Rollup Banners Need Bases That Are Easy to Handle

Although a rolling banner is ideal for many trade show displays, you have to see what will happen when you roll up the banner after you are done using it. Your banner needs to come with a base that allows you to quickly roll it up and keep the banner in its place when you are not using it.

A Solid Metal Body

Rollup banners can use bases that feature solid metallic bodies. A strong metal base creates a sturdy body that houses the banner material and will keep it from being hurt by any outside forces.

A Little Wider

The base may be slightly wider than the banner itself. A base could be a few millimetres wider than the fabric. This offers enough leeway for getting the banner to move into the base well enough. You should still try to roll the fabric into the base as evenly as possible just for your protection.

A Roller Works

A small roller material may also be found inside your base. This feature for trade show displays allows for a gentle motion to work when getting the base to move along. As the roller works, the banner will gently move in or out of the base. This keeps the roller from suffering from abrasion from not being guided in and out well enough.

A Secure Cover May Be Included

A cover can also be added on top of a base. This is to be added when the banner is fully inside it and needs to be protected. Rollup banners can be hurt by humidity or dust. Having a cover on a base keeps those two issues from getting in the way when producing a quality banner.

Be aware of what you can do when getting rollup banners for your display. A great cover should be used to help you keep the presentation you have secured right. Check with Swift Display to see what types of banners can work for your trade show displays and how bases can be used on them.

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