Residential Lighting Design Tips for Each Room of Your Home

When redesigning a room, one of the best things to improve is the lighting. Good residential lighting design will make the tasks a room is designed for easier and also add visual appeal. When looking for new lighting for your home, it is important to consider all the options for lighting and what will best serve the specific room. Mases lighting, one of the best lighting stores online can provide many lighting options and help you decide the best for your home.

Living Areas:

Living rooms serve a wide range of purposes so the lighting needs to be just as varied, it is often one of the most important rooms in residential lighting design. The array of lighting fixtures

The arrays of lights that can be used include downlights to cover the room as a whole and a decorative pendant to accentuate main areas such as the dining table. Chandelier lights may also be a good choice for living spaces, being visually appealing while creating a warm and cosy feel.

Once the room has sufficient ambient light, your residential lighting design can be improved with spotlights or lamps to highlight artworks or provide ample light for work or reading.


Residential lighting design in bedrooms is very different from the rest of the home, bedrooms will need warmer tone LED lights and lower intensity to be comfortable and restful. They will also make strong use of task lightings such as lamps for reading and grooming tasks.

Kitchens and Bathrooms:

Both of these rooms are somewhat similar in their residential lighting design needs. Kitchens and bathrooms need a lot of light to make spills noticeable and meal preparation easier, strong ceiling lights are typically used for this role. Kitchens may also have strip lighting under cabinetry and decorative pendants over island benches. The best lighting stores online will also have heater options for bathrooms, a necessity for comfort in the colder parts of the year.

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