What Should The Cleansing Wand In Your Toto Washlet Feature?

Toto Washlet

You can get a Toto washlet that features a cleansing wand added to your bathroom. But the wand should be utilized well to your advantage. Several things may be noted as you get a washlet ready. These features are parts of a bidet Australia homeowners can trust.

Rear and Front Cleaning

The washlet has to provide you with both rear and front cleaning functions. The separate cleansing features are designed to target different parts of your body as you sit on the washlet seat.

Your remote control will provide you with the option to use the rear or front cleaning feature. You can find the remote for your Toto washlet right next to the unit before you start using it.

Gentle Water

The amount of water produced by the cleansing wand should be gentle without being overly intense. A nice mist should be enough, although some bidet toilet seat models let you adjust the intensity of the water as you see fit.

Some pulsating or vibrating sensations can be produced by the water, although not all washlet models offer this feature.

Added Air

Some air may come out of the cleansing wand. The amount of air produced should be gentle and easy for sensitive parts of your skin to tolerate while using your bidet toilet seat.

Self-Cleaning Features Work Too

One part of a bidet Australia residents are bound to love involves how a wand can clean itself. The self-cleaning functional of a bidet wand will involve the wand using a gentle stream of water to clean off the inside mechanism.

The water will move around well within the wand to generate a comfortable clean before it starts working.

Look at how well the cleansing wand on your Toto washlet works as you aim to keep yourself clean. See what the Mizudori Gallery has to offer as you find a choice that fits in with your cleaning demands.

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Save On Toilet Paper With a Pristine 202 Bidet Toilet Seat

Pristine 202

The problem with using toilet paper for cleaning off one’s body while on the toilet is that it can be tough and abrasive at times. Even worse, it might not be all that effective. But the good news is that a bidet toilet seat can help people to stay clean while avoiding all those issues surrounding toilet paper.

A More Effective Solution

A Pristine 202 bidet toilet seat is more effective for cleaning off one’s personal areas than toilet paper. In particular, a washlet will produce a stream of water that can help with cleaning off certain spaces. That water will be gentle and can move well to clear anything one wishes to wash off.

After that, the unit will administer a gentle amount of air onto the body region. This air will allow for the space to stay dry and comfortable.

A More Sanitary Option

A washlet is more sanitary in that it is easier to wash off a spot with air than it is to do the same with toilet paper. If anything the air and water will be much cleaner than the toilet paper.

Save More Money

People often balk at the idea of getting a washlet because they feel toilet paper is cheaper. But when everything is considered, the cost of toilet paper will add up over time as a household keeps on having to buy it. Having a bidet setup keeps the house from having to use as much toilet paper as it has in the past.

Better For the Planet

It is even better to see how a bidet setup can work when the environment is considered. The need to produce lots of toilet paper waste will be reduced thanks to a bidet. The risk of a septic system being damaged will help too, thus ensuring clean water is available for all while keeping waste water from building up anywhere.

See what a bidet toilet can do for you as you aim to get something helpful for your bathroom. You will find it is more useful than having to use lots of toilet paper. Ask the Pristine Bidet today for more details.

Acquire The Best TOTO Toilets To Suit Your Specific Needs

Aus Bidet-Toto Toilet

Dated and inefficient toilets can be a turn-off. Not only do homeowners find these toilets inconvenient to use. In many cases, these toilets consume enormous amounts of water, thereby increasing your water bills.

Not surprisingly, many people throughout the country prefer replacing their existing toilets with TOTO toilets. When it comes to manufacturing toilets, TOTO has an enviable reputation in the market. Not only do they produce durable and quality commodes. The diverse selection of toilet models produced by TOTO makes toilets a lot more than just mere necessities in any home or business.

 What Makes TOTO Toilets So Popular Among Australians?

 Renowned for its bidet toilet seat, TOTO has been producing water-efficient toilet models that also offer a luxurious experience. Their toilets offer something to suit all kinds of requirements. So, they offer models equipped with automatic features – including remote control operated ones.

And, if you prefer toilets that offer the elegance of a timeless style, they can provide models featuring these traits as well. These features, in addition to the high reliability and durability of these toilets, make TOTO one of the most popular toilet-manufacturing companies the world over.

 How Should Someone Go About Shopping for a New Toilet?

