How to Choose the Right Bidet Shop in Sydney? Top 3 Factors to Consider

Choosing the right bidet shop for your needs is very important since it essentially defines your bathroom. Further, if you choose the right shop, you will also get a ton of other benefits like possible discounts, easy installation through affiliated companies and so on.

Also, smart toilets require maintenance from time to time. So, choosing the right bidet shop becomes extremely important for obvious reasons. If you do not know how to do this, here are 3 things you should consider:

3 Factors to Consider While Choosing an Ideal Bidet Shop 

  1. Variety

Options are always awesome since they give you the power to choose. Now, with trusted bidet shops like Australian Bidet, you should be able to exercise a lot of power. There should be enough options within your range and budget but also some which help you explore further. The number of options a bidet shop offers should go over and above your expected smart toilet considerations.

  1. Availability 

Online bidet shops are great. But physical shops are important too. Ideally, a reliable smart toilet retailer should have both. They should also have most of the popular smart toilet models on site. This will help you examine them and their features like heated toilet seat personally. This is important because if you need to get the right feel before you make the purchase.

  1. Additional Services

Additional services matter a lot when buying a smart toilet, and so do additional accessories. That’s why going for a well established bidet shop that can provide you with all these additional items makes good sense. In fact, if you are on a tight budget, choosing trustworthy experts like Australian Bidet can really help you save up. So, check if your bidet shop offers these benefits.

Where Can You Get the Best Smart Toilet Bidet Shop in Australia?

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4 Important Benefits Of Getting A Smart Toilet

Smart toilets have become something of a staple in the global bathroom industry. They are quite popular in Australia for the benefits they offer. You might have seen brands like Coway and Toto in your friends’ house or at your local bidet shop.

Now, many people do not know what benefits these advanced smart toilets actually offer. If you want to buy one, then you need to understand how they can benefit you. Here are 4 advantages you can expect from them.

4 Benefits of Getting e Smart Toilets for Your Home

  1. Easy Installation

When most of us consider installing anything new in our bathroom, we imagine ripped out tiles and exposed plumbing. But with smart toilets, you can be sure it’s going to be nothing like that. Installing smart toilets from leading brands like Coway is incredibly easy. You can have it done in your home in a couple of hours.

  1. Better Cleaning

For those among us who don’t fancy toilet paper, smart toilets are a real blessing. They use warm water which means they are more efficient all round. For many, the warm water is also a worthy substitute for paper since it is soothing and relaxing. You will need a good Washlet or bidet spray to get the most from it.

  1. Environment-Friendly

If you want to be environmentally conscious, then getting a smart toilet is a great move. These units have a very high waste efficiency rating. Since they do not use toilet paper and many come with eco wash and sanitation features, they offer superior environmental friendliness. This is why you’ll find these smart toilets in most homes.

  1. Medical Benefits

Bidet sprays have really improved global bathroom hygiene standards. They are environmentally friendly but also offer the benefit of better health benefits. Dry paper does not clean as thoroughly as bidet sprays. They are also hard to handle especially for older people who may not be a wipe properly. So, smart toilets are a great advantage.

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4 Awesome Advantages Of Bidet Toilet And Washlet

Are you curious about the advantages that using a bidet toilet or washlet could bring? For those of households not yet installed with a smart toilet like the bidet or washlet, the following advantages I shard below will definitely convince to invest now on a trusted brand. So, give this topic a good read to enjoy a truly functional bathroom.


Anyone using the bidet toilet or washlet for the first time will totally agree with me the huge difference when it comes to achieving a maximum level of personal hygiene. Yes, one of the distinct features of a bidet toilet according to the bidet shop representative is its efficient cleansing nozzles that give the user the chance to thoroughly cleanse his or her front and rear private parts. The cleansing nozzles are designed to emit a powerful jet of water and target the private parts that require proper washing. The final effect to the user after using the bathroom is a feeling of freshness.


We all desire to experience comfort while using the bathroom. A bidet toilet or washlet installed inside your bathroom is one of the surest ways to achieve this goal. Why? The bidet toilet including washlet units has special features that will make any users feel comfortable like a heated seat, air-dryer, auto-flush and night light sensor for night use. Some models even come with remote control for easy access to elderly people including people with disability.


