Producing Acrylic Screen for Supermarkets

This year has been a long one for many businesses, and a lot of business owners have struggled to keeps to doors open. As the COVID-19 situation eases in NSW, and Christmas approaches, it is important to re-open safety. Acrylic screens for supermarkets are a great way to do this. When Covid Screens produce protective shields for your business, we use highly specialized laser cutting equipment and plastic polishing technology.

When a business requires hygiene screens to be produced, the first step is to measure and assess the space and dimension requirements. The measurements are taken in a site investigation and then translated into a computer model of the screen. The model will then guide our state-of-the-art cutting machines to precisely form the acrylic screens for supermarkets.

Similar to other products, acrylic screens for supermarkets are best cut with laser cutting technology. As the name implies, laser cutting uses a high powered laser beam (light) focussed onto the surface to melt or vaporize the material. The material is then blown out of the cut by a focussed stream of gas. This produces highly accurate cuts to almost any dimensions or shape of hygiene screens. Finally, the cut hygiene screens are taken to be polished; this ensures that all surfaces and sides are fully transparent.

To learn more about producing acrylic screens for supermarkets, visit Covid Screens.

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