 TOTO manufacturers an extensive range of toilets and bidet toilet seats. So, heading out to purchase a brand-new toilet without doing any homework might not be a very good idea. Some toilets pack various basic features and offer a quality flush at an affordable price. Other toilets, such as the all-in-one comprehensive toilets, come with a lot of automatic features. After selecting the type of toilet you need, you’ll need to consider the dimensions.

Toilets with double-tank options can be among the most standard options available. But, installing one-piece toilets remains infinitely easier. Similarly, consider other add-on features you need. Some TOTO toilets offer automatic flushing and seat-lifting features. These models suit households comprising people with various physical challenges. But, the cost of these toilets will be relatively higher too.

 Is it Easy to Install Any Kind of TOTO’s Diverse Selection of Toilet Models?

 TOTO’s range of toilets feature the standard rough-in of 12 inches in their design. Older homes might require toilets with a rough-in of 14 inches. To replace an existing toilet, turn off the water supply line. Flush the toilet and empty it of water. Use a sponge and a bucket to remove the leftover tank water.

Remove the bolts, the supply line and the toilet. Also, remove the old wax seal used by the earlier toilet. If you find the flange cracked, replace it. Remove the closet bolts, add the new wax seal and install the new closet bolts. Similarly, installing new bidet toilet seats does not present any challenges either.

Whether you need bidets, bidet equipment or accessories, simply shop at AustralianBidet. Since 2005, we have been providing new toilet suites, pans and bidet seats to clients across Australia. Our products offer value to regular users, senior citizens and the disabled alike. From TOTO toilets to Kohler’s range of toilets, we stock them all. Check out what’s currently in stock here.

A Bidet Toilet Seat Can Use a Great Remote Control

One of the most interesting things you might find when getting a bidet toilet seat ready entails how you can configure the toilet’s settings. You can utilize a remote control on your toilet to adjust many features. You can use such a control mechanism quite well on many Toto toilets.

How Does the Remote Work?

Your remote control for a bidet toilet seat will work in one of two ways. First, it may work as a wireless model that connects to a sensor or receiver in your seat. Second, you may find a wired option that links directly to the toilet. Either way, you can ensure the remote will help you control the features with your bidet seat.

What Can You Get Out of a Remote?

The controls you can get out of a remote for Toto toilets include many functions that are convenient for your bathroom needs:

  • You can adjust the positioning of the bidet wand. This is ideal for male or female use.
  • The temperature of the water produced by the bidet wand can be adjusted in intensity.
  • You can control the pressure level of the water out of the wand.
  • The heated seat feature can be triggered.
  • One of two flushing options may also be triggered. You can get a heavy-load flush or a light-load flush produced depending on how much waste is produced within the toilet.

Where Does the Remote Go?

The remote control may be placed on a certain spot alongside the bidet toilet seat. You might find a small holster or other spot on the side that you can place the remote in. The positioning of the holster or other holding feature will vary based on the certain model you use.

Look at how well a remote control can work when using Toto toilets and other smart bidet seats. The Mizudori Gallery can help you find an effective toilet seat control setup that is easy to work with.

3 Simple Steps to Master Your Electronic Bidet

Buying and using a new electronic bidet is often an overwhelming experience for new users. There are a number of intimidating features you can find even in the most basic bidet toilet seat and to get your hands around these can be challenging for some people. Let’s have a look at some of the steps you can follow to get the best out of your electronic bidet.

How to Use Your Bidet Toilet Seat the Right Way?

  1. Familiarise Yourself With The Symbols: No doubt, an electronic bidet comes with a range of high-end features including heated seats, night-light, dual-flush and adjustable pressure and so on, but one basic problem some new users have to deal with is that they have little or no idea about how these toilets work. Internet is jam-packed with a number of guides, but it can take some serious amount of time and effort to grasp everything.

The good thing is that manufacturers are not unaware of this widespread problem.  That’s why they have simplified their new electronic bidets to a great extent.  In addition, bidet toilet seats come with standard symbols. Take a few minutes to know the meaning of these self-explanatory signs and symbols, and you can use any electronic bidet in the world with absolute ease.

