SUV 7 seater rental: 6 Ways to Improve Your Rental Car’s Fuel Economy

Everyone wants to get the most out of their car hire in Sydney. One way to ensure this is by improving the fuel efficiency of your rental car by following some simple tips. If you’re looking for SUV 7 seater rental, these little known tips can help you significantly improve the fuel economy of your rental SUV.

  1. Check the Tyres: Tyre pressure and the condition of tyres have a major impact on the fuel economy of any car. So, make sure they’re in good condition and are optimally inflated. If you notice any issue, feel free to mention it to the provider.
  1. Make Sure There Are No Leaking Issues:  It’s quite rare but still possible to get a car with a damaged fuel tank especially if the provider has no knowledge about it. So, try to check the fuel tank if possible. If you’ve any concerns, report it to the service provider as soon as possible.
  1. Maintain A Moderate Speed: Make sure to drive carefully and sensibly. If you can resist yourself from going over the speed limit, you can avoid braking in most cases, and enjoy a smoother drive. Secondly, always try to increase speed gradually. Both these practices can help you attain some significant fuel savings.
  1. Turn off Your Car: An idle engine is surely a waste of precious fuel especially if it’s running for more than one minute. While it’s true that switching on the engine requires more fuel than what’s needed in idle conditions, if you’re going to sit for more than one minute or even more than 10 seconds, switching off the engine is a better option.
  1. Park Your Car in the Shade: Parking in shade especially in hot weather is always good for fuel economy as it can decrease evaporation of the fuel.
  1. Know Your Needs: if you’re travelling with a lot of friends or carrying some heavy equipment, choosing SUV 7 seater rental is always more cost-effective and convenient than travelling in separate cars.

So, what are the strategies you use to save fuel when travelling in your car? Let us know in comments. For more guidance on car hire in Sydney or to book 7-seater SUV now, visit immediately.

How to Maximise Fuel Consumption on Your SUV Rental before Hitting the Road

A car hire in Sydney will already cost you money. Thus, you’ll want to cut back on some of your expenses, like the gas for instance. But how do you go about in doing that?

Keep Your Vehicle in Prime Condition

Simple maintenance will ensure that the vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently. When a vehicle is in excellent condition, it requires lesser power to operate and thus help cut energy consumption. Thus, when looking for car hire in Sydney, be sure to ask if the SUV has been well-maintained. Discuss oil changes, air-filter changes or even spark plug replacements—the works. Besides, a well-maintained vehicle is not only efficient, but it is also safer to drive.

Check the Tires

When inspecting the SUV rental vehicle you intend to hire, be sure to check the tires. There are several things you want to take a look at. For one, you’ll want to avoid tires that look worn and old. For one, they are prone to busting while driving. Second, they may have less grip and are rather risky to drive especially on wet and slippery roads.

With regard to fuel economy, check that the tires are properly inflated and aligned. These will help to reduce the amount of drag plaguing your engine. There are also what they call low rolling resistance tires. These are supposed to reduce rolling resistance by ten percent, which then improves gas mileage by up to two percent. Visit a shop that offers car hire in Sydney and ask if they have vehicles with these kind of tires.

Consider the Weight

Many people go for SUV rental because they are looking for large and spacious vehicles. However, this does not mean that you should pile everything you can onto the vehicle. Keep in mind that the heavier the load is, the more power is required for the vehicle to run. Needless to say, this increases fuel consumption significantly.

In line with this, put all your things inside the vehicle instead of the roof rack if possible. This is because the loads on top of the car adds to the drag. Shops that offer car hire in Sydney have SUVs with roof racks installed. However, hire them only if you plan to bring things you can’t put inside the vehicle like a kayak or a mountain bike.

If you are looking for 4WD hire or SUV rental, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us at 0861 861 000 or leave a message in our contact page.

Things to Consider when Choosing Car Hire in Sydney

Some people often find themselves in need of a larger and more spacious vehicle. For such instances, people resort to car rental companies. To be more specific, SUV rental agencies. However, not many people are aware certain considerations when choosing a car rental company. Thus, here are some things to help you out. The following applies whether you’re looking for a sedan rental or an SUV 7-seater rental.

All-inclusive Pricing

Companies that offer car hire in Sydney have different pricing schemes. When looking for a car to rent—whether thru phone or online enquiries, ask about all-inclusive pricing. This means that charges for insurance and other compulsory fees are already factored in on the price. By doing so, you can avoid any surprising add-on costs that can hurt your wallet.

