Why Should You Invest In A Toto Bidet Toilet Seat? 3 Compelling Reasons

Bidet toilet seats are a very important part of the smart toilet experience. They are especially critical for people with special needs. They also provide some very important functions like sanitary attributes and heating. So, choosing the right one is important. If you do not know these reasons, read the following list:

3 Things That Make Toto Bidet Toilet Seats Important

  1. Heated Toilet Seats 

The first and foremost aspect of bidet toilet seat is the heating. That is arguably the most important thing about this smart toilet part. If you have senior citizens in your home or have some specific needs then a heated toilet seat may be just right for you. Make sure you check the model for your toilet before you make a purchase. Some models like the Neorest AH can only go with specific bidets in Australia.

  1. Contoured Comfort

Another great thing about bidet toilet seats is that they make the bathroom experience better by simply being there. Your body shape may be well suited to specific contours. Getting the right bidet in Australia can make a great difference to your whole bathroom experience and overall comfort. Make sure you also pair your smart toilet with a good Washlet for enhanced comfort and utility. You can also get a pair of these in a bargain at specific sale times round the year.

  1. Sanitation

Most modern bidet toilet seats include specialized sanitation technology. This means there are a lot fewer germs on your toilet seat than ever before. This is important for keeping away all kinds of illnesses and also making your bathroom experience a great one.

For those with specialized needs, this is especially important since it can prevent many kinds of illnesses and conditions. This is also important for maintaining proper hygiene and for homes with many residents; this can be a very crucial factor.

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3 Things That Make Toto Neorest the Smartest Toilets Ever

Toto is one of the leading smart toilet brands in Australia. One of the top models offered by the brand is the Neorest. This model has everything you can expect from a top-end smart toilet. It also comes at a price range which can fall into most mid to high level budgets.

If you are thinking of getting a Toto Neorest or its variation Neorest AH for your home, here are 3 things you should know. This list will give you the key aspects of the Neorest range and explain what it offers:

3 Important Features of the Toto Neorest Range

  1. Well-Contoured Seat

The Neorest boasts of a very well designed bidet toilet seat which is ideally contoured for most human rear shapes. This makes sitting on the Neorest a dream and you are sure to never experience any back problems. If you have senior citizens or someone with mobility issues, then the Neorest is the perfect investment for their convenience.

  1. Tornado Flush

Toto’s tornado technology has made quite an impression in the smart toilet market. The Neorest builds on the technology and makes things even better. It not only ensures a complete flush but also economizes the volume of water used. So, you get the best of both worlds even when you are using the Washlet or any other feature. This makes keeping the toilet clean much easier.

  1. Actilight® Sanitary System

Actilight® is another key feature for Toto’s premium smart toilet range. It brings bathroom sanitation to a whole different level. Basically, this is an ultraviolet light that greatly reduces the chances of bacterial growth on your toilet surface. This minimizes the need for additional cleaning and also makes that job a whole lot easier.

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3 Tips On Choosing The Right Toto Distributor In Australia

Toto is a trusted toilet brand in Australia. One of the biggest reasons for its popularity is that it offers customization Toto toilets. There are a number of toilet configurations which you can buy according to your needs. The parts that people buy most often are bidet toilet seats and Toto washlets in Australia. To get the best value for your money, you need to find a reliable Toto distributor in Australia. Here are some ways to find the right one for your needs:

3 Steps to Finding the Ideal Toto Toilet Accessories in Australia

1. Reputation

Finding a reputable Toto distributor in Australia is the first step you need to take for getting the right accessories. For this, you can go online and search for the best Toto distributor near you. Google should fetch you some results which you can then narrow down individually. Have a look at the catalogues of trusted distributors like Mizudori Galley to find out top quality parts you are looking for.

2. The Right Product Line

Different Toto toilets are compatible with different parts and product lines. You need to find the right one that can fit in your model. The best way to do this is to ask the distributor about the most common or popular Toto parts. They will probably tell you about some suitable options. But you can also do extra online research and find out more information. This will help you pick the right Toto Washlet in Australia to suit your needs and budget.

3. The Right Fitting

Once you have found the right Toto parts for your needs, you also need to get them fitted. Now, this is usually done by a designated expert. However, you can also do it on your own. With that said, you may not have the required knowledge or experience to fit a Toto bidet or Washlet. In that case, it is best to let professionals get the fitting done. This will ensure that you buy the right product and get it fitted so that they work properly.

Where Can You Get the Best Quality Toto Bidet and Toto Washlet in Australia?

