3 Outstanding Tips for Choosing the Best Smart Toilet for Your Home

Smart toilets are a part of every modern technologically advanced home. They can significantly improve the bathroom experience and provide some amazing amenities. These include things like bidet sprays and heated toilet seat. If you want to get a smart toilet for your home, then here are some tips for you:

3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Smart Toilet for Your Home

  1. Product Line

The first thing to consider is the product line. The model you choose will determine what features it has. Now, there might be many similar offerings with specialized features. So, you need to consider which bidet toilet you want to get. Well established bidet shops like Australian Bidet stock a huge range of products from some of the most renowned brands including Toto, USPA and Kohler.  What’s more their experts can also help you choose the right smart toilet or bidet seat to fit your needs and budget.

  1. Fitting 

Fittings matter a lot since you need to get your smart toilet fit out done as well. So, you need to find the right installation expert who can get the job done. But before even making the purchase, you should consult with them on the fitting ease.  Professionals at reliable bidet shops are always happy to help their customers.

  1. Price 

The money should be the last factor to consider since smart toilets pay for themselves in the long run. Some models such as eco lines also save water and electricity. Others might have features like antibacterial lights. So, you get the benefit of saving money while also enjoying a great bathroom experience.  Smart toilets from leading brands like Toto and Kohler are extremely durable and long-lasting, and can help you save some serious money in the long run.

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3 Things That Make Coway Different From Other Smart Toilet Brands

Coway is a popular brand when it comes to smart toilets in Australia. They have a huge variety of products on the market. From full scale smart toilets from luxury to eco ranges to individual toilet modifications. The second types of offerings are probably what set Coway apart so much from other brands.

Here are some of their most unique market offerings. You can use these to modify your existing toilet and convert it into a smart toilet. Make sure you understand compatibility factors before a final purchase.

3 Key Things Coway Offers for the Smart Toilet Range

  1. Washlet

Coway washlets come in many types and options. They have a very high quality standard and can be configured for different functionalities. They are also compatible with a wide range of toilets including standard ones and smart toilets. This makes them a great choice since they can be easily purchased and installed by homeowners as well. But if you don’t know how, get a professional plumber for that.

  1. Bidet Spray

Bidet sprays are among the most popular Coway smart toilet accessories. They make the bathroom experience a whole lot more convenient. They can also be replaced pretty easily and scaling up doesn’t cost a lot. So, if you want to get something new for your smart toilet, then this will be the right option. Bidet sprays are more complicated than washlets, so get a pro to have it fixed in.

  1. Heated Toilet Seat

Heated toilet seats have really revolutionized the way people look at the bathroom experience. They are essential in colder climates to avoid skin rashes and keep you from freezing that hip up. Coway offers one of the best heated toilets seats in Australia. They have cross brand compatibility and come in a wide range of price options.

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4 Important Benefits Of Getting A Smart Toilet

Smart toilets have become something of a staple in the global bathroom industry. They are quite popular in Australia for the benefits they offer. You might have seen brands like Coway and Toto in your friends’ house or at your local bidet shop.

Now, many people do not know what benefits these advanced smart toilets actually offer. If you want to buy one, then you need to understand how they can benefit you. Here are 4 advantages you can expect from them.

4 Benefits of Getting e Smart Toilets for Your Home

  1. Easy Installation

When most of us consider installing anything new in our bathroom, we imagine ripped out tiles and exposed plumbing. But with smart toilets, you can be sure it’s going to be nothing like that. Installing smart toilets from leading brands like Coway is incredibly easy. You can have it done in your home in a couple of hours.

  1. Better Cleaning

For those among us who don’t fancy toilet paper, smart toilets are a real blessing. They use warm water which means they are more efficient all round. For many, the warm water is also a worthy substitute for paper since it is soothing and relaxing. You will need a good Washlet or bidet spray to get the most from it.

  1. Environment-Friendly

If you want to be environmentally conscious, then getting a smart toilet is a great move. These units have a very high waste efficiency rating. Since they do not use toilet paper and many come with eco wash and sanitation features, they offer superior environmental friendliness. This is why you’ll find these smart toilets in most homes.

  1. Medical Benefits

Bidet sprays have really improved global bathroom hygiene standards. They are environmentally friendly but also offer the benefit of better health benefits. Dry paper does not clean as thoroughly as bidet sprays. They are also hard to handle especially for older people who may not be a wipe properly. So, smart toilets are a great advantage.