Vehicle Report

Before driving off with the car you just hired, be sure to conduct a thorough inspection first. Take special note of any damage you see on the car both inside and outside. As per standard procedure, a representative of the company that offers car hire in Sydney will be with you as you inspect the car. They will be the ones to document any damage to the vehicle. Once you are happy with your inspection, only then should you sign the contract.


It is a standard practice for companies that offer car hire in Sydney to collect bonds prior to renting out a vehicle. Here, the car rental company will require you to leave certain credit card details for the bond. You shouldn’t worry because they won’t ask you any detail that will compromise the security of your account. Be sure to ask exactly how much your bond will be. Also, note that different companies may require different bond amounts.

Standard Liability and Reduction Options

One important thing that you shouldn’t forget to ask about is standard liability. No matter how careful you are at driving, misfortune may rear its ugly head. When you find yourself in an accident, you’ll want to know what financial obligations you may be facing. In addition, you’ll want to know what options you have to reduce it.  Some agencies that offer car hire in Sydney will often offer you several options to choose from, just be sure to ask.

If you’re looking to rent an SUV, look no further than SUV Rentals. Just leave your contact details in our contact page and we’ll have our customer representative contact you.

Car Hire Sydney: 4 Insider Tips to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Choosing a trusted company for car hire in Sydney can be overwhelming especially if you’re inexperienced. Most often people end up choosing an incompetent company to rent a SUV, and get the shock of their lifetime on discovering numerous hidden charges.

However, if you’ve some idea about how everything works, you can save some serious money, time and trouble on your next 7 seater SUV rental in Sydney. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at some of the best practices for car hire in Sydney.

  1. Always Check The Total Price:  Don’t fall into the trap of fraudulent companies that advertise incredibly low prices for car hire in Sydney. In reality, these companies have a number of hidden charges and most often customers have to pay even more than most expensive companies. In any case, cheapest options may not always be a good choice even if the price is all inclusive. They may not provide you important facilities that you need to make your trip special.
  1. Check Insurance: Most car rental companies charge for insurance or give inadequate coverage to the driver. If you don’t know the intricacies of car rental insurance, it’s better to stick with trustworthy companies like that can provide you free insurance with a sufficient coverage.
  1. Read Contract Carefully:  Make sure to read and understand the rental contract properly. This will help you know your obligations and rights. Do check the terms in case any damage occurs to the car. Professionals at trusted companies like are always ready to help their clients if they find any difficulty understanding terms and conditions.
  1. Return Car Within the Business Hours: Returning your rental car within the operation hours is always beneficial. This way, professionals from the car company can confirm that the car is free from any kind of damage. If you’re not able to do so, click pictures of the car when you return it. This will act as evidence that you return the car in perfect condition. Take your time to closely inspect the car both at pick up and drop off.

For more guidance on the best ways to rent a SUV in Sydney, visit immediately!

4 Reasons Why SUV Hire is your Best Travelling Option in Sydney

Who does not love vacations? They’re the best way of relaxing, and enjoying some quality time with your family. If you’ve an extended family, or you’re travelling with a lot of friends or you’re fond of off-road travel, travel takes on a new challenge- how do all of you coordinate with each other. More importantly- how do you all travel together without having to do so in two separate cars? There is a solution- choose SUV hire services and half your worries will be taken care of.

Car hire in Sydney is an incredibly comfortable option, but there is one question you should definitely ask yourself- why should you get an SUV through companies specializing in car hire Sydney for this trip? Let’s see!

  1. Travel with a Large Number of People: If you are travelling with more than 4 people, a 7 seater SUV is the most convenient option for you. All of you will be able to comfortably fit into the car, and you will also be able to fit the entire luggage.
  1. Travelling A Large Distance: If you are travelling a large distance, you would definitely need some space. After all, if you are travelling more than 5 hours away, you would want to rest, or maybe stretch your leg out. In this scenario, choosing SUV hire services makes more sense than travelling in your own car.
  1. Travelling For A Long Time: How long is your vacation going to be? If it is a long trip, an SUV would be the ideal choice, as you can store all the things you will need for your trip in your car itself. And of course, if one of you gets tired of being driver, you can rest in the backseat for the rest of the day!
  1. Travelling With A Lot Of Luggage: If you are carrying a lot of luggage in your trip- whether it is food, or clothes, or even a guitar, getting a SUV through car hire companies in Sydney is definitely the way to go!