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What make Toto Smart Toilet Range the Right Choice for You? Top 5 Features

Toto is a world famous manufacturer of high end smart toilets. It has a massive presence in Australia and has made a name for itself in the market for providing high-quality Japanese toilet seats of different varieties. Countless homeowners have introduced a Toto toilet in their bathrooms. If you are in the market for a smart toilet then Toto is undeniably a very good option. But, before you choose any of its fine toilets for your home, consider the most common features they sport. Here’s a list:


5 of the Best Toto Bidet Smart Toilet Features You Must Know


Heated Seats

The hallmark achievement of all kinds of smart toilets is the heated seat. This one will make you enjoy your bathroom experience no matter how low the thermostat dips. If you have elderly or sick persons in your home, then the heated seat is an even bigger blessing. A Toto Washlet with heated seat can help them relieve themselves without making them suffer cold rashes, cramps and other inconveniences.


Bidet Spray


While the bidet spray has been a part of toilets for some time now, there have been many new innovations in the field. Now, you can control the speed of the spray, the temperature of the water and many other things. This makes for a far more customized bathroom experience and helps you feel more comfortable.


Mode Settings


Even the most basic of smart toilet models offer mode settings. These are preconfigured settings that can be activated as per the individual using the Japanese toilet. Basic models offer at least two setting types while more expensive models will offer more. This can be a very useful feature as it does not require you to set your preferences when use you the toilet.


Voice Activation


The latest range of Toto smart toilet also has voice activation in them. So, all you need to do is say the pre-programmed word and your toilet will respond automatically. Voice activation is a more recent introduction to many Toto smart toilets and has been very well received. The technology can also be used to pre-configure certain settings.




Everyone who has any sense of social responsibility concerns themselves with their impact on the environment. Japanese toilets by Toto are designed to help conserve water and reduce the waste they produce. This efficient management of resources makes them a very welcome addition to any home where environmental conservation is a priority.


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5 Reasons to Have a Smart Toilet in Your Home

Smart toilets are something of a necessity in the world today. Whether you live in a one bedroom apartment or your own condo, having a smart toilet is a real treat. A high end bidet toilet seat enhances your bathroom experience in so many ways that most people who have them can’t really think of doing without them. If you don’t know about smart toilets or even a Japanese toilet seat for that matter, then there are a few things you need to know about them.


5 Great Things about Smart Toilets


They Are Incredibly Comfortable


Japanese toilets have been designed to fit the human form perfectly. They complement all kinds of body shapes perfectly and this makes for a much more relaxing bathroom experience. If you have senior citizens in your home, then getting a Toto bidet might be just the thing to make going to the bathroom easier for them.


They Are Ultra Stylish


The design of your bathroom is an important part of the overall decor and interior design aesthetic it offers. Having a Japanese toilet seat can really add a lot of value to it. In fact, real estate properties with smart toilets in the bathroom go for a lot more in the market. Even if you don’t want to sell your home, a quality bidet in Australia will be a fine addition to it.


They Are Customizable


Gone are the days when you could only hope to be greeted with a cold porcelain surface when you went to the bathroom. With the new range of bidet toilet seats, you can control a whole range of features and customize your bathroom experience. You can control the temperature of your Japanese toilet seat, the power of the bidet and everything else!


They Last a Long Time


A great thing about the smart toilets made by global brands like Toto is that they are very durable. So, when you invest in a Toto bidet smart toilet, you know it will serve you for years to come. This makes them a long-term investment and with the potential for upgrades at discounts, it is now possible to get just the right features that you want.


There Are Many Brand Options


Another great thing about smart toilets is that they can offer a number of brand option. This means you can get to choose from various brands. So, whether you want a top of the line or an economy model, whether you want special colours or designs, you have all the options you need at trusted suppliers like Mizudori gallery.


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Bidet Toilet Seat for People with Arthritis and Other Mobility Issues

Arthritis is one of the most prevalent health issues that plague the elderly folks in countries all over the world. In general, this health issue is related to joint pains, whether that’s in the knees, at the hips or other joints in the other parts of the person’s body. Those who suffer from severe arthritis can also experience pain, swelling, or redness in the joints. Sometimes, the symptoms are less painful, but it can still cause damage to your joints over time. Needless to say, these can make performing daily tasks challenging – even using the toilet.

Most toilets are small and cramped, and the limited space can make it difficult for people with arthritis to move around and clean themselves. Not only will the movement be painful at times, it can even be dangerous for those with poor balance. This can lead to a variety of other problems, most particularly improper cleaning. This in turn can result to a variety of infections which can be harmful to the person’s overall health.

