Safety Gear Required for Construction Sites

The construction industry is a big one, and vital to development in Sydney. With so many tasks from building, repairs, alterations, fit-outs, demolition and more, there are a wide range of risks needing adequate safety gear. The risk is only amplified by the number of people involved in the projects. Employers and workers need to manage these risks by using the appropriate construction safety equipment Sydney.

According to SafeWork Australia, every year dozens of Australian construction workers suffer fatal injuries, and many more are seriously injured. During construction works, various pieces of construction safety equipment Sydney are required to prevent these tragedies. Some main pieces include:

  • Eye protection – damage can come to the eyes in many ways, safety glasses will project against small projectiles and chemical injuries from splashes. Full face shields will be required when grinding or chipping materials to prevent severe injury.
  • Earmuffs – a lot of construction equipment is very loud. Safety gear like ear muffs is required when the noise exceeds harmful levels (about 85dB over a prolonged period).
  • Respirators – these cover the nose and mouth and contain a filter to prevent dust from being inhaled. Inhaling large amounts of dust or fine particles can be disastrous for lung health.
  • Hard hats – with many people and machines working around you construction safety equipment Sydney like hard hats are needed to prevent head damage from falling objects.

There are many other specialised pieces such as welding masks and chemical gloves. To learn more about safety gear in Sydney, visit AA Safety.

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