When you’re in Sydney and looking for efficient SUV hire services, make sure that you pick a reliable and trustworthy company. For world-class services for Car hire in Sydney and to rent top-of-the-line SUV’s, get in touch with the experts at today!

Rent a SUV: How To Pack For Your Road Trip in Sydney?

When people choose to rent a SUV, most of their decisions are based on people who are travelling with them. For instance if they want to accommodate more people, they generally go for bigger spacious options such as SUV 7 seater rental. However, people rarely pay attention to their luggage and how to pack it in an efficient manner. To find answers to this packing conundrum, our experts here at have compiled a list of some handy tips for your next road trip in Sydney. Let’s have a look:

  1. Material: Luggage made from softer material, such as leather or nylon, is not only light but you can also pack it more easily in the trunk than the luggage made from hard material. Soft luggage goes a long way in making the most of your trunk space.
  1. Size of Luggage: Most travellers prefer to carry all their stuff in one large bag. This may be due to the extra fees charged by some airlines to check items in different bags. However, a large bag is quite difficult to accommodate in a car’s trunk. The problem can be solved by choosing a larger vehicle such as a SUV 7 seater rental or opting for softer medium bags to pack your items. Small bags can be stacked more efficiently in the trunk and wastage of space can be avoided.
  1. Loading The Trunk – There are a few good packing practices you can keep in mind when loading your trunk. Put the larger suitcases first with their pull-handles facing out. This will help you while unloading these bags later on. Pack smaller items in the edges of the trunk. You can slide these items after packing your larger suitcases. This is a great way to make the most of your trunk space when it comes to car hire in Sydney.
  1. Packing Odd Shaped Objects: There are some peculiar, unusual objects that are difficult to pack even by using above strategies. If you have such objects, it’s recommended to book a SUV. To be on the safe side, rent a SUV from a company that specializes in just SUV’s, such as

From Mitsubishi Outlander to Holden Captiva, has a great selection of cars available for rent in Sydney. Get in touch today!

Looking For Car Hire in Sydney? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

Whether you’re travelling to Sydney for business or leisure, choosing car hire in Sydney is a wonderful way to explore this amazing destination. Here are some crucial questions you need to ask yourself in order to choose the best rental car for your travelling needs within Sydney.


  1. Do I Really Need To Go For Car Hire In Sydney?

Considering the limitations of public transport, renting a car is highly recommended by travel experts if you want to get the best out of your trip. While you can also order a taxi or Uber, but they can prove to be very costly and far less flexible as compared to budget SUV rental.


  1. When Should I Book Car Hire In Sydney?  

Due to the tremendous popularity of Sydney among tourists from all parts of the world, it’s often hard to find a car at the airport especially during the holiday season. So, it’s recommended to book a car well in advance and make sure you tell them about your exact needs at the time of booking. Booking a rental car is really straightforward if you choose trusted sites like By contacting a reliable service provider, you can rest assured that your car will be waiting for you at your desired location when you arrive.


  1. What Are The Basics Of Renting A Car In Sydney?

There are a few simple things you can keep in mind to hire a suitable car in Sydney. First and foremost; decide on the type of car you want to hire. Do you want a sedan or SUV; or automatic or manual? Number of people you’re travelling with, and so on. Visit websites, such as, to see images of cars and their features. Lastly, when you get your car, make sure it’s free from any kind of damage and is in good running condition. Once you’ve chosen a suitable car, contact the company on phone or request a quote online. It’s always better to rent a car from a trusted provider such as


  1. What about Insurance?

Insurance costs can significantly increase you overall car rental expenses. Thankfully, there are trustworthy companies for car hire in Sydney that can provide you safe and secure services at zero insurance costs.

To learn more about car hire in Sydney and to get the best deals on budget SUV rental, get in touch with now!

Car Hire in Sydney – Essential Rules to Remember

If you’re one of the tourists who visit Australia annually, you may already have experienced what some of the amazing places like Sydney has to offer. Opting for car hire in Sydney is the best way to explore this great city. With that in mind, our experts here at have compiled a list of some basic rules that you’ll need to follow while driving in Australia.

Car Hire Sydney: Basic Requirements

You can hire car in Sydney if you’re at least 21 years of age. However, you may have to pay some age surcharge if you’re between 21-24 years of age. You should have at least 12 months old valid driving license. Drivers from some countries like Singapore will not find any problem driving in Sydney as they follow the same traffic regulations in their own countries as well.

