Sheet Metal Manufacturing Works For Metal Items of All Gauges

One measurement you might come across when looking for sheet metal manufacturing services entails the gauge of your metal. This refers to how thick your metal is.

The gauge on your sheet metal is an approximate measurement of how well the metal is designed. The gauge is used as an international measurement standard to identify how well your sheet metal is built. You can use this measurement total when getting a laser cutting service to help you with producing an application that fits well with your demands in mind.

Lower Numbers

The lowest gauge numbers are indicative of your sheet metal being thicker. The smallest gauge number is the 3 gauge. This means that the sheet metal is 0.24 inches or 6.1mm thick.

The 4 gauge is for metal that is 0.224 inches or 5.7mm thick. You will then move up to other numbers with the 8 gauge stating that the metal is 0.1644 inches or 4.2mm thick and so forth.

Higher Numbers

Your sheet metal will be thinner when its gauge number is higher. This means that a laser cutting service would have an easier time cutting through the metal, but it might also be extremely flexible to where it could be damaged if not handled appropriately. A 20 gauge means that the metal is 0.036 inches or 0.9mm thick.

The highest gauge number in the sheet metal manufacturing industry is 38. This means the sheet metal is 0.006 inches or 0.15mm thick.

What About Other Metals?

The numbers listed here are specifically made with standard sheet metal in mind. Be advised that any other type of metal you use could have its own gauge numbers, but their totals would follow a different standard.

For instance, standard sheet metal with a gauge of 15 has a thickness of 0.67 inches. For galvanized steel, that thickness goes up to 0.071 inches. It would only be 0.04 inches for zinc.

You must look at the gauge on your metal when working on a sheet metal manufacturing project. Contact Premier Engineering if you need extra help with finding sheet metal or other surfaces at a gauge that fits your project or laser cutting needs.

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