Do You Need an Elongated or Round Bowl For Your Bidet Toilet Seat?

Your smart toilet will likely come in one of two sizes. You can find your Toto washlet or another toilet in an elongated or round bowl format. These are both options that are appealing for your bathroom, but it helps to look at what you’re getting out of one of these seats.

Round Bowl

The first option for a bidet Australia homes need to notice is the round bowl. A round bowl is about 28 inches from the wall on average. The measure is ideal for compact bathrooms. Also, the round design works best for when you’re trying to find a smart toilet that costs a little less.

Elongated Bowl

An elongated bowl, as the name suggests, is much longer in size than a traditional bidet seat. An elongated model is about 31 inches from the wall in many cases. The longer style is made mainly for larger people who need a good seat that can support their bodies. The design is also easier for you to clean out than a round option.

Which Works Best?

The choices for a bidet Australia homeowners can utilize should be considered well. But it helps to see how well a quality bowl is chosen based on your needs. You would be better getting a Toto washlet that features a large elongated body if you have a wider bathroom that can handle the surface. Also, an elongated model would work better if you need something that is easy to clean.

Meanwhile, a round smart toilet would be better for powder rooms and other spaces that aren’t all that large. A round bidet toilet seat is also useful if you want to find something for general use and if you’ve only got a few people in your home who need to use the toilet.

The way how your smart toilet seat is laid out should be explored so you can find something that works well for your bathroom. Check with Mizudori Gallery to see what you can find out of your bidet toilet seat.

Heated Toilet Seat and Energy Consumption

A heated toilet seat is one of the most sought after features of a smart electronic bidet toilet seat. The warmth it provides can enhance the user’s comfort levels while using the toilet.

This is especially true during the colder months of the year. However, despite the many benefits attached to heated toilet seats, there are still some people who have second thoughts about buying one for their homes or properties. One reason for this is that they think that heated toilet seats will significantly increase their electricity consumption.

However, one should know that although heated toilet seats use electricity, the amount they consume or use is quite low. Many of the latest electric bidet models are designed to have a low energy draw. In addition, users are presented with a variety of other options which can help to reduce the electricity consumption of the said appliance. That said, you do not have to worry about the effect on your electric bill.

In addition, most (if not all) heated bidet toilet seat come with an energy saving mode. With this feature, users can turn off some extra features of the smart toilet that uses electricity. This includes the heating function of the toilet seat. When this feature is activated, users can cut down the electricity consumption of their bidets down by nearly half.

There are several other options that users can utilise in order to reduce the energy consumption of their toilet seats. For instance, users can use the preset timers of the bidet’s program to heat the toilet seat. This way, the toilet seat only turns on during specific times of the day. Thus, users can avoid wasting electricity which comes with the toilet seat being heated while it is not in use.

Some users also have their heated toilet seat wired to the bathroom’s lighting system. What happens here is that the heating function of the toilet seat is only turned on when the bathroom lights are on. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the toilet seat heating up when there’s no one in the bathroom.

As can be seen above, there isn’t any need to be concerned about the electricity consumption of heated toilet seats. Aside from the low energy consumption of the said appliance, there are also several options available to users in order for them to further minimize the energy consumption of their heated toilet seat and smart toilet in general.

So if you’re still on the fence about getting an electronic bidet, it’s time to re-consider. Clearly, the cost to benefit ratio of this appliance shows that any expense incurred is outweighed by the advantages that the user can enjoy in the long run.

To learn more about intelligent toilet solutions, visit Australian Bidet today!

Electric Toilet Seats – Should You Buy One With Plastic Or Metallic Nozzles?

Consumers and homeowners across Australia have begun taking to electric toilet seats. These toilet seats might be relatively more expensive than their regular counterparts. But, the benefits and features that electronic bidets offer makes them well worth every dollar spent on them.

With electronic bidets, you will not need to install separate fixtures. The electronic bidet will install and fit easily into almost any toilet model. Modern bidets come in a diverse selection of features and prices. From heated bidet seats and adjustable water temperatures to heated air dryers and deodorisers, the bidets and washlets of today offer a wide range of benefits.

Electric Toilet Seats Typically Feature Plastic or Metallic Nozzles

If you happened to visit a bidet shop, you would come across a diverse selection of products. However, you would also find that all bidets feature metallic or plastic wash nozzles. Manufacturers also make wash nozzles with aluminium-coated plastic, stainless steel coated plastic etc.

