Only the Best Clothesline Installations Can Boost the Longevity of Your Clothes

Sometimes, technological advancements can prove to be not as convenient as people initially considered them to be. In contrast, natural solutions that predated these inventions often end up coming back into vogue. For instance, consider the electric tumble dryer. This appliance helped people dry their washed clothes much faster. Within an hour or lesser, the laundry would be dry and ready for use. The popularity of these appliances didn’t take long to spread. Soon, owning an electric dryer became a status symbol. Naturally, it eclipsed the sales of ground and wall mounted clotheslines very quickly. However, it wouldn’t take too long for people to realise the demerits that came with using electric dryers.

Using electric dryers can be a convenient way to dry your laundry. But, it can be worth mentioning that these appliances consume enormous amounts of power. As a result, the higher utility costs associated with the use of electric dryers began to haunt many people. In addition, not everyone had the financial resources or spacious homes to purchase and install a dryer. Lastly, drying certain types of clothes in a tumble dryer might not always be worthwhile. In some cases, it could ruin the clothes completely. As people began to realise these facts, clothesline installations began to increase gradually.

Using clotheslines to air dry your clothes can boost the longevity of your clothes. Not only will you be able to save money that you might otherwise have spent on your utility expenses. Your clothes will smell better too. Air drying your clothes can also enable you to:

  • Prevent Wrinkles: Before you line dry your clothes, give the clothes a good shake. Thereafter, pull them a bit for removing the visible wrinkles.
  • Prevent Stains: Air drying your clothes will not stain them. But, the dirt accumulated on the clotheslines could stain them. So, before hanging your clothes, ensure that you wipe the lines clean. Also, purchasing clotheslines with protective wires that do not rust could be beneficial.
  • Prevent Dampness: Hanging your clothes on clotheslines involves a bit of science too. On multi line clotheslines, ensure that you hang your heavier clothes where they face the sun directly. Then, hang the lighter clothes. This will give all the washed clothes a similar amount of exposure to the sun, thereby preventing dampness.

Using covered outdoor clotheslines can help you protect your clothes from fading too. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause fading. So, you could hang your clothes inside out. Or, you could install your clothesline in a covered area. This would provide protection from the elements too.

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The Factors to Heed When Buying a Quality Retractable Clothesline

Using clotheslines for air drying your clothes can be quite convenient and simple. More importantly, it can help you make your washed clothes more hygienic too. Many Australians use an assortment of indoor or outdoor clotheslines for drying their clothes. However, manufacturers of clotheslines can offer an enviable range of options in these products. If you have sufficient space in your property, you might want an outdoor clothesline that remains a permanent fixture. This necessitates shopping from a reputed supplier of clotheslines. Only an established provider will be able to provide quick and high-quality clothesline installations. In contrast, if you have smaller yards, using retractable or portable clotheslines might be more useful.


Retractable clotheslines enable you to dry your clothes outdoors. But, these clotheslines also offer the added convenience of staying out of your way when you don’t require them. When you install these clotheslines, you will observe the installers placing a little box on a post or the wall. This box serves to house the entire length of the clothesline. So, when you want to hang your clothes, you will pull the line out of the box and attach it to another post or the wall. Similarly, when you remove your clothes from the line, you can simply detach the line and it will wind back inside the box. As a result, these clotheslines can be handy when you want to utilise your yard space optimally.


When purchasing retractable clotheslines, consider:


  • Lines with Discreet Systems and Mechanisms: Even if you have limited outdoor space, you will likely want to show it off to your visitors. In this scenario, having a retractable clothesline that looks bulky and unsightly can be counterproductive. Consider a retractable clothesline that will not mar the overall look of the yard.


  • The Length: Suppliers typically offer retractable clotheslines that only extend a few feet. Some varieties might even be 30 to 40 feet in length. Pick retractable clotheslines that suit the space available in your yard. Buying a line that falls short or will be exceedingly long will be counterproductive. Some suppliers will also be able to offer custom sized clotheslines that suit your needs perfectly.