Bidets Can Help

As can be seen above, using the toilet can pose some real challenges for people who are suffering from arthritis. There are some things that can help with this particular dilemma, and a bidet toilet seat is one of them. In fact, these toilet seats does not only help people with arthritis but other people with mobility issues as well. These include injured athletes, elderlies, and many others.

A bidet can help greatly in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. With a bidet, people will use water instead of toilet paper to clean their bottoms after using the toilet. This means that there is no need to move around just to wipe their bottoms. The water used for cleaning, especially when heated, is also more effective in cleaning. Furthermore, most bidets have an air drying function. All in all, using a toilet paper is no longer necessary, and this minimizes the amount of movement necessary to clean one’s self after using the toilet.

If you or your loved one is having trouble using the toilet because of arthritis or some other form of mobility issue, consider getting a bidet for your home. This is where we can help. As one of the leading suppliers of bidet in Australia, we have a range of products suitable for you. Feel free to get in touch with our staff by calling us at 1300 868 600 or 02 9698 5838. For a more personal service and to see our range of products, feel free to drop by our showroom located at 11 Joynton Ave. Zetland, NSW.

Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Or Non-Electric Bidet Seat: Which Is More Comfortable?

Are you planning to upgrade your toilet seat with a bidet? Bidet toilet seat models come in two versions; the electric and non-electric bidet. Can’t decide which is more comfortable for you? Well, this topic will give you detailed information on the pros and cons, installation procedure as well as the final verdict. So, let’s together discover each bidet for you to find the right match for your bathroom and toileting requirements.

Pros of Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

Electric bidet seats are becoming popular to most modern built homes, especially among those customers that are financially capable of purchasing an expensive model. Among the positive feedbacks of users of electric bidet seats include the following:

  • Availability of added features to match every user’s preferences
  • Access to a model with remote control
  • Add the warm water feature both on front and rear part of the bidet toilet seat
  • User-friendly both for left-handed and right-handed people
  • Electric bidet seats are easy to operate, especially for users with limitations of mobility
  • Adjustable nozzles to suits one’s preferred seating position
  • Air dryer feature is possible eliminating the need for toilet paper
  • Fit any existing toilet model

Cons of Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

Similar to the famous Toto washlet an electric bidet toilet seat has also some drawbacks such as:

  • Higher electric bill because the electric bidet seat is powered by electricity
  • Prices of electric bidet seats are more expensive than a non-electric bidet
  • Not all electric bidet models can fit nicely on any standard toilet

Pros of Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

Another bidet toilet seat that you can choose is the non-electric model. This particular model will be advantageous to a customer with limited funds but wish to upgrade an old toilet seat. Some of the pros that the non-electric can offer to users are:

  • Can fit on any model toilet
  • Cheaper price
  • Offer the same hygienic just like an electric bidet model

Cons of Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

  • Non-availability of remote control
  • No added features
  • More complicated to use
  • Struggle in adjusting the water pressure
  • Some models of non-electric bidet toilet seat have no adjustable nozzles
  • The user will need a longer time to get used to a non-electric bidet

How each bidet toilet seat installed?

The installation procedure for each bidet toilet seat is different. For electric bidet models, you will need the services of a licensed electrician to ensure the electrical outlet is correctly installed. Aside from that if your bathroom layout has no existing nearby power outlet to connect the electric bidet changes may be required to accommodate this bidet model.

A non-electric bidet is a lot quicker to install and may not need the assistance of an electrician because it’s not powered by electricity. However, if you prefer having warm water for your non-electric bidet, then, you need to connect the hot water system to a sink.

Which is the most suitable bidet for you?

Purchasing a bidet can be quite challenging. Finding the right model needs careful assessment of users’ toileting needs, budget and comfort preferences. If you will take into account a model that can offer a high level of hygiene both models can guarantee proper cleaning of your private and sensitive body parts.

If you have the luxury to splurge on a high-end bidet like the trusted Toto Neorest, then, choose an electric bidet model. If you have a limited budget the non-electric bidet could be your best bathroom piece to level up your bathroom experience.

For more selections of various bathroom products from electric bidet toilet seat models down to the most expensive brands such as Toto Washlet and Toto Neorest visit the official website of Mizudori.

What Is the Best GPF Total For a Bidet Toilet Seat In Australia?

Today’s Australian homes are doing what they can to help with keeping from using too many resources at a time. A Neorest AH bidet toilet model can be a worthwhile item for any home in Australia to add. Part of this comes from how such a bidet toilet seat can use less water on average than most other models.