It can be worth mentioning that no discernible difference exists in the spray quality of nozzles made with different materials. For instance, a person sitting on a bidet seat will not be able to ascertain the material of the nozzle providing the stream of water beneath. Instead, this individual will only be able to ascertain the spray pressure, spray pattern, water temperature and the aeration levels of the water sprayed. Thus, it goes without saying that the construction of the wash nozzle has little to no impact on the water stream produced by the bidet toilet seat.

Do Plastic and Metallic Wash Nozzles Differ When it comes to Bathroom Hygiene?

Modern bidets certainly enhance hygiene levels in bathrooms. In comparison to toilet paper, bidets offer a superior level of cleaning. In addition, they can be more luxurious and comfortable as well.

Some people wonder whether the material of the wash nozzle affects the hygiene of the electric toilet seat. It can be worth mentioning that all electronic toilet seats feature self-cleaning nozzles. These nozzles keep the bidet sanitised between uses. The cleaning jet washes away most of the visible particles. T

hus, most bidet seat nozzles remain clean over time regardless of the material they comprise. However, the superb cleanability of stainless steel makes it superior to plastic and aluminium.

Stainless steel does not have pores or cracks that facilitate the accumulation of grime and bacteria. In addition, stainless steel will be less prone to scratching or corroding. Hence, you will do well to buy bidets with nozzles made of stainless steel.

Does the Build Quality of Metallic Nozzles Differ from those Made of Plastic?

Manufacturers of electronic toilet seats use stainless steel, aluminium or plastic for making wash nozzles. Experts believe that metallic construction remains superior in terms of quality.

Hence, the build quality of bidets with metallic wash nozzles surpasses that of bidets featuring plastic wash nozzles. In fact, many high-end and luxury models of modern bidets feature metallic nozzles. Plastic nozzles used to be the industry standard a decade or two ago.

However, in the last few years, bidet toilet seat constructions have been featuring metallic nozzles. It can be worth mentioning that metallic and plastic nozzles offer similar user experiences overall. But, the higher build quality and the easy cleanability of metallic nozzles raises their stature significantly.

PristineBidet believes in transforming bathrooms into oases of hygiene and luxury. Our Pristine range of bidet toilet seats remain easy to install and use. They can keep you feeling shower-fresh throughout the day. In terms of hygiene, the Pristine 202 and 501R offer an experience that easily surpasses that offered by standalone bidets and toilet paper. Click here to begin shopping now.

What Makes The Toto Neorest The Most Comprehensive Smart Toilet Ever?

Smart toilets are marvellous bathroom fittings. They provide the most comprehensive bathroom experience ever as well as a number of additional benefits.

In this range, the Toto Neorest is one of the most highly rated and well-received products with bidet toilet seats. If you are planning to get an integrated toilet for your home, then Neorest is the best product line to choose from. Let us tell you what sets it apart from all rival products.

How is Toto Neorest a Cutting-Edge Smart Toilet?

  • Integrated to Perfection: The Toto Neorest is one of the most technologically advanced smart toilets in the market at the moment. It has all the possible features that you could ever need in your toilet and come with a dedicated remote to give you complete control over them. All the functions are independent of each other and are pre-programmed into customisable presets. So, getting your setting and mode down just right is only a matter of a few clicks.
  • Ergonomic Design: A common problem with bidet toilet seats is that they can be either too large or too small for most customers. Understanding this problem, the design team behind the Toto Neorest came up with an ergonomic design which fits almost all customers like a custom-tailored suit. Whether you like to sit on your toilet for a casual flip through a magazine or want the perfect posture to balance your energy, the Neorest has all the makings to satisfy your requirements.
  • Excellent Looks: Who does not like a sense of luxury when they enter the bathroom? Some people indeed pay jaw-dropping sums to interior designers to jazz up their bathrooms. If you’ve always fancied having a luxurious bathroom, Toto Neorest can be the centrepiece for your dream bathroom. Offering an all-season classic white colour with primly design perfect looks, it is the perfect bathroom fitting to model the rest of your bathroom around.

Where Can You Find the Perfect Neorest Bidet Toilet Seat and Washlet for Your Bathroom?

With some many great features to offer, it is not surprising that the Neorest is always in demand. If you want to find the widest variety of this product line in Australia, then Mizudori Gallery is where you should look. Our extensive product range is sure to have something that will satisfy your needs to the fullest.