  • The Coating: When you buy retractable clotheslines, consider ones that come with PVC coating. Experts believe that clotheslines with PVC coating offer superior levels of durability. Thus, they will last you for longer. This will more than make up for their relatively higher initial outlay. In addition, these clotheslines will not mark your clothes or ruin them with snags.


It always pays to shop with a reputed and experienced supplier of clotheslines. Such suppliers will not only be able to offer you a wide range of options to choose from. They will also be able to provide the support you need such as installation, customisation etc.

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Outdoor Clotheslines: Line Materials

Indoor and outdoor clotheslines can be made from different materials. The poles and stands are commonly made from metal, but the lines itself are usually of varied materials. Below are three of the most common materials used as lines as well as the pros and cons of each.


Some clothesline cords are made from extruded PVC or some other similar material. Some may even have a reinforced stretch-resistant core to give them low stretch features to keep them from sagging. In addition, these types of clothesline cord will fit most indoor and outdoor clothesline reels.

There are plenty of benefits to using these types of clothesline cords. For one, they are water-resistant and doesn’t absorb moisture from your wet clothes. They are also pretty easy to clean and are very affordable. The only downside to these types of clothesline cord materials is that they are thin, thus making it more challenging for the clothespin to hold the clothes to the line (especially when we’re talking about heavier clothes or fabrics  like jackets, blankets, etc.).


Nylon is another common material used for clothesline cords. Many people like using nylon because they are lightweight but very strong. When it comes to clotheslines, they are one of the strongest materials available and can carry heavier loads. They are also waterproof and are resistant to mildew growth.

The only thing you need to worry about when it comes to nylon clothesline is longevity. Although nylon is tough, constant exposure to the sun and outdoor elements tend to weaken its fibers. When this happens, individual fibers or strands will fray. This does not only leave you with a weak clothesline, but one that doesn’t look good, too.


There are still some manufacturers who make cotton cords for clothesline. However, they are not your ordinary cotton fibers since these are coated and treated to withstand exposure to outdoor elements and excessive moisture. However, they are not completely waterproof like plastic and nylon cords.

Some cotton cords are pretty strong, some manufacturers even claim that their cotton cords are just as strong as nylon. Regardless, cotton cords are expensive, and the price doesn’t often justify its usage.

There may be some other materials that are used as clothesline like steel wires and others; however the three mentioned above are the most commonly used ones. If you need more information or need help with your clothesline installations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Enjoy Using the Best Folding Clothesline in Different Places in Your Home

Using a clothesline for air-drying clothes has become quite common across Australia. Some decades ago, people used to invest in electric dryers. These appliances used to be quite handy for drying clothes in 30 minutes or so. They even eliminated the need for ironing certain types of clothes. But, electric dryers consumed enormous amounts of electricity. Thus, using them did not only require a sizeable initial investment. Over time, the contribution of electric dryers in monthly power bills began increasing too.

Growing levels of environmental issues also led to many people reverting to the use of traditional clotheslines for drying their washing. Nowadays, suppliers of clotheslines offer a wide range of indoor, outdoor and portable clotheslines. These clotheslines represent cost-effective and eco-friendly ways for drying clothes. From folding clotheslines to retracting ones, suppliers nowadays can offer a myriad of options to homeowners. Their ease of use and affordability has made clotheslines stage a remarkable comeback.


Wall Mounted Clotheslines Can Be Ideal for Using in Patios and Balconies


When outdoor conditions seem appropriate, air-drying your clothes in the sun can be beneficial. Not only will your clothes not shrink as they would in the dryer. Using a clothesline instead of an electrical appliance can be more economical as well. When you want to protect your washed clothes from the elements, installing the clotheslines in sheltered areas can be useful. Some people install their folding clotheslines in their patios.

Others don’t think twice about installing their clotheslines in their balconies. The latter can be a viable way for air-drying your clothes when you have limited outdoor space. When you hang your clothes to dry in your balcony, you can rest assured about leaving the clothes exposed to the elements. At the same time, cleaning up and packing away the clothesline when you want to use the balcony remains very simple too.