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3 Must-Have Features for Your Smart Toilet

When it comes to the most reliable smart toilet brands in Australia, Coway comes at the very top. It offers a wide range of options to clients depending on their budget and needs. The best thing about Coway is the cutting-edge features it offers at an affordable price tag.

If you want to get your smart toilet modified, then Coway might be the right fit. But you need to know the features it offers before you go visit a trusted bidet shop. Here is a list of the Coway features you can get for your bathroom:

3 Essential Smart Toilet Features by Coway

  1. Heated Toilet Seat

This is the most popular smart toilet feature in Australia especially among the elderly. A heated toilet seat can give you a little piece of luxury that pays much more than it demands. Coway is one often the most popular brands for smart toilet modifications with heated toilet seats. If you have one of these in your bathroom, every experience is sure to be satisfying.

  1. Washlet

Washlets have been a staple of the toilet market for years. With the advent of smart toilets, the technology has grown as well. Now, Coway is offering all kinds of washlets which can greatly enhance your bathroom experience. There are plenty of models available and they go with most popular toilet brands. But to be safe, you should get a consultation before you make a purchase. After all, installation is crucial.

  1. Bidet Spray

Bidet sprays are another popular choice for Coway users. The company offers plenty of options for different clients. They have specialized bidet sprays for the elderly and young children as well. Of course, you should ask a professional the exact one which will fit your smart toilet and your needs. Bidet sprays also come with multiple types and functions. So, you can select the ones which give you the best features without overshooting your budget.

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Australian Bidet is one of the leading bidet shops in Australia. We offer a wide range of products that can fit all types of budgets. With us, you do not need to worry about meeting your needs on even the tightest budgets. We also liaise with installation experts and this can make your entire shopping experience a breeze. For more information, visit Australian Bidet today!

5 Things You Should Know About The Bidet Spray

Are you still curious about the bidet spray? If you are having apprehensions on whether to buy this piece of bathroom product or not yet, why not read the following things that you may not be aware of the advantage of installing it at your bathroom. Here’s the list for your convenience and hopefully help you in the decision making.

Guaranteed personal hygiene

Using toilet paper alone doesn’t guarantee you achieve a high level of cleanliness after toileting. With the bidet spray personal cleaning is made possible. How? This powerful device can thoroughly wash your private parts, both front and rear.

Reduce irritation

Did you know that using a bidet spray can help reduce irritation, particularly around the rectal area? Yes, unlike wiping your rectal with toilet roll wherein spread of bacteria is relatively high the bidet spray can clean your private parts without causing skin irritation or itchiness.

Money Saver

Bigger savings are expected when you invest in a bidet spray. According to the bidet shop representative, installation of a bidet sprayer completely eliminate the need for toilet paper, plus you have control on the amount of water flow while washing your private parts. This is indeed a deduction on your total expenses for ditching toilet roll including water bill.


As mentioned, the bidet spray eliminates the need for toilet paper when cleaning your private parts. With this, you end up spending less time in cleanings yourself because the bidet spray is very convenient to use. In fact, cleaning the private parts can be done faster with a bidet spray than the use of toilet roll. This is probably the reason why the bidet sprayer is becoming popular in most households.

Extremely durable

A branded bidet spray can provide longer service life. So, if you are on the lookout for a great deal invest on one and expect to enjoy its high level of cleansing performance for years. Of course, for a bidet spray to last longer proper care is required.

Where to buy bidet spray in Australia?

Australian Bidet is a registered provider of all kinds of bidets including add-on parts like the bidet spray. You may visit their official website or contact their bidet shop representative for more information about the types of bidet spray devices including pricing.

Different Types of Bidet and Washlet

Buying a bidet or a washlet is not a light decision, especially when you consider how much it costs. That said, it is important that you know exactly what it is you want and learn as much as you can about that product before you put any money down for it. Along that line, you need to familiarize yourself with the different types of washlets and bidets available.

Bidet Toilet Seats

A washlet or bidet seats is installed over a regular toilet and replaces the original or existing ordinary toilet seat. The Pristine range of products are examples of these devices and are available in round and elongated shapes. They will fit most residential toilets, unless you have a toilet with a square bowl or unusual shape.