Cheap SUV rental: What Else You’ll Need

  • You may require international driving permit (IDP) depending on your home country.
  • Your passport.
  • A valid credit card.
  • In Australia, you’re legally obliged to keep your license, registration documents, international driving permit (IDP), and insurance in your car.
  • For extra safety and assistance, keep the contact information of your car hire company handy.

Car hire Sydney: Some of the Driving rules in Australia

  • Drive on the left.
  • Make sure you never exceed the speed limits. Some of the areas are stricter with speed rules than the others. Below is an overview of speed limits in Sydney.
    • In most parts of Sydney, the default speed limit is 50Km/hr except Sydney CBD where it is 40km/hr
    • Outside Sydney, speed limit on freeways and motorways is 110km/hr. And on rural areas, speed limit is 100Km/hr.
  • When it comes to the child safety while driving, Australia has some strict rules in place. Children below 7 years of age are required a booster seat or a child restraint while travelling in a car.

Choosing cheap SUV rental is a great way to explore smaller suburbs in Sydney that are impossible to experience with public transport. Don’t worry about getting a little lost as there will be GPS systems to guide you at every step.

For more information, get in touch with the leading providers of car hire in Sydney – now!

Amazing Rental Conditions At SUV Rentals

SUV Rental is an amazing rental company in Sydney, Australia. Over the years, we have successfully provided so many services to our clients. Kindly get in touch with us today- we will be proud to handle your work with the highest level of professionalism.

This is the right place to come if you are truly searching for budget SUV rental, car hire Sydney, and 7-seater SUV rental. We have served so many clients in the past; we are currently serving a good number of them. Thus, we will do everything possible to serve you today.  Below are few things you need to know about our rental terms and conditions:

Online booking

You can order for your SUV online, right from the comfort of your home. Thus, when you book for the vehicle online, our team will make sure it will be ready for you at the specified period.

Once, we receive your request, we will check the availability of the vehicle within the quickest possible time- one of our customer care representative will either confirm your order or if possible offer you different options. We will send all the details to your email within few minutes or hours as the case maybe.

Airport delivery

If you want us to deliver the vehicle at a specified airport pending your arrival, we will do same for you. Before your arrival, the car will be waiting for you. One of our representatives will be there to hand it over to you.

Included in the price

The prices we charge to our customers include a wide range of things. Below is a comprehensive detail you should know:

Full insurance

This insurance is very unique, it relieves you of all the financial responsibility if your vehicle is destroyed or completely damaged in an accident. In this case, you are totally covered, so you are not expected to pay anything.

Special full insurance

This covers all the damages to the vehicle that occurred not as a result of an accident.  For example damages to the wheels, tires, interior valet, antennas, mirrors, and underside of your vehicle.

Please note: there is a clause here, if you have a flat tire, and you continued to drive instead of replacing it with a good tire, you will billed for the new tire, because it is assumed that you carelessly continued to drive, knowing very well that the flat tire needed to be replaced.

Personal accident insurance

This covers the driver and passenger if there is an accident. In case of an accident, you are expected to report to us immediately. This is what you should do so that the personal accident cover would be valid.

Theft waiver insurance

If the vehicle gets stolen, we will do everything possible to recover it, but if we are unable to recover it, you won’t be billed to pay for charges. Please note that this insurance covers only the stolen vehicle, your stolen personal valuables in the car are not included in the theft waiver insurance.

Fire insurance

If there is any partial or total damage to the car as a result of fire outburst, then this insurance will cover for it.

Unlimited kilometres

You can travel as many kilometres as you wish, within the period the car is under your care. Please if you will be travelling outside Sydney, don’t fail to let us know at pick-up.

VAT and local Taxes

All taxes both airports, local and national are all included in this fee.

Replacement as a result of breakdown

If your car is damaged, kindly inform us, so that we will replace it with a new one. We will make sure you continue to use the car.

If we are unable to replace the damaged cars as quickly as possible, we will refund for the remaining rental days. But keep in mind that refund or replacement won’t take place if we ascertain you were driving with negligence.

24/7 telephone services

In case of an accident or an urgent situation, feel free to call our line, someone will be there to attend to you. You can call on us anytime of the day.  We will try our best to attend to you.

If there is an accident, our staff will assist you with all the basic accident procedures you need to know pending the arrival of the insurance and police.

24/7 road assistance

All the cars under our care are insured, so you can drive them on Australian roads.