The Top Misconceptions That People Have About Bidet Toilet Seats

Daily use of conventional toilets inevitably involves using toilet paper. Thousands of people use toilet paper to clean themselves the world over. However, the use of toilet paper will not always provide thorough cleaning. In addition, not many people know that the use of toilet paper involves various tangible and intangible costs – including environmental costs.

For instance, toilet paper manufacturers produce this paper from trees. Thus, increased use of toilet paper will yield a commensurate increase in deforestation levels. Some manufacturers use chemicals to process toilet paper.

These chemicals will have some effect when released into the environment. For these reasons, many people have begun using bidet toilet seats nowadays. Unfortunately, several myths concerning these toilets continue to gain ground with each passing day.

Myth #1: Bidet Water Streams Can Be Cold, Uncomfortable and Unsanitary

Many suppliers offer a wide range of bidets in Australia. Despite this, some people have a stigma when it comes to using electronic bidets. Some people have the misconception that bidets produce cold streams of water that can be quite uncomfortable.

However, bidet toilet seats come with heated seats and warm water. They feature remote controls too. So, all you need to do is to adjust the temperature of the bidet for maximum comfort. Some people also feel that the bidet water comes from the toilet tank.

Thus, in their view, this water is unsanitary for use. In contrast, bidet seats obtain water from the shut-off valves located next to the toilet, before this water reaches the toilet tank. Thus, you can rest assured about receiving clean water each time you visit the bathroom.

Myth #2: Modern Bidet Seats Can Be Difficult to Install and Might Not Fit the Existing Toilet

Manufacturers of bidet toilet seats product bidets in standard sizes and shapes. This makes them perfect for replacing most residential toilets. In fact, electronic bidets will not only fit conventional toilets.

They will also enhance the look of your bathroom. Moreover, installing these bidets can be quite simple. In the past, people looking for bidets would often need to install additional fixtures in their bathrooms.

However, modern bidets can replace the toilet seat and lid. In addition, they can use the same two mounting holes for remaining attached to the toilet bowl. Mounting brackets used for installing bidets need flat surfaces.

Thus, they will be easy to attach to all two-piece toilets and most one-piece toilets in Australian homes. Not surprisingly, many homeowners have taken to installing bidets all over Australia.

Myth #3: Electronic Bidets Will be Expensive and Tough to Use

Contrary to popular opinion, bidet toilet seats no longer feature exorbitant price tags. In the past, the only options on offer included various Japanese brands. These days, a number of affordable options exist.

People who require basic cleansing functions could opt for non-electronic bidets. Those who want to give their bathrooms a luxurious look and feel could buy the electronic versions on offer. It can be worth highlighting that operating bidet seats remains simple.

With faucet-type bidets, you would have needed to walk over to the bidet, crouch on it and adjust your body for the water to cleanse your posterior. In modern bidet seats, you will simply need to use the toilet and wash yourself. Hence, you will not need to walk to a separate fixture.

Whether you want a basic 101 modern bidet or a 501R, PristineBidet has an extensive range of bidets designed to suit your needs. Our range of bidet seats provide luxurious warm-water washes at the push of a button.

We design and manufacture our products in Australia keeping local consumer needs in mind. All our bidets go through rigorous quality checks to offer optimal value for your money. For more details on our products, click here.

4 Reasons Why The New Neorest Smart Toilet Is Right For Your Bathroom

Who doesn’t like a big slice of luxury in their homes – especially when you are having a bowel movement, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Toto’s Neorest range of bidet toilets provides clients with just that. They combine all the essential features that any cutting-edge smart toilet must have and then a few more like the Toto Washlet.

If you have been planning to get the latest bathroom installment in this line, this might be the first option to consider. Here are some key reasons why Neorest is ruling the roost in the Japanese smart toilets segment.