These offer a variety of features depending on the model that you choose. For instance, a basic bidet seat like the Pristine 101 has heated seats and energy-saving features but lack other amenities like remote control, warm air dryer, deodorizer and others while high-end models like the Pristine 501R will have all of these and more.

Stand-alone Bidets

Stand-alone bidets are not actual toilets and are thus not used as one. That is, they are not used nor designed for waste removal. Instead, stand-alone bidets are used for cleaning one’s bottom after using the toilet. That said, they are basically a separate unit and are installed beside a regular toilet bowl. It does have (more or less) the same features as that of a bidet, depending of course on the model of the stand-alone bidet in question.

Portable Bidets

Portable bidets are nothing like the washlet or stand-alone bidets that were discussed earlier. They are basically a combination of a small bottle with a bidet spray or a tube and nozzle attached. Because they are portable, these devices are perfect for persons who want to enjoy the benefits of using a washlet while they are in the workplace or travelling, or people who want to try the experience of using a bidet without having to buy one at the moment. Using these devices are easy: simply fill the bottle with water and spray away.

Depending on the manufacturer or who you ask, there may be more types of bidets and washlets available. Nonetheless, knowing the three mentioned above should help you get started with your search for the perfect bidet or washlet. If you need more information regarding these products and electric bidets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

3 Reasons to Invest In USPA Smart Toilets for Your Home

Hi tech toilets with features like electronic bidet toilet seat and bidet spray are among the most popular bathroom instalments in the world today. Using innovative technology, they deliver a far superior bathroom experience than any conventional toilet ever could. Armed with electronic bidet toilet seats and an assortment of other technical innovations, USPA and other smart toilet brands are every homeowner’s pride.

With that said, you also need to know which features you want and which you can do without. The list of features which a swanky top-tier USPA smart toilet has will be too long. So, we are going to stick with the basic features that you should get with your smart toilet.
Essential Features to look for in an USPA Toilet

1.    Electronic Bidet Toilet Seats

Electronic bidet toilet seats the highly popular for one simple reason – they can make your bathroom experience extremely convenient. Depending on the model or type of USPA toilet you buy, you can get any kind of features you want.

There are a number of features you can get but you will always have bidet seats in there. This essential feature is what really makes smart toilets worth the money. You can also have changes within the model itself. For example, heated seats are incredibly popular and are always worth the money.

2.    Bidet Sprays

Bidet sprays are an integral part of USPA smart toilets. In fact, this is the first innovation made in this field. However, there have been a lot of advancements made on this front as well. For example, if you have a remote controlled enabled toilet model, then you might be able to change the water pressure and temperature as well.

If you want to have these facilities, it would be wise to select a reliable toilet supplier like Australian Bidet. Also, the quality of the bidet sprays is important. Consider looking into their maintenance requirements and how easily they are replaced.

Where Can You Find the Best USPA Smart Toilets in Australia?

Australian bidet provides the widest range of USPA smart toilets in Australia. We offer not just the most well-known toilet brands in the market but also attractive offers for making the right purchase at an economical price. We can help you choose a toilet to effectively meet your present as well as future preferences and needs. Browse through our catalogue to find the right toilet solution for your needs right away!


Heated Toilet Seat or Bidet Spray: How to Choosing the Right Features for Your Toilet

Smart toilets are a perfect example of how technology is enhancing our lives at every turn. With high end features like heated toilet seat and bidet spray, these toilets certainly bring an entirely new world to the whole bathroom experience. And whether you are a stick-to-the-basics kind of guy or you prefer a little bit of luxury in your home, everyone can appreciate the great experience a washlet or a bidet offer.

However, choosing the right smart toilet is a confusing task. There are plenty of options and brands out there. So, here are some things you can do to select the right toilet for your home.

3 Essential Features Every Washlet Must Have

1.    Heated Toilet Seat

Ever since smart toilets arrived on the market, the annoying coldness you need to feel every time you sit on your toilet in winter has become a non-issue.  A heated toilet seat provides the perfect comfort you need to have a wonderful bathroom experience in any season. Now, heated toilet seats are a standard for almost all smart toilets and as such, you will not find many toilets that do not offer this facility. So, if you are going to choose a smart toilet for your home, this feature is a must.

2.    Bidet Spray

While bidet sprays are available with standard western toilets as well, the ones that come with smart toilets have their own unique place. They allow for a number of preferences and modifications that you can manage with a remote. Because of this, using a bidet spray becomes easier for everyone including children and the elderly. So, your chosen toilet must have a bidet spray to go along.