What can a bidet toilet or washlet do for the environment? Well, with the installation of a bidet toilet or washlet the need for toilet paper is reduced. Imagine if every household invests in a bidet or washlet that is equivalent to decreased of toilet paper usage. With less consumption of toilet paper, this means more trees are saved in this process. Besides, bidet toilet or washlet can also help lessen a household’s water usage. How? The auto-flushing system integrated on premium models of these smart toilets can literally save gallons of water per flush. Plus, the fact that anyone no longer needs to use toilet paper for cleaning his or her private parts, means only one thing water usage is reserved for other purposes.

Relieve users of pain due to medical conditions

Among the biggest advantages that the usage of bidet toilet or washlet could bring to a user is relieve the level of pain of some medical conditions like arthritis, hemorrhoids as well as post-surgery pain. For example, a person that recently had a surgical procedure would find the use of a bidet toilet more comforting than an ordinary toilet with its special features like cleansing nozzles, air-dryer or heated seat.

Have you finally discovered the good things that a smart toilet like the bidet toilet or washlet can offer to you and your loved ones? If you want to know more about the different types of bidet toilet or washlet go and check Australian Bidet, a reliable bidet shop in Australia selling branded bathroom products.


5 Features To Look For A Bidet Toilet Attachment

One of the options to consider when upgrading your traditional toilet is a bidet toilet attachment. If you have decided to go for this particular model of smart toilet, might as well use the following features as reference while you shop around for the best bidet toilet attachment.


Dual cleansing function

One of the must-have features to consider when shopping around for a bidet toilet attachment is the cleansing function. Bidet attachments come in various models with most of them having a dual cleansing function. If you want good value for your money, choose a bidet attachment that can provide cleansing both for the posterior and feminine private parts. You may also ask the bidet shop representative about the adjustable cleaning nozzle for convenient washing of every member of the household.


Adjustable water temperature setting

As mentioned bidet toilet attachments are designed with different features. You may come across a bidet toilet seat attachment with heated seat, whereas other cheaper bidet models may not have this particular feature. According to the bidet shop representative the perfect bidet attachment must at least have a heated seat, adjustable water temperature setting and air dryer. Why? Aside from comfort, having these features will surely improve your bathroom experience.

Water pressure adjustment

Another important feature that you should take look into when scouting for the best bidet attachment is the water pressure. It’s crucial that the bidet model you buy has access to water pressure adjustment to suit every user’s water pressure preference. Adjustable water pressure will make washing of any user with haemorrhoids or undergone surgery procedure more comforting and less irritating on the skin.

User-friendly operation mechanism

Some of us delay the purchase of a smart toilet seat like the bidet attachment because of fear of complex operational requirement. Bidet toilet attachments are designed to be user-friendly, meaning the control buttons are easy to operate. In fact, some high-end bidet attachments come with handheld remote control for easier operation.

Self-cleaning nozzles

Last on the list of features to consider when buying a bidet toilet seat attachment is the self-cleaning nozzles. Why? This will make toilet cleaning effortless because the self-cleaning nozzles will be responsible in ensuring the highest level of cleanliness ins achieved after every usage.

Have you finally chosen your bidet toilet seat attachment? If you have limited budget, inquire with the bidet shop representative about the basic bidet attachment. However, if you can afford a high-end bidet, then, why not aim for a bidet with add-on features such as automatic night light, self-closing lid and air dryer. If unsure on what is the best bidet for your bathroom contact the bidet shop Australian Bidet, a trusted distributor of top quality bathroom products in Australia.

How A Bidet Toilet Help Women During Pregnancy And After Child Birth?

Bidet toilets are popular to households due to many reasons such as comfort and the highest level of personal hygiene. These modern toilets have become the indispensable devices in bathrooms because they upgraded the bathroom experiences of the user after toileting. Did you know that among the greatest benefactors of a bidet toilet are women during pregnancy and after giving birth? Yes, this modern toilet provides a soothing effect to any of the problems that women have to deal with during pregnancy and postpartum.

