Pool Crack Repair: Damaged Pool Tiles


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A common problem with pool owners is pool tile damage. This may come in the form of hairline cracks in the tiles. It may also come in the form of loose or falling tiles. In any case, damaged pool tiles should be repaired immediately to avoid any of the following problems.

Damage underneath the Tiles

Although the exterior surface of the swimming pool may look smooth and free from damage, there are several parts of the pool that lies hidden behind the tiles that may be damaged. Because such damages are covered by the tiles, many pool owners assume that they don’t exist, until it’s too late.

Remember, the pool tiles are connected to the pool beam, which then leads to the caulk joint and the deck. When your pool tiles are damaged, water will eventually pass through them and damage the said pool components. When left unchecked, the damage can spread to the rest of the swimming pool.

This is why it’s important that as soon as you see damaged tiles on your swimming pool, check the surrounding areas for signs of any other damage. Although further damage may not be immediately obvious, don’t assume that they’re not there. If you’re not sure what to look for, call in the help of a professional.

They can help you assess the extent of the damage and recommend proper steps to take afterwards. Whether it’s a small hairline crack that requires a quick fix or a huge damage that requires resurfacing the swimming pool, having a professional to help you through the process can ensure that every problem is dealt with promptly and accordingly.

Safety Hazards

Aside from damaging your swimming pool and compromