Services Offered By Aged Care Sydney

Aged care is a vital industry, providing assistance and dignity to elderly residents. The core services which should be offered by all aged care Sydney are accommodation, daily living needs, and personal hygiene. They will also offer access to a range of health practitioners, pharmacies, and other medical or therapy professionals. Different residents will have differing needs for their care and medical requirements. Quality aged care nursing homes will provide all of these services and access to a wide range of activities and other services.

Accommodation in aged care Sydney will include the resident’s room, the essentials inside it, and access to common spaces. A resident’s room needs to have appropriate furnishings and bedding as well as utilities and toiletries. The care will also include daily tasks such as cleaning and meal preparation. Depending on their individual condition, residents of aged care nursing homes will also have access to services for personal care and hygiene.

Aged care Sydney residents at Residential Gardens in Rooty Hill will have access to high-quality living spaces with all of the furniture and accessories for comfortable living. Our quality aged care nursing homes have access to a wide range of professionals including:

  • General practitioners, hearing, dental, and podiatry.
  • Physical therapists, dieticians, and other therapy professionals.
  • Pharmacies and medication assistance.
  • Sanitation and continence support.

To learn more about the range of services offered in Rooty Hill aged care nursing homes, contact Residential Gardens.

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