Q & A for Switchboard Installation Rules

Q1. Can you drill a weal hole in an IP-rated electrical enclosure to manage condensation issues.

A. This is not an acceptable method to manage condensation as it destroys the IP rating of the enclosure. Condensation issues are now to be managed by using suitable IP-rated breathing equalization valves to assist with changes in humidity and drainage of moisture.

Q2.  Can I run the actives from the main switchboard installation to a distribution board and run the neutral from another distribution board.

A. All conductors of a sub-main or a final sub-circuit must be connected on one switchboard.

Q3. What is the new switchboard standard?

A. The AS/NZS 61439 series published in 2016 is the new switchboard installation The old standard, AS/NZS 3439 series, is still valid until 2021. AS/NZS 3000:2018 now provides new standards, which references the new switchboard standard.

Q4. Where do we need to use arc fault detection (AFDDs) devices?

A. These devices are used to detect arc faults in subcircuit wiring and not in switchboard installation, which pose a fire risk and sites where combustible construction material is stored. The use of AFDDs is not mandatory; however, the use of such devices is measured as good practice.

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