  • Reduce discomfort due to hemorrhoids

Pregnant women may develop hemorrhoids during the pregnancy stage and can be truly discomforting. With the growing baby inside the womb, plus gained weight the pregnant woman’s pelvic areas may experience too much pressure, eventually resulting in hemorrhoids. When this happens, a pregnant woman may struggle during bowel movements and strain the pelvic area. But, with the use of a bidet toilet according to a bidet shop representative, it can reduce the occurrence of hemorrhoids as it eliminates the need for toilet paper. We all know that toilet paper can cause irritation to the sensitive part, particularly to hemorrhoids.

  • Ease mobility

A pregnant woman’s tummy can decrease mobility which makes a frequent trip to the bathroom an ordeal. A bidet toilet resolves mobility issue with its amazing features such as the self-cleaning of front and back private parts, air dryer and heated seat.

  • Maintain the feeling of freshness

Pregnant women can experience excessive vaginal discharge. According to the bidet shop representative, the cleaning nozzle of a bidet toilet can tremendously cleanse any amount of vaginal discharge, giving a pregnant woman a feeling of freshness.

  • Prevent incontinence

Incontinence can occur during the last trimester of the pregnancy because as the baby grows the added weight cause pressure to the bladder, leading to urine leakage. Although, use of pantyliner can quickly resolve this problem a bidet toilet is the best solution to ensure personal hygiene is met at maximum level and lessen skin irritation.

  • Soothe the peri-anal area

A bidet toilet comes very handily after childbirth, especially at the peri-anal area which can experience soreness due to stitches. How? The special features of a bidet toilet such as the adjustable water pressure can be adjusted to ensure no pain is felt while cleansing the peri-anal area.

Are you now convinced that a bidet toilet can bring comfort to a woman during pregnancy and after childbirth? If you want to reward your expectant wife with a bidet toilet visit the official website of Australian Bidet, a reliable bidet shop in Australia. Browse in the comforts of your home their wide range of bidet toilet seats including USPA remote controlled bidets.

For more information, contact Australian Bidet today.


What Is The Construction Of A Smart Toilet?

Have you ever heard somebody mentioning about the latest bathroom product “smart toilet”? A smart toilet can be also referred as the innovative toilet while others call it the shower toilet, automated toilet, tankless and a lot more. Whatever name or terminology people associate with the smart toilet it should have the same construction features. Here’s what to look when it comes to the built and overall appearance of a smart toilet.

  • Tankless

A smart toilet can be built without the conventional tank. It’s often designed to be tankless wherein water needed for flushing is predetermined and released only via computer-aided valve. The models of this particular built of smart toilet are fully automated either with remote control or computer-aided. The advantage of a tankless smart toilet is no need to worry about leaks in the future or replacing the flushing valve.

  • Multi-functional bidet toilet seat

Another style and built of a smart toilet that is becoming popular to homeowners with limited budget is the multi-functional bidet seat. Its physical appearance consists of a toilet seat with cover, plus the vital parts that will make it fully operational such as heated seat, sensor light when night, self-cleaning nozzle, remote control and a lot more features.

  • Bowl itself serve as the tank

One of the construction designs of a smart toilet is the bowl itself serves as the tank. This type of construction has its vital parts squeezed inside the bowl. How is that possible? Its built resembles the old toilet seat we are used and bowl is made from ceramic material. The only thing that makes it a standout from an ordinary toilet is the flushing performance. It surpasses the flushing capability of an ordinary toilet.

  • Side control panel

According to the bidet shop representative, a smart toilet outsmarted the traditional toilet when it comes to performance. If you are looking for a toilet that will provide greater comfort the smart toilet is the best bathroom product to invest. Most of the construction composition of smart toilet models come with side panel control operated through remote. Imagine everything you need from cleansing your front and back private parts down to drying can be done by just clicking the right button on the control panel. Toileting has been easy and convenient with the use of a smart toilet seat.

  • Fancier remote control

Do you want to go overboard with your smart toilet? You have the luxury to invest on a higher end design and built wherein the smart toilet can be customised with a remote control, similar to your car’s dashboard with LCD screen. Ask the bidet shop representative about customisable modern toilets with fancier built.

  • Shape and size

The construction of a smart toilet can vary due to shape and size. If you prefer an elongated shaped smart toilet seat, you can choose from a wide variety of models with multi features. Or, in case you want a bigger size bowl the choices at a reputable bidet shop are massive. You just need to know what built you prefer that will fit nicely inside your bathroom space.

