Pull Up Banners Can Use X-Frame Supports

One of the options you have to use when finding pull up banners on your exhibition stand entails the use of an X-frame. This design works like a tripod and can be set up in seconds. The layout is useful for when you have posters for exhibition stands that you want to pull up and display as flat as possible.

How the Frame Works

An X-frame can be useful when highlighting a sign for your promotion. The frame is designed with a large metal frame similar to what you might find on the back of a picture frame. One post goes back by a few feet while two other posts stand out in front to support your banner.

The X-frame design uses four anchors. Each anchor can be found on the corner of your frame. You will use a series of small fasteners or latches to stretch out one of your pull up banners. The frame keeps the banner flat and easy to read and display anywhere.

Review the Size

You must look at how the X-frame design is organized when getting your pull up banners displayed right. The frame can be a few feet in height. The frame should be sized as closely to the bodies of your banners if possible. Although you can secure an oversized banner onto a frame, you would have to secure the fabric over the ends, which could hurt the banner. Therefore, sticking with a frame of a simple size should be good enough.

Can You Adjust the Frame?

You might have the ability to adjust the layout of the X-frame to allow certain points to stretch out further. You must look at how well the banner will secure itself onto the corners in such a case. The frame can be positioned up and down if needed depending on what you prefer to utilize.

Watch for how an X-frame layout can work when getting your banners for exhibition stands ready. Ask Swift Display for help with finding one of these frames for your next big promotion.

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