But what is the ideal gallons per flush or GPF total to have in a bidet toilet seat? You should look at how well a washlet Australia model works for you based on how the material can flush and how well waste items can be cleared out of a space.

A Typical Total

The good news about today’s Neorest AH bidet toilets and other smart toilets is that they use a significantly lower amount of water than older toilets. Many old toilets around Australia can use about two to three gallons of water per flush. Modern smart washlet Australia models can use around half that total.

A newer bidet toilet seat can work at about 1.2 to 1.5 GPF on average. Part of this is thanks to factors like:

  • Toilets working with a higher water pressure total for moving waste out


  • A larger drainage port for getting items out without producing clogs


  • Smooth toilet surfaces that prevent things from being stuck


  • Premisting may help on some bidet toilet seat models to get waste to move out faster

What About Dual-Flush Options?

You can also find some bidet toilet seat models that come with dual-flush settings. Such a design works with separate settings for solid and liquid wastes. A partial flush of about 0.7 to 0.9 GPF can work alongside a full flush of 1.4 to 1.6 GPF.

Check on the GPF total on your next bidet toilet seat purchase so you can ensure your toilet won’t use more water than necessary. Mizudori Gallery can assist you in finding a choice that fits your space the right way.

What Makes Vitreous China Materials Helpful For a Bidet Toilet Seat?

Toto Bathroom -Toto Bathtub

Have you consider the material that your Japanese toilet seat might be made with? You can find various Toto bathroom toilet models that made with vitreous china materials. This is an intriguing ceramic option that ensures your bidet toilet seat will last for years to come and will not experience lots of fatigue that could hurt your space.

The Basic Concept

Vitreous china works on a Japanese toilet seat with a unique layout. In this case, a ceramic material works for the base of the toilet. The design will typically entail porcelain, although any other ceramic compound may be used in getting a Toto bathroom toilet ready.

The ceramic compound has to be fired or heated to its current form. After that, the vitreous china enamel coating can be applied over the ceramic surface.

The coating is a clay-based material that is similar to what you might find out of traditional china materials in your home. The design produces a firm body that lasts for years and creates a powerful space that will not crack or experience more pressure or stress than what your area might be comfortable with handling.

What Makes the Coating Special?

Vitreous china is needed for a bidet toilet seat in that the coating will make the ceramic surface stronger. The surface produces a dense body that will not crack or experience fatigue. Also, the seat will create a shinier look. This is a part of why vitreous china is used for so many toilets and sink basins alike. The surface helps with making the design a little stronger and more powerful.

You will be impressed with how well vitreous china can make your Japanese toilet seat firm and sturdy so it can last for years. Talk with Mizudori Gallery for more information on how such a seat can work for your high-end bathroom.

Power Consumption of an Electric Toilet Seat

One of the best things about using a washlet or bidet toilet seat is eliminating the need for tissue paper. This can help a typical family cut their expenses and use the money for other and more important things. It is also considered to be a great help for the environment. Not only does eliminating the use of toilet paper reduce the need to cut down trees from our dwindling forests, but also helps reduce the carbon footprint produced in manufacturing them. That said, using these devices can certainly be considered good for the pocket and Mother Nature.

But what about its electricity or power consumption? Doesn’t the use of an electric toilet seat negate all the cost and environmental benefits that it promotes?

It is true that electric bidet seats uses electricity in order to operate. The seat warmer and onboard water heaters do use electricity to heat the seat and the water. It is also necessary for the dryer like the one found in Pristine 202 to generate warm air for drying. Luckily, these features only use a minimal amount of electricity in order to function. In addition, electric bidets have several features that can further make them more energy-efficient.

For instance, the seat warming and water heating function can be adjusted to various temperature and settings. Needless to say, the lower the temperature being used, the lower the electricity consumption will be. Some electric bidets also have a dedicated “Power Saving” mode as part of the preset setting. Or if you feel that you don’t need to use any of these heating functions at all, then you can simply turn them off. The latest bidet models also have tankless water heating systems will reduce their electrical draw even more.

Electricity draw is the main consideration when it comes to how much power an electric bidet seat will consume. That said, the users’ settings will have a significant role to play in this regard. By putting the user settings to power or energy saving mode, you can reduce the amount of electricity that the bidet uses or consumes.

All in all, an electric bidet’s use of electricity does not negate its cost and environmental benefits. Although it uses electricity, the amount is minimal and can even be further reduced by toggling the settings. Also, the user’s settings can be adjusted so that the electric bidet will only consume power when it’s in use. That said, electric bidets are still the best option for those who are looking to make their toilets more cost-efficient and environment-friendly.

For more information, contact Pristine Bidet.