Do you want to know more the different models of smart toilets? You may visit the official site of Australian Bidet and browse their latest bathroom collections. Or, you can leave a message and their customer representatives will provide answers directing you on your first purchase of a smart toilet seat.


Bidet Shop: Best Buying Guide For First Time Buyers

Is this your first time to buy a bidet toilet seat? If yes, one of the common issues that first time buyers encounter when it comes to the purchase of a smart toilet like the bidet toilet is lack of guidance on what to look in a bidet toilet seat.


This is a major factor to consider when investing your money on a bidet toilet seat, price. Why? Prices of bidet toilet seats vary depending on their features. So, if you are tight on budget the price will have an impact on your final decision on the brand or model to buy. Be sure to scout for better deals and stay within your allotted budget to avoid overspending. If your money can only afford the basic model of bidet toilet seat, go ahead and make a final purchase. However, if you are prepared to spend more on a high-end bidet toilet seat model, then, do so with a happy heart. After all, at the end of the day it’s your final say that will matter most during the buying process.


When it comes to functionality of a bidet toilet seat it all narrows down to one thing the features. Does the bidet toilet seat you are eyeing has self-closing lid? Or, perhaps the unit you want comes with a remote control. Whatever features a bidet toilet seat claims to offer, do a thorough inspection. You can ask the guidance of the bidet shop representative about technicalities including the operational instruction of your chosen bidet model.

Let’s say you want a bidet toilet seat with adjustable nozzle, heated seat as well as air dryer, don’t hesitate to confide these concerns with the bidet shop representative. You may also do online research and check reviews made by satisfied users to know their personal experiences while using the bidet toilet seat.


Aesthetics refer to the overall appearance of a bidet toilet seat, design or style. Keep in mind, not all bidet models are alike. Each model can have many add-on features that you can’t find on a basic bidet toilet seat. Of course, a pricey bidet toilet seat will surely surpass an ordinary toilet seat and impress a first timer. When looking from a wide range of bidet collections ask the bidet shop representative the difference on each model to know what you are paying for.


Compatibility refers on your existing toilet seat. If you have an elongated shaped toilet seat any bidet toilet seat model can fit nicely. But, if you have a branded toilet seat such as the compact one-piece toilet, then, this could be an issue during installation. The recommendation of the bidet shop representative is to know first your existing toilet seat shape and size, then, inquire the best bidet that will go with it to avoid wasting money.

The most suitable bidet toilet seat isn’t hard to find if you have the right information. If undecided on what to buy for your bathroom space in Australia, visit the official website of Australian Bidet and let their experts guide all throughout the selection and buying process.

5 Things You Should Know About The Bidet Spray

Are you still curious about the bidet spray? If you are having apprehensions on whether to buy this piece of bathroom product or not yet, why not read the following things that you may not be aware of the advantage of installing it at your bathroom. Here’s the list for your convenience and hopefully help you in the decision making.

Guaranteed personal hygiene

Using toilet paper alone doesn’t guarantee you achieve a high level of cleanliness after toileting. With the bidet spray personal cleaning is made possible. How? This powerful device can thoroughly wash your private parts, both front and rear.

Reduce irritation

Did you know that using a bidet spray can help reduce irritation, particularly around the rectal area? Yes, unlike wiping your rectal with toilet roll wherein spread of bacteria is relatively high the bidet spray can clean your private parts without causing skin irritation or itchiness.

Money Saver

Bigger savings are expected when you invest in a bidet spray. According to the bidet shop representative, installation of a bidet sprayer completely eliminate the need for toilet paper, plus you have control on the amount of water flow while washing your private parts. This is indeed a deduction on your total expenses for ditching toilet roll including water bill.


As mentioned, the bidet spray eliminates the need for toilet paper when cleaning your private parts. With this, you end up spending less time in cleanings yourself because the bidet spray is very convenient to use. In fact, cleaning the private parts can be done faster with a bidet spray than the use of toilet roll. This is probably the reason why the bidet sprayer is becoming popular in most households.

Extremely durable

A branded bidet spray can provide longer service life. So, if you are on the lookout for a great deal invest on one and expect to enjoy its high level of cleansing performance for years. Of course, for a bidet spray to last longer proper care is required.

