Removable Shelves Can Work In Metal Storage Cabinets

As great as metal storage cabinets can be, you deserve something a little more flexible. Fortunately, today’s cabinets are often made with removable shelves. Whether you need a tall cabinet or even some smaller storage surfaces to go into a workbench, you can add removable shelves into a storage solution. These shelves are made to be more convenient for your storage needs while adding an extra bit of flexibility to your space.

How Does a Shelf Like This Work?

Removable shelves on your industrial shelving units are made with a few simple features in mind. To start, a cabinet would have to use a series of anchors on its sides. These anchors will go along the back areas of the cabinet.

A series of holes or pegs are used in these anchors. These are spots where a shelf will affix itself. The sheet metal manufacturing process can utilize a laser cutting method for getting all the holes or pegs cut evenly apart from one another while being in the same size all the way through.

Adding and Removing a Shelf

After the anchors are added, a shelf can be added to the cabinet. For most metal storage cabinets, you would have to get the cabinet inserted by placing it at the upper part of each hole and then by pushing it into a spot and then lowering it in its place. This allows the cabinet to stay secure in a spot without it slipping off. The process works best when the shelf is aligned properly.

To remove a shelf, you just push the surface upward and then pull it out from the anchors. The shelf should be empty before you do this.

Removable shelves are perfect for metal storage cabinets thanks to how easy it is to use them. Check with us at Premier Engineering and Storage Solutions to see how one of these cabinets can be designed with your needs in mind.

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