3 Outstanding Tips for Choosing the Best Smart Toilet for Your Home

Smart toilets are a part of every modern technologically advanced home. They can significantly improve the bathroom experience and provide some amazing amenities. These include things like bidet sprays and heated toilet seat. If you want to get a smart toilet for your home, then here are some tips for you:

3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Smart Toilet for Your Home

  1. Product Line

The first thing to consider is the product line. The model you choose will determine what features it has. Now, there might be many similar offerings with specialized features. So, you need to consider which bidet toilet you want to get. Well established bidet shops like Australian Bidet stock a huge range of products from some of the most renowned brands including Toto, USPA and Kohler.  What’s more their experts can also help you choose the right smart toilet or bidet seat to fit your needs and budget.

  1. Fitting 

Fittings matter a lot since you need to get your smart toilet fit out done as well. So, you need to find the right installation expert who can get the job done. But before even making the purchase, you should consult with them on the fitting ease.  Professionals at reliable bidet shops are always happy to help their customers.

  1. Price 

The money should be the last factor to consider since smart toilets pay for themselves in the long run. Some models such as eco lines also save water and electricity. Others might have features like antibacterial lights. So, you get the benefit of saving money while also enjoying a great bathroom experience.  Smart toilets from leading brands like Toto and Kohler are extremely durable and long-lasting, and can help you save some serious money in the long run.

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Smart Toilet Features: Adjustable Water Temperature And Pressure

Smart Toilet

More and more people are starting to realize the many benefits of having and using a smart toilet. From improved hygiene to ease of use and of course – not to be forgotten – enhanced toilet comfort.

Smart toilets have a variety of features that allows for these conveniences; however, not all have the same features. Despite the similarities, the designs and features may vary from one brand to another, and one model to the next. For instance, manufacturers may offer smart toilet with adjustable water temperature and pressure, while others may not.

Adjustable Water Temperature

It is common to see smart toilets that have a hot water function, which is actually one of the reasons why many people buy such appliances in the first place. There are also manufacturers who couple this function with the ability to adjust the water temperature.

This is very helpful for many people who have very specific needs and requirements. So during the warmer months of the years, you can lower the temperature so that it is cool and refreshing. During the colder months, you can turn the heat up for a more comfortable clean.

Adjustable Water Pressure

Another smart toilet feature you’ll want to have is an adjustable water pressure. This allows you to change the pressure setting into one that you are most comfortable with. However, not all smart toilets and bidet in Sydney offer the same adjustment settings.

There are some that have a fixed range of water pressure setting, while there are others which may provide you with a wider option of pressure settings. And the best part is that you can change these settings accordingly even when you’re already seated.

But why would you want this feature? Well, this feature is actually very helpful for the elderlies and people who have be suffering from certain conditions. Such conditions include hemorrhoids, anal fissures or fistulas, and other similar health problems.

At times when you are vulnerable and sensitive, the last thing you want when you go to the bathroom is to have water at a high pressure hitting your bottom. You can adjust the water pressure to one that provides relief and helps stop any discomfort, swelling, inflammation, and irritation.

These are the two most common adjustable features in most washlet and smart toilets. And fortunately these features need not cost you any more than what you intended to spend on the appliance.

It’s possible to find smart toilets with adjustable pressure options even if you are trying to stay within budget. Just look around or talk to an expert at Australian Bidet and you’re bound to find a feature-laden smart toilet that won’t break your bank account.

Image Credit – Australian Smart Toilet Bidet

Integrated Toilet and Toto Washlet: 3 Reasons to Have One Installed Today

An integrated toilet or a Toto Washlet is a great tool to drastically improve your personal hygeine and lead a healthy disease-free life. No wonder these smart toilets are gaining a lot of popularity in Australia these days. That being said; despite being aware of the amazing benefits of integrated toilets and washlets, many homeowners still don’t give them a try because of high cost.

However, high cost of smart toilets is just a misconception as nowadays you can easily get a perfect toilet well within your budget range. For instance a Toto Washlet can be easily installed on your existing toilet at a fraction of cost of the complete unit.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should get a Toto Washlet for your bathroom.

  1. Unrivalled Hygiene: Toilet paper can never match the cleanliness and functionality of a Toto Washlet. You can easily find a number of studies online proving this fact. There’s always some dirt left behind when using a toilet paper. Though invisible to the naked eye, these tiny particulates can never allow you to feel completely clean and fresh. Additionally, while using a toilet paper, you have to actually take your hand near the cleaning area which can increase the risk of infection. The good news is that just by installing a Toto Washlet; you can avoid all such problems.
  1. Safety: Most people do not understand the importance of safety when it comes to using their toilets. The truth is that human faeces contain all kinds of bacteria and other microbes that are enough to make anyone get seriously sick. A Toto Washlet or an integrated toilet can help you achieve a high level of hygiene, and thus, protect you and your loved ones from a number of infections.
  1. High-Tech Functionality: Most people nowadays love their gadgets more than anything else. Integrated toilets and washlets are jam-packed with sophisticated features, and offer that futuristic gadgetry look and feel to the owners. There is an intuitive remote control to operate most of the functions. There’s dryer, deodorizer, warm water, adjustable pressure and self cleaning nozzles and so on. This is a dream come true for any gadget lover who believe that technology can make a world of improvement in our lives.

For more information on integrated toilets and washlets and how you can too reap their amazing benefits without exceeding your budget, visit the leading specialist – Australian Bidet today!

6 Tips to Care for Your Toto Washlets

At Australian Bidet, a lot of our customers want to know how to keep their Toto Washlets and toilets in tip top condition. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to keep any integrated toilet or Toto washlets in perfect condition and to increase their lifespan.

Any Toto Washlet or an integrated toilet is designed in such a way so that every single component can be removed and cleaned without any hassle. For everyday care and maintenance, you can use following guidelines.

  1. Use dish washing solution (diluted) on a soft damp cloth and thoroughly clean the toilet surface. Use it to wipe the surface of toilet seat, main unit and lid
  2. After wiping the surface, rinse it with water.
  3. The toilet seat and lid are designed to be easily removed and
    So, don’t use excess pressure during routine cleaning as lid or seat might come off.
  4. Many of the components in a bidet are made of plastic. And plastic can get scratches on wiping it with a toilet paper or dry cloth. So, make sure the cloth is soft and damp.
  5. Toto washlets run on electricity. Be extra careful when cleaning your Washlet with water.
  6. Keep all the sensors including motion detecting sensors, remote controller and seat sensor clean for optimum functionality.

If you’re still not certain about upgrading your toilet, below are some of the reasons why you should consider getting an integrated toilet or bidet.

  • If you want to save water and trees, and contribute towards the environment.
  • If you’re aware that with traditional toilets and paper, you can never achieve absolute cleanliness and hygiene.
  • If you love technology and automation.
  • If you or anyone in your family members is suffering from haemorrhoids.
  • If pregnancy has made it hard for you to carry out your routine bathroom tasks.
  • If you’re suffering from constipation.
  • If you don’t like the ice cold sensation of toilet seat in winters.
  • If you’re suffering from certain conditions, injury or disability that has made using your toilet a painful exercise.

In all such cases, a smart toilet is godsend for people. For more guidance or to buy from the widest selection of Toto washlets and toilets in Australia, visit Australian Bidet immediately.