Residential Builders Guidelines

Beyond building codes and local regulations, both contractors and their customers
have long sought measurable benchmarks that deal with the expectations of
performance in the goods and services provided by the residential construction
industry. Although codes and regulations address matters of health, safety, and
welfare, matching a consumer’s expectations entails having objective criteria
regarding performance. Upon this premise, the Residential Construction Performance
Guidelines were developed and refined to offer achievable minimum levels of
workmanship for the products delivered.
History of the Residential Construction
Performance Guidelines
The core of these criteria was first established as a basis for coverage under the
insured warranty program, initially offered some 30 years ago. More than 20 years
ago, the NAHB Remodelers (previously the Remodelors Council) embraced a similar
compilation of guidelines, which led to the published editions of Quality Standards
for the Professional Remodeler. The joint effort of the NAHB Remodelers and the
Single Family Small Volume Builders Committee culminated in the first edition of
these guidelines in 1996. Many of the individual guidelines have remained timehonored measures of residential construction performance.
Indeed, the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines have become the
accepted tool in many locations throughout the country for evaluating performance
by parties under residential builder contracts when a dispute may lead to
litigation or arbitration.

We at Oscar Development follow all building guidelines as per NSW Services

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