Softwiring Overview

Softwiring or commonly referred as the “plug and play” is a type of electrical wiring method that licensed electrician prefer due to its easy installation approach. If you are planning to redo the entire wiring system of your home, office or commercial space, here are a few things you need to know about Softwiring.

Introduction to Softwiring

Softwiring is the simplest type of electrical wiring that allows electricians to work on cables underneath flooring or in the ceiling. This method of electrical wiring installation is less time consuming, safe and permits rewiring for future expansion.

Benefits of Softwiring

  • Can be installed and reconfigured quickly than other methods
  • No need to disassemble existing wiring system
  • Safer in every sense because this type of wiring system has the capacity to match heavy usage without resulting to break down.
  • Every used component are re-useable
  • Flexible because it allows the cables and sockets to snap together, ensuring a secured fit-out.
  • Even a complex installation can be done in a straightforward manner due to minimal parts used.

How is the installation process?

Softwiring installation process promises faster turnaround because the licensed electrician will only focused on installing starter sockets. Then, start plugging at one end of the interconnecting lead to the starter socket. The other end plugs are plugged to the GPO socket, then, to the second interconnecting lead into the other socket on the GPO. This process saves electricians time because they can pull ordinary cables through workstations including hard wire.

Are there concerns on Softwiring?

Since the Softwiring is a very straightforward “plug and play” installation, the Electrical Trade Union (ETC) has shown greater concern on how people view it as something that doesn’t require the installation of an expert electrician. Even though this type of electrical wiring installation is less complicated the bottom line is you should be completely aware of existing law mandated in your state that requires the installation to be done by a licensed electrician. For example, in the Victoria States under the law, the completion of softwiring in a facility must be fully signed by an electrician to ensure it complies with safety standards. So, inquire with your local authority the law governing on softwiring and conference box installation to avoid violations and delays on your electrical wiring installation project.

Who to contact if in need of softwiring installation?

If you are situated in Australia and have plans to upgrade your office old electrical wiring system to modular wiring (softwiring), go and visit the official website of dpg-formfittings and let their experts guide in as you choose from a variety of softwiring solutions that will match your workstations need.


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