Top Reasons to Choose Neorest for Your Home

  1. It’s a Technological Marvel: The Neorest range of bidet toilets offers all possible technological comforts you could want. From an automatic lid to heated seating bidet toilet seats to a variety of wash modes to automatic deodorizer to a powerful warm air dryer and many more. Different models have different specifications and all of them offer a luxurious bathroom experience.
  1. It Looks Amazing: A key point in the Neorest range is that it is so simple and yet so elegant. The classic white design fits in brilliantly with almost all types of bathroom designs and aesthetics. Further, it can be cleaned with ease and retain its alluring white brilliance for many years. It is no wonder why this bidet toilet seat is such a smash hit with interior décor experts.
  1. It is Environmentally Friendly: If you have your finger on the pulse of the planet, then you will be proud to have a Neorest in your home. It has been built using the most environmentally friendly technologies and is a fitted flush mode minimizing wasted water. So, it provides another compliment to your other efforts in contributing to saving the planet. Not many smart toilets can offer the same.
  1. Fewer Cleaning Chemical Needed: With these products, you can now save money on your cleaning agents since they come with a bowel misting technology. This helps keep these toilets cleaner for much longer than any other variety of products. This means less money spent on cleaning and more time spent doing what’s important.

Where Can You Get the Best Neorest Smart Toilets in Australia?

If you are looking for the widest range of quality toilets for your home, then Mizudori Gallery is the best in all of Australia. Visit Mizudori Gallery or contact us now to find a toilet suited to your needs!

Thinking Of Buying An Electronic Bidet? Here Are Some Things To Know

So you’ve finally decided to get yourself an electronic bidet for your home. That would be one of the wisest investments you can make for your property. However, like many other purchases, you may have found yourself having second thoughts about buying this particular appliance.

That is quite understandable, especially if you haven’t used one before. So help you make a more informed decision, here are some things you need to know before making the purchase.

First off, an electric bidet can still wash your bottom after using the toilet with or without electricity. That is, the stream of water coming out of the nozzle is not powered by electricity.

Instead, this is powered solely by the water pressure from your home’s water supply. So if you can wash your bottom even with a non-electronic or a manual bidet like those from Coway, what’s the point of having an electronic bidet?

Well, the electricity dependent features of the seat is generally for the supporting operations. For instance, it is used to heat water thus providing warm water wash for both the front and the rear.

Along that line, it is also used to heat up the seat. These reasons alone are enough to convince most people, especially those who find cold water and a cold toilet seat rather uncomfortable. But there are many other features of an electronic toilet seat aside from providing warmth for the user.

Electronic bidets can have tons more of features compared to its non-electric cousin. The power allows you to raise or lower the seat, turn on/off a timer, respond to a remote control unit, and other convenience features that need a power source. Obviously, a non-electric bidet will have none of those features.

Because of those added features, you should expect to pay more for an electronic bidet. However, while the initial (and, sometimes, the installation) cost is typically higher, consider the long term.

For instance, if you can keep your bidet for 20 years (which is a pretty common average) then paying a few extra hundred dollars up front doesn’t look like a lot for all those extra features.

There are certainly many other benefits to having an electronic bidet seat. And if you’re interested in knowing more or need some help in choosing a bidet toilet seat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our friendly staff are knowledgeable about available bidet in Australia are always ready to answer any of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions On Bidet Toilet Seat

Do you plan to replace your old toilet seat with the latest bidet toilet seat? If your objective is to gather as much information about this modern toilet seat, here’s a list of questions to ask before you contact a reputable bathroom supplier.

Question #1 – Will the spray wand have direct contact with my private parts?

There is no chance the spray wand of latest models of toilet bide seats would touch your private parts. In fact, the only element that will have direct contact is the water sprayed to cleanse your most sensitive parts after using the bidet toilet seat.

Question #2 – Do I have control over the water pressure and temperature?

Yes, anyone using the innovative bidet model designed with adjustable water pressure temperature setting feature can do the necessary adjustment based on his or her personal preference.

Question #3 – Is the bidet toilet seat has a temperature control setting?

One of the awesome features of the Toto bathroom collections like the bidet toilet seat is the availability of temperature control setting on its seat. So, for winter months you can enjoy a warm toilet seat and turn off this heating feature during warmer months of the summer season.

Question #4 – Do all models of bidet toilet seats have temperature control of air dryer?

No, not all bidet toilet seat models have the control on airspeed of air dryer. Inquire with the representative of Toto bidet supplier is the model you plan to buy has this feature.

Question #5 – Will the latest bidet toilet seat perform better than my old toilet seat?

Definitely yes, you can distinguish from initial use of your newly bought bidet toilet seat the difference from your old toilet seat. In fact, you will achieve the highest level of cleanliness and will never have to worry about of running out toilet paper. Your bathroom experience with this upgraded toilet seat will only deliver positive feedback.

Question #6 – What are the health benefits of a bidet toilet seat?