3.    Washlet

In addition to standard features, a high tech washlet for the number of innovative features. Especially for those who have trouble reaching around to use a bidet spray, a washlet can provide the ideal solution. Investing in a washlet is a good idea if you have elderly persons in your home. Also, in case of any unfortunate accident you will be able to rely on the washlet to make your bathroom experience easier.

Where Can You Find the Right Toilets and washlet for Your Needs?
Australian Bidet offers top-quality bathroom solutions including washlet in Australia. Whether you are looking for a top-of-the-line model or you want essential functions like heated toilet seat and bidet spray within a modest budget, we can help you make the right selection. Browse through our online catalogue and contact us now to get the perfect smart toilet for your home!


Why Cold Winters Demand Heated Toilet Seats and Smart Toilets

Smart toilets are no doubt the way of the future. Heated toilet seats, in particular, have changed the way people view their bathroom experience. This is very important as it adds a layer of convenience and luxury for everyone. For those who are reaching the age of senior citizens, heated toilet seats are a real blessing. So, if you are planning to get a smart toilet for your home, here are some benefits which may help you make the right decision.

 Do You Need a Heated Toilet Seat in Your Home?

  1. Have a Comfortable Bathroom Experience

Feeling the chilly surface of a toilet seat at the height of winter is the last thing anyone would call a pleasant experience. This problem is particularly big for people who have sensitive skin like children or the elderly. So, getting a smart Toto toilet with heated toilet seats is a sound investment for such households. Having this luxury will not cost you much and save much in the way of skin rashes from exposure to cold. Considering the economical pricing of some of the more basic models, this is a luxury which is affordable for almost everyone.


  1. Get a Range of Other Benefits

Toto toilets are not just known for their heated toilet seats. They also come with a range of other features which make them a great addition to any home. For example, the bidet spray can make cleaning up after a bowel movement much easier and hassle-free. You can even set the specifics of the bidet spray as you like using the remote you get with your smart toilet.


  1. Get a Cutting-Edge and Beautiful Bathroom

A great thing about Toto toilets and other smart toilet brands is that they can fit into most popular bathroom design aesthetics. This makes them a great addition in all bathrooms which blends in nicely with the walls and other bathroom décor. Also, these toilets come in a number of colours so you can purchase the one which suits your needs the best.

 Where Can You Find the Best Smart Toilets with Heated Toilet Seats? 

Find the right Toto toilets for your needs from us. Australian Bidet provides one of the widest ranges of smart toilets with heated toilet seats in Australia. View our catalogue now and find the right toilet for your home!

How Well Can a Sensor Work On an Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat?

One of the most exciting things you’ll ever see in an electronic bidet toilet seat is an appealing sensor. This feature triggers some intriguing points in a washlet Austraila homeowners will appreciate. The sensor will activate a seat-heating feature. The unit can also get the toilet seat to rise up and then go back down on its own. You should notice how well such a sensor can work when you get the surface ready.

Where Is the Sensor Located?

The sensor on an electronic bidet toilet seat is found on the bottom part of the front on the toilet. This may be seen around the spot that links the seat with the outside part of the basin. You can notice this feature by looking at a small black spot. The space should be where the sensor goes.

What Does the Sensor Identify?

You will notice how easy it can be for you to get a sensor to work in moments. Try it out at a bidet shop, and you’ll see how well it can identify things. In particular, the sensor will notice cases where the mass around the surface starts to build up. The mass would have to be large enough for the sensor to pick up. That mass should come in the form of a person who is about to use the said washlet.

The sensor will see that someone is coming up based on the mass that comes by and then open up the toilet seat. The seat may also be heated depending on the setting you utilize. The bidet spray can also be automatically positioned based on the spot you have programmed. The unit will then turn everything off and close the seat down when the mass goes away.

Can It Work All the Time?

A sensor on a washlet Australia homes can use should work quite well. However, you might have to wash off the sensor surface and clear off any bits of dust on the space. This is to give the sensor a clear view of what is coming about in a spot.

You can get an electronic bidet toilet seat to work for you in a few moments thanks to the convenient sensor that a model comes with. Ask Pristine Bidet about how well the sensor feature can work for you and how helpful it can be for your sanitation demands.