Where to buy bidet spray in Australia?

Australian Bidet is a registered provider of all kinds of bidets including add-on parts like the bidet spray. You may visit their official website or contact their bidet shop representative for more information about the types of bidet spray devices including pricing.

6 Care Tips For Bidet Toilet

Bidet toilet units cost more than the traditional toilets. This is why every household with a newly bought bidet should practice proper care and maintenance to prolong its service life. Here are six care tips that can be applied for bidet toilet seats.

Tip #1 – Avoid adding too much force when closing the bidet toilet lid

Every member of the household using the bidet toilet seat must be properly oriented on the correct way of closing the lid and seat. Adding too much force isn’t a good idea because it may cause breakage to the bidet toilet mechanism. The correct way to close the bidet toilet after every usage is to allow it naturally to close on its own.

Tip #2 – Replace carbon filters when necessary

According to the bidet shop representative, carbon air filters of bidets service life may vary due to the level of usage of users. Expensive bidet toilet units carbon air filters are designed to last longer or during the entire service life. Replacement can be made as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. However, you will know when it’s time for replacement when the carbon air filters aren’t functioning well.

Tip #3 – Use only recommended cleaning products

The exterior part of a bidet toilet seat should be cleaned regularly. The bidet shop representative suggests customers to comply strictly with the cleaning products mentioned by the manufacturer such as water and clean cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach because it can cause fading or cracking. If you feel that water isn’t enough, try mixing one part of vinegar with three parts of water.

Tip #4 – Pay attention to the nozzle during general cleaning

Every bidet toilet has a nozzle. When doing general cleaning be sure to pay attention to the nozzle because this part has high exposure to germs and bacteria. You can use a soft bristle brush or old toothbrush to clean thoroughly the nozzle. Cleaning of the nozzle can be done at least once a month. You may clean the nozzle often if the bidet toilet has heavy usage.

Tip #5 – Clean the bidet toilet seat underneath

The bidet toilet seat underneath is also prone to waste accumulate, especially if you have children in the household. For you to be successful in removing the stubborn waste residue left underneath the bidet toilet seat read first the manufacturer’s instruction to ensure you won’t cause any damage to its mechanism.

Tip #6 – Inspect the water hoses

Among the parts of the bidet toilet that requires inspection are the water hoses. The bidet shop representative recommends yearly check on the water hoses. If you noticed bulging on water hoses this confirms that they need replacement. You may contact your bidet shop representative for availability of parts replacement.

There you have it some of the useful tips that can be applied to your bidet toilet. If you want to purchase a new bidet in Australia contact now the bidet shop representative at Australian Bidet, a trusted one-stop seller for all your bathroom products and replacement parts.


Why Choose A Toilet Seat Bidet Over Standalone Bidet?

Do you want to upgrade your toilet? If you are can’t decide between a toilet seat bidet and standalone bidet this topic will give you further enlightenment regardless you are renovating the bathroom or constructing a new house.

Reason #1 – No tricky plumbing system

If you don’t want to trouble yourself with the whole idea of having to redo the entire plumbing system, go for the toilet seat bidet rather than the standalone bidet. Why? The toilet seat bidet won’t require changes on your existing plumbing. All you need is attach the connecting valve with your existing plumbing system. It will save you money from getting the services of a plumber, plus enjoy a functional smart toilet in just a few minutes.

Reason #2 – Quick installation

Any DIYer can install the toilet seat bidet without waiting for the assistance of an expert. Unlike the standalone bidet that may require more hours for installation the toilet seat bidet can replace your old existing toilet seat. You just need to follow the instruction guide provided by the bidet shop representative. With a standalone bidet, you may need to tear down the existing plumbing and replace it with a new one.

Reason #3 – Cost-effective

If you are on a budget but wish to improve your bathroom experience the toilet seat bidet is a lot cheaper than the standalone bidets sold at a bidet shop. Smart toilet seats also have awesome features that standalone bidets possess. Among the features include a heated seat, water temperature setting and air dryer.

Who to contact for the purchase of bathroom products in Australia?

If you are looking for a trustworthy bidet shop in Australia selling top quality bathroom products like smart toilets and bidets PristineBidet can be of assistance. Call now one of their customer representatives to learn more about their latest bidet collections.