The health benefits of a bidet are countless. Any member of the household will enjoy using this cutting-edge toilet seat will no longer complain of skin irritation because this toilet seat eliminates the need for using toilet paper. You have peace of mind that your private parts are thoroughly cleaned after every use of the bathroom.

Question #7 – Can the bidet toilet seat suitable for people with disability

Yes, most models of Toto bidet seats are designed for people with disability because this modern toilet seat lessens the need to reach out private parts when washing. So, if you have an elderly family member this toilet seat provides convenience and comfort.

Question #8 – Do I need to buy extra parts for installation?

No need to buy extra parts for installation because each purchase Toto bidet seat comes with everything needed to make it fully functional. The whole installation process is fast and easy provided you follow strictly the instruction manual.

Question #9 – Do I need an electrician for wiring installation?

If you have background on electrical wiring, no need to hire an electrician. However, for safety reasons better entrust the installation of wiring with a licensed electrician.

Question #10 – Where to buy in Australia?

If you only want to buy genuine bathroom products like the famous Neorest or Toto bidet toilet seat contact a representative at Mizudori and let them help you find the perfect bidet seat and forever change your bathroom experience.

5 Commonly Asked Questions about Bidet Toilet Seat

Despite the popularity of bidet toilet seat in Australia; many people are still oblivious to this bathroom fixture. As one of the leading experts for bidet in Australia, our experts at Australian Bidet have decided to demystify these smart toilet solutions. Let’s get started.

  1. What Exactly Is the Purpose of Installing an Electronic bidet?

An electronic bidet offers an excellent functionality to clean your body parts after you’re done using the toilet. They are a far more effective and eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper.

  1. Can A Bidet Toilet Seat Be Used For Other Purposes?

Bidets can be utilised for several purposes such as washing your private parts after having an intercourse, washing your feet or while shaving legs and so on. Many women also use an electronic bidet for hygiene during their menstruation periods.

A normal bidet functions quite similar to a sink except that it comes with an adjustable faucet. This enables you to adjust the direction of water jet. There are bidets that eject water in the upward direction. Some bidets are integrated into the toilet and use a little button to get to work.

  1. How to Sit On an Electric Bidet Seat?

You can sit either towards the controls or facing away from them. It all depends on the parts you want to clean. 

  1. Can You Control Pressure and Temperature of Water?

Probably, the biggest advantage of using an electronic bidet is that it allows you to adjust water pressure and temperature to suit you comfort level. Generally, there are three separate knobs for hot, cold water and pressure respectively.  However, in case of an integrated toilet, lower end models may not have adjustable pressure feature.  

  1. How Sanitary Is A Bidet Toilet Seat?

An electronic bidet toilet seat is undoubtedly one of the most hygienic bathroom products available anywhere. Bidets are proven to prevent common infections. We can assure you that after using an electronic bidet or Washlet, you’ll never go back to your regular toilet again.

To know more about our bidet toilet seats and other quality bathroom products, visit Australian Bidet, or get in touch with our experts today!

Toto Toilets Are Easy to Fit

There are many quality Toto toilets for homes around Australia to check out. These toilets provide homeowners with convenient features for improving upon how well people can stay clean while also reducing water usage.

But to make a smart toilet from Toto work, you have to ensure the setup is fitted properly. You don’t have to spend too much guesswork with getting a Toto washlet set up provided you use the right points for making the setup work accordingly.

Get the Power Cord Ready

A power cord is needed to allow the mechanical functions inside the bidet toilet seat to work accordingly. Your cord should be about four feet in length.

How Long Is the Seat?

The bidet toilet seat will vary in size depending on the model. A long seat will be 18.5 inches from the mounting holes to the front part of the bowl. A smaller Toto washlet would be 16.5 inches from those said holes. Be aware of this when getting your toilet installed.

How Wide?

Toto toilets are designed to have at least eight inches of open space from the center part of the toilet to the end of the flat surface. This means that the bowl should be around 16 inches wide at the least. You can consider this when finding a way to get a toilet to fit into a narrow spot in the bathroom. You can add an extra bit of room around each end to make the space more comfortable.

Is There a Curve?

The smart toilet should be fitted on a flat wall surface. The Toto washlet or toilet will not fit when you try to add it onto a curved wall.

Check on your bathroom to see how well you can get one of the many Toto toilets out there installed. Talk with Mizudori Gallery to see what you will get out of the fitting process and to identify a toilet that fits well with your bathroom’s needs.