Bidet Spray Why people prefer Electronic Bidet as compare to Non – Electric Bidet

First time users may have a fear of using an electric bidet because it’s powered by electricity. For the safety of users, the manufactures of bathroom products like electric bidets have integrated apparatuses like thermal fuses for safety measures. Apart from the safety features, electric bidets are also designed to help people with disability, pregnant women, elderly and those with health problems (hemorrhoids, constipation) become more comfortable using them. The controlled water high temperature feature of electric bidet seats prevents incidents of burns and scalds.

In comparison to non- electric bidet, electric bidet are so popular in many places because they are simple to incorporate in bathrooms. Many manufacturers will have different fitting or mounting options, but standard bidets can be installed simply by attaching a hose connection and fixing the seat over the toilet.

After this, a deodorizer will help you with keeping odours out. An electric bidet will use a cartridge or other unit to neutralize the odours produced within the bidet space. This will identify odour particles and collect them to wear those points out before they can produce even more annoyance in a space. But you must look at how well the toilet bidet spray works so you will feel comfortable with the setup.

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3 Coway Bidet Seats for Your Home

Coway is a major supplier of smart toilet products and accessories in Australia. It has a number of products on offer including washlets, bidet sprays and heated toilet seats. Today, we are listing some of the most popular options for buyers looking to have heated toilet seats in their bathrooms. These include the best customer rated and also from luxury to economy.

They are sure to provide you a great bathroom experience. If you get one of these, you can be sure it will serve your home for many years. Here are 3 of the most popular Coway heated toilet seats on offer in Australia:

3 Best Coway Heated Toilet Seats Options in 2019

  1. Coway BA 15E Bidet

If you want to include one for the latest technologies in your bathroom, then the Coway BA 15 E bidet seat is the right choice for you. This model comes packed with all kinds of features which you can boast of. From top notch cleaning technology to heated toilet seats to eco mode, it is truly an innovative model.

Moreover, it has some keen features like easy installation and user friendly controls which make it a must buy. Pair it with top-range accessories from Coway and you have the perfect smart toilet in your home.

  1. Coway BA 08 Bidet

If the Coway BA 15 E bidet stands for quality and excellence, then this smart toilet bidet seat stands for high-end innovation. The best brands in this market segment offer top-quality bidet options. With BA 08, heated toilet seats are an obvious inclusion.

However, the product goes even beyond. It has many great things like self-cleansing, auto power saving mode, space saving design and many other things. Needless to say, this is a great choice for any kind of home.

  1. Coway BA 13

Coway is not just coming up with new models for its heated toilet seat bidet range. It is also upgrading older ones. The BA 13 has been in the market for many years now. This bidet has many of the classic features which made Coway popular over the years.

Now, this model comes with enhanced features that will suit any modern smart toilet home. Be sure to check out these features before you make an actual purchase.

Where Can You Get the Best Smart Toilet in Australia?

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3 Must-Have Features for Every Smart Toilet

Smart toilets are among the most important inventions in the 21st century because of one simple reason. They make our bathroom experience far more satisfying than anything before them. There are so many models and options out there now that it can be really difficult to choose the right one.


Leaving aside the ones that contain hoards of unnecessary features, there are some features that all smart toilets must have. Here is a short list of these features to help you find a smart toilet that suits your needs.


3 Essential Features Every Smart Toilet Must Have


Heated Toilet Seat

Have you ever felt the dread of sitting on a cold as ice toilet seat during winter? Well, you are not the only one! Smart toilets offer heated toilet seat which means that there is no longer any need to suffer from the cold exposure.

This is particularly good for older people who might have real problems sitting on cold toilet seats. So, if you have some old parents or grandparents at home, getting a smart toilet with a heated toilet seat is a good idea.



A remote controlled Washlet is the essence of a good quality smart toilet. A temperature controlled Washlet with variable spray speeds is the essence of a great smart toilet model. In short, your toilet needs to have some sort of a Washlet to qualify for being called a smart toilet. This feature makes life incredibly easier by making washing way easier. At the same time, it also helps conserve the environment by reducing the need for toilet paper.


Bidet Spray

While washlets make your existing toilet smarter, bidet sprays can help you bring this functionality to your bathroom without having to install anything on your existing toilet. In other words, the bidet spray is a great addition to any bathroom since it allows people to wash themselves with ease.

This means that even if the Washlet malfunctioned for some inconceivable reason, you have a backup. Further, some people prefer using bidet sprays instead of washlets and having this option can be a great way to cater to all types of individuals.


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