  1. Know Some Basic Rules: Many first time users of electronic bidets turn up the pressure all the way to its maximum value just to make sure that everything is properly cleaned. However, that’s a serious mistake. The best approach is to keep the water pressure low so that it can gently clean the entire area without creating a mess. Secondly, don’t put any extra effort to make water reach as far as possible. Bidets are designed for through cleansing without having to do anything on your part.    
  1. Make Sure Your Bathroom Has An Electric Outlet: Not only do you need an electric outlet in your bathroom; it needs to be located near the toilet. If you don’t have one, you can call an electrician to install it for you. Though highly efficient, these advanced bathroom products need some amount of power to operate.

Australian Bidet: The Leading Experts of Electronic Bidet Seats in Sydney!

There you have it – a few simple steps you can use to make the most of your investment.  Whether its features, price or functionality, you can easily find a perfect bidet toilet seat for your needs at Australian Bidet. For more information, visit us or please feel free to contact our experts today!

Toto Toilets Often Include SanaGloss Features

SanaGloss is a valuable part of Toto toilets that people can use today. This is a coating that goes onto a toilet and a bidet seat. The SanaGloss coating keeps a toilet looking its best, but the ability of this coating to keep a surface clean and comfortable makes it all the more important for people to check out.

What SanaGloss Offers

SanaGloss works by offering two separate barriers of protection over the toilet. First, an ionized barrier is established along the surface of the toilet. The barrier produces a smooth surface.

Second, a catalyzed ion barrier is used to repel items. The barrier prevents particles that are added into the toilet from sticking around, thus ensuring the surface stays clean and comfortable for every user.

A Comfortable Space

While Toto toilets with the SanaGloss coating feature will continue to look their best for a while, the most important point to see is that the coating ensures the toilet stays comfortable. The bidet toilet seat is easier to sit down on and to wash off thanks to debris and mold being less likely to be attached to a surface. You do not have to go through any deep cleaning processes as often as what you might expect to get out of some other seats. This is vital for keeping a space comfortable without being hard to clean off.

A Quick Note

Be advised that not every bidet toilet seat setup from Toto comes with the SanaGloss coating. The options you have to choose are pretty diverse though, so feel free to look around to see what might work for you.

Contact the Mizudori Gallery to learn more about how well Toto toilets with the SanaGloss feature can work for you. You may be surprised with how well the surface can help keep your toilet looking great while staying clean.

Taking Care of Your Bidet Toilet Seat

Some people think that cleaning a bidet toilet seat is more demanding than cleaning a regular toilet. Fair enough, considering that the former is more advanced technologically than the latter. However, it actually isn’t that difficult, and you don’t even need special cleaning items. But there are some things you need to consider when it comes to cleaning and maintaining this particular bathroom fixture.

Change the Filters Regularly

Regularly changing the water filters and air filters in your toilet bidet seat is one of the ways to extend its service life. By changing the water filters, you can prevent minerals in the water from building up. If your bidet seat has an air filter, make sure to change that regularly as well. Doing so will help to ensure that bathroom odors do not become a problem later on. Regularly changing filters in your bidet is a necessary maintenance practice and one that you should put in your calendar.

Use an Old Toothbrush

When it comes to cleaning your toilet bidet seat, avoid using a scrubbing pad or other abrasive cleaners. Instead, use a toothbrush to brush the surface of the seat and to get in around the bolts that attach the bidet seat to your toilet. You can also use a washcloth or a paper towel to wipe the seat clean. Be sure to wipe the remote control (if your bidet seat came with one) as well.

Use Mild Cleaning Detergent

Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach when cleaning your toilet bidet seat. These will definitely cause damage to the coating or material on the seat’s surface. Instead, use a mild detergent or dishwashing liquid. These are usually more than sufficient to clean the bidet and kill any germs and bacteria on the surface.

Clean the Nozzle

The nozzle on Toto toilets and bidet seat is generally self-cleaning, so you really shouldn’t worry much about it. However, if you really want to clean it yourself, then you can do so by using a soft-bristled brush and some mild detergent. Be sure to remove it from the bidet seat first. Most seats have a quick release feature that will allow you to do this easily.

Cleaning you’re a bidet toilet seat is pretty much the same as cleaning a regular toilet. And although some additional steps may be necessary, it shouldn’t make it more difficult to clean. Besides proper cleaning and maintenance practices will help to ensure that your toilet bidet seat will work efficiently and look new for much longer.