Install Your Folding Clotheslines in Your Garage or Shed if You Don’t Want to Hang Your Clothes Inside the House

For many Australians, the garage remains one of the best places for hanging their clotheslines. Not many people like hanging their clothes to dry indoors. Doing so could make the drying clothes get in your way more often than not. In addition, the sight of clothes drying inside a house could mar the visual appeal of the home interiors. This can especially problematic if you have people visiting your home. In this scenario, the garage remains the best place for your clothesline installations. It remains away from the main structure. At the same time, it keeps your clothes protected from the elements and conceals them too. These aspects can make it quite handy to install your clothesline in your garage.


The Laundry Room or Bathroom Remains One of the Top Paces for Clothesline Installations in Homes Across Australia

Not everyone lives in large and expansive homes. Many people live in small and occasionally, cramped dwelling places such as apartments. These individuals will inevitably need to make optimal utilisation of the space available. So, when they need to hang their washing to dry, they will simply install their clotheslines in their bathrooms or laundry rooms.

This often ends up saving them a lot of space. It also ensures that the clothes hanging for drying do not get in the way as people move about the house. And, one of the best things about installing a clothesline in the bathroom or laundry room remains that the clothes will not remain exposed to the elements or inclement weather conditions.

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Top Factors to Heed When Purchasing a Portable Clothesline

Whenever you want to purchase a new clothesline, you will ascertain your requirements first. For starters, you will determine whether an indoor or an outdoor clothesline suits your specific needs. Thereafter, you will consider various other factors such as the construction quality, durability, price etc. In Australia, the sale of portable clotheslines has been steadily increasing.

In summers, drying your clothes outdoors can be both simple and convenient. But, in winters, these outdoor clotheslines might not be as effective. In this scenario, having a portable clothesline could be a boon. However, finding the right clothesline for your needs might not be all that simple. Suppliers these days stock an enviable range of clotheslines that vary in build, quality and price. Hence, ascertaining your requirements before you go shopping could be highly worth your while.

 Buy Portable or Wall Mounted Clotheslines that Suit the Size of Your Household

A portable clothesline could have a significant effect on your laundry routine. The right clothesline could streamline your washing process. It could also minimise the wastage of your time and effort. Experts opine that the average load of laundry will need approximately 45 – 50 feet of clothesline. Only then can you be certain that the clothes will dry properly in reasonable time frames. So, if you happen to wash multiple loads on the same day, ensure that you purchase portable clotheslines after multiplying the range give above with the number of loads you handle on a given day.

 Ensure that You Have Ample Space in Your Home for Hanging Clothes on the New Clothesline

Some homeowners find conventional clotheslines to be more convenient and cost effective. But, a portable clotheslines comes with the added convenience of being easy to use and set-up. When you buy a regular clothesline, you will inevitable need to secure the services of professionals well-versed in clothesline installations. This will not be necessary when you buy a portable clothesline. One of the first things to consider when you buy portable clotheslines will usually be your regular laundry volume.

Thereafter, you will need to ascertain the space available in your home. Knowing these two details will enable you to make the best selection from the clothesline options available. Some Australians prefer purchasing umbrella-style clotheslines. The popularity of these types of clotheslines stems from their ability to air dry a significant batch of clothes by using the least amount of space available.

 Keep Your Budget in Mind When You Shop for Portable Clotheslines

Suppliers of quality clotheslines will inevitably stock a diverse selection of products. They will have clotheslines ideal for use indoors and outdoors. In addition, they will have in stock clotheslines of various styles and construction. This diverse range of options will undoubtedly wow the customers visiting these facilities. However, the plethora of options on offer can complicate what could otherwise have been a simple decision.

Based on the size, style and quality of construction, clotheslines come in low-and-high-end price ranges. A decent clotheslines could easily cost you hundreds of dollars. But, cheaper variants abound that could be useful if you do not have a large budget. In this scenario, you might need to pick a clotheslines that fits perfectly into your budget. However, you will do well to remember that cheaper clotheslines might not always offer the durability that you require.

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