tables come in various heights in order to cater to different heights of beds. When choosing how tall or how short your bedside table should be, there is one general rule to remember. That is, your bedside table should be level with the top of your mattress. If they are of even height, it would be easier for you to reach for things on top of the bedside table. If you can’t find a nightstand that is the same height for your bed, choose one that is slightly higher and never something lower.


Aside from being a utilitarian furniture, bedside tables can also be used to improve a bedroom’s aesthetics. In a hotel setting, style and design are very important. One reason for is that pictures taken of the bedroom are often used for marketing purposes. If you want to encourage more guests to come stay in your hotel, you need to show them that your bedrooms are not only clean and comfortable but Instagram-able as well. There are certain things to consider when it comes to using bedside tables for interior decors.

First, you need to make sure that the design and style of the nightstand matches your bedroom’s decors. For instance, if you’re bedroom generally has a traditional appeal to it, then you should choose traditional-looking bedside tables. On the other hand, if your bedroom leans towards more contemporary decors, then choose a nightstand with a contemporary appeal. Fortunately, hotel furniture suppliers have a wide range of nightstands so you shouldn’t have any problem looking for bedside tables that matches your bedroom’s interior design.


Another thing you need to consider when buying bedside tables is storage. There are several storage options for bedside tables – you have drawers, cabinets, open shelves or a combination of all. In any case, this completely depends on your personal preferences. These storage options can have an impact on the design and style of the table. Thus, be sure to consider how that may affect the overall design of the bedroom.

If you’re looking for bedside tables, chairs or comfort furniture, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We have a wide range of furniture products which you can choose from.


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Features to Consider when Buying Chairs for the Elderly

Buying chairs for the elderly requires more careful thought and consideration as opposed to buying ordinary chairs for everyday use. If you’re in the market for one, here are some features you may want to look for.

  • Comfort – This is without a doubt the most important feature that you should consider when buying chairs for the elderly. If the chair is not comfortable for the user, all other features lose their value. This is especially true if the user will be spending long hours seated on the chair.
  • Head Support – You may also want to consider buying chairs for the elderly that sports a head support. This is recommended since it provides support for the head, neck and spine—Areas where elderlies usually have problems with. Because of the added support, it can help alleviate problems related to poor head control like breathing and eating.
  • Adjustable – Not all chairs for the elderly have adjustable features like seat height, back rest, and so on. Although this feature is not always necessary, it would be smarter to choose a seat that has it. One reason is that it allows the chair to adapt to the changing needs of the use. Like in the case of a reclining back rest for instance. Chairs with these features will also help to ensure that the user is comfortable no matter their seating position.
  • Wheels – Older people usually have problems with mobility and have trouble moving from one place to another. However, not all elderlies will require a wheelchair, and may not even like using one. There are chairs for the elderly that have small wheels on them. This allows them to move around, but without the challenge of maneuvering the larger wheels of a wheelchair.
  • Foot Rest – A foot rest is one feature that is worth looking for in chairs for the elderly. The feet carries much of a person’s body weight when walking or standing. As people grow older, their feet becomes incapable of handling such weight and pressure. A foot rest will allow them to comfortably relax their feet, and at the same time provide a flat surface for their feet to rest upon instead of leaving them dangling when the chair is rather high.

If you are looking for comfortable and high quality chairs for the elderly and other comfort furniture, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us up at (02) 9608 3135 or leave a message in our contact page. We here at Atama Furniture is one of Australia’s leading specialist in providing such chairs and other furniture for aged care, hospitality and commercial purposes.

Considerations That Aged Care Furniture Suppliers Use When Preparing Comfort Furniture

An aged care facility needs to have the best comfort furniture pieces possible. Several considerations must be put into play when preparing furniture for the elderly. Aged care furniture suppliers always do what they can to produce quality models with these points in mind.

Easy to Get In and Out Of

Quality furniture materials should allow people to get in and out of a surface with ease. That is, a senior should be able to move from a standing to a sitting position and back again without much trouble. The curves and cushioning on comfort furniture pieces make it easier for seniors to move up or down as necessary.

Flexible Cushioning

The cushions used in aged care furniture should be soft and yet easy to support. The cushioning can come with a strong fill that conforms to the user’s imprint but does not cause the user to fall deep into the cushion. This is to allow the aged person using the furniture to stay comfortable without developing an uncomfortable or sinking feeling while using it.

A Soft Touch

The softness of the furniture can create a relaxed surface. This may come with soft fabrics that take in enough warm air within a room to keep a person sitting on the surface comfortable. This is vital as anything too solid or firm in its design might feel cold on one’s skin.

A Comfortable Anchor

The anchoring used on the bottom of the furniture should be checked too. The legs should come with solid surfaces that will keep the furniture from shifting on the floor. Meanwhile, some locks can be added to the wheels in any furniture piece that can move around, thus keeping the wheels from shifting and moving when one does not want them to.

The best thing about comfort furniture is that is provides a relaxed surface for anyone to sit in without being overly hard on one’s body. Be certain to see how well this kind of furniture can be prepared when you are looking to add a comfortable surface in any aged care room.

4 Factors to Consider While Purchasing Aged Care Furniture for a Healthcare Facility

When you’re furnishing a new healthcare space, there are a lot of things you have to keep in mind. For instance the furniture, such as aged care furniture and comfort furniture, has to be universal, so that anybody can use it. Secondly, it has to be flexible, to meet the needs of the different users that are going to be using the same.

When purchasing aged care furniture, there are a few key factors that you should keep in mind. Not only will this increase your utilization of the furniture now, it will ensure the durability of your goods as well.

  1. Safety: The first, and the most important thing, is- how safe is the aged care furniture? It should be comfortable enough for elderly, and it should definitely suit their safety needs – from disabled to injured old people that might use it. For example, having an arm rest, so that people can use it to sit down, or get up, or purchasing furniture with a high safe weight capacity.
  1. Maintenance: Will you be able to keep the comfort furniture that you’re purchasing clean? This would include more than just dusting, due to the nature of the healthcare facility. You should be able to sanitize all the furniture on a frequent basis (for example- the upholstery should be made of a clean material).
  1. Durability: When running a healthcare facility, there are many important things that feature into your budget. When you purchase the right products from commercial furniture suppliers, you’re ensuring that you don’t have to unnecessarily spend more money on replacing the furniture on a frequent basis.
  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Of course, this might not be your first concern when buying aged care furniture, but a small consideration ensuring good looks can go a long way. It would definitely be an advantage to have your furniture matches your branding colours. Moreover, comfort furniture can help you make your healthcare space look more comfortable and welcoming for your guests.

For more information and to buy from the widest selection of aged care furniture and comfort furniture in NSW, visit Atama Furniture now!