Further details on insurance coverage

  • Insurance will never cover the cost if you were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Insurance companies do not cover the cost if the driver was found to be driving against the rule of law or failed to notify us immediately the accident occurred.
  • Insurance companies will not pay for the traffic line fines or parking tickets.
  • Insurance companies do not pay for lost or broken car keys.

Opening Hours

Our working hours are Mondays to Fridays 9am to 5pm, and then Saturdays and Sundays 11am to 3pm.

Booking options

You can order for your 7-seater SUV rental either online, or by walking into our office or through calling our agent. Whichever medium you use, our staff will help you in booking for the SUV of your choice as quickly as possible.

Cancellation/ refund details

If you want to cancel your bookings, it is possible. Call our customer care for further details.

Also, if you return the car earlier than scheduled, we won’t refund you any money. Also, if you return the car 30 minutes later than the agreed time, we won’t bill you, because we give 30 minutes grace period to our renters.

But after 30 minutes, we will bill you for half day rental service and we will subtract the funds from the deposit you have already made with us.

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SUV Rentals: Useful Tips You Should Know

Are you looking for car hire in Sydney? Or rent a SUV? Then this is the right place to hire a suitable one. We have reliable, recreational and functional SUV cars. We have a wide range of models from:

  • Mitsubishi
  • Holden
  • Toyota and lots more

Our services are clearly affordable, fast, efficient, safe, better and easy to rent with no hidden charges. The cars can be used in all weather conditions.

To hire a vehicle that will take you to your respective destination won’t be an easy to do, but will help you to make the right choice. We are deeply committed to provide services that will suit your specific driving needs.

We are SUV rental specialists. If you are looking for a car rental service with better visibility, more cargo space, greater towing capacity, and higher seating, then is the right answer. You won’t regret if you rent a SUV from us today.

Opening Hours

We are available to serve our myriads of clients from Mondays to Fridays between the hours of 9am-5pm, and then between 11am to 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays. To enjoy our services, we request that you feel free to contact us on the appointed days and working hours.

How to book our services

Booking through Phone:

You can order your car rental service from us through your phone. All you need to do is to call our customer service representative. When you make the call, an agent will help you to rent a SUV as soon as possible.

Enter your details in our secure website:

If you don’t want to call us, you can simply enter your name and telephone number on our secure website. When you do so, someone will call you back and then book for you the car of your choice.

Other booking instructions

  1. For your convenience, we usually recommend that the prospective customer should book for the SUV of his or her choice in advance. Being one of the lowest and highly responsive SUV rental organizations in Sydney, Australia, people normally book our services weeks ahead of time.
  2. We will charge a refundable $500 plus rental fee on your credit card when you order for the car of your choice. We will return the funds back to your card, if you return the car in good or its original condition. If you don’t have a credit card, you can make the deposit in cash.

Claim note

There is a limit to what insurance can cover. Keep in mind that insurance will be unable to pay for compensations, consequences and economic losses borne by you such as:

  • Driving without a license
  • Excessive speeding
  • Driving after drinking, and
  • Negligent driving


Our rental fees include all insurance charges. Once you are above 21 years, and hold a valid Australian license, you will be eligible to hire from us.


The cars are provided to you with full tank of fuel. So, when you are returning it, you should do so with full tank of fuel. If the car is not returned with full tank of fuel, we will have no other option than to debit you $2 per litre of fuel.


If you are less than 21 years of old, you won’t be able to hire the car from us.  If you don’t have a valid Australian license, we can still rent a SUV to you if you have other international licenses from United States of America, United Kingdom, and Canada etc.

You can book more than one SUV from us. After confirming your reservation, you will still receive an email and SMS notification from our team confirming the booking. It is important to note that we won’t issue refunds if you return the car earlier than scheduled. You don’t need to pay any additional insurance charge, because it is included in the rental price we gave to you. We are not charging you any extra funds for insurance.

If the car is involved in an accident while under your car, you don’t have to repair it by yourself, because we have authorised smash repair professionals. Each of our cars comes with onsite road assistance, so if it breaks down along the way, all you need to do is to call our hotline number, and then we will organise roadside assistance for you promptly or as quickly as possible.

We are efficient car hire Sydney services provider. We give 30 minutes of grace if the car is returned late. But if you exceed 30 minutes grace period, we will charge half day rental. We are highly formidable, reliable and highly efficient.

We hope you are comfortable with our services?