Routine Maintenance Tips for Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Like with all appliances and machines, commercial refrigeration equipment needs to be maintained and kept clean in order to operate effectively. Proper and frequent maintenance tasks and cleaning will go a long way to prevent breakdowns or other damage. These disruptions could interrupt business operation and lead to foods spoiling during breakdowns, which is never desirable. Refrigeration from expert cold room manufacturers like Channon should be easy to keep clean, and servicing can be performed quickly by fully qualified and experienced mechanics.

Follow these basic tasks and checks to keep your commercial refrigeration equipment in top condition:

  1. Regular and thorough cleaning – this prevents build-ups of mold or dirt which can contaminate food. Removing dirt or debris around the door may also improve the seal, reducing power consumption considerably when less cold air escapes.
  2. Keep the condenser and evaporator coils clean – these coils are found in units likely behind covers and will be marked on the unit. Cleaning the coil inside will keep the cooling mechanism efficient; maintain the correct temperatures for safe food storage.
  3. Checking the door seals for damage – door seals on commercial refrigeration equipment are called gaskets, and it is vital to check these for damage regularly. Damaged gaskets will let cold air out and raise the internal temperature, leading to spoiled food. If they are damaged, licensed technicians from cold room manufacturers can replace them.
  4. Cleaning the drain pans – these are collection areas for grime from the fridge, so cleaning is important for hygiene. Also check the connecting tubes for any signs of blockage.

In addition to regular and proper cleaning regimes, fridges should also be serviced in accordance with the cold room manufacturers’ recommendations. These will likely be included in warranty information. Refrigeration specialists Channon can design manufacture and maintain commercial refrigeration equipment, contact us for more information.

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