Should You Choose Offset or Digital Printing for Banner Stands and Other Display Materials?

Generally, there are two main methods employed by printers when it comes to printing banner stands and other display materials. Some shops offer offset printing while others offer digital printing. Many shops though are capable of offering both services. But which of these two printing methods should you opt for? To know the answer, it is best to take a close look at both types of printing methods.

The traditional offset printing method does have its advantages. For instance, it does a great job when it comes to colour matching with the addition of special inks. These results to precise colour matching for corporate logos that require dramatic effects (like metallic hues for instance). This is one reason why many businesses choose offset printing for their banner and pull up stands.

However, it should be noted that this can be quite expensive as well. This is because offset printing is labour-intensive. There are plates to be prepared, the application of the finish, and the drying time. It also takes longer to complete given all the processes involved. It typically takes about two weeks or more to print banner stands and other display materials.

On the other hand, digital printing takes a shorter time to complete and is a more affordable option. Once the design is checked for quality and is ready, it is sent to the printer for printing. Usually, it takes about two to three days to complete a whole project or printouts. Thus, if you are in a rush and need your pull up stands right away, digital printing is worth considering. Because of this rather straight-forward process, digital printing doesn’t cost as much as offset printing does.

So between offset printing and digital printing, which is the better option? The answer would actually depend largely on your own personal or business requirements.

For instance, if you’re banner stands require the use of special inks, substrates and finishes, then choose offset printing. It gives you great colours and finish and has this high quality and luxurious look. Digital printing can produce great looking printouts as well for banner and pull up stands. However, they won’t stand out against those printed with offset printing. If you are short on budget and time, digital printing is the best option to go for. For the price, the quality of the printout is still worth it.

Whatever you choose, you need to make sure that you hire only reputable printers for the job. This will ensure that no matter what printing method is used, you’ll still get great–looking and wonderfully crafted banner stands, pull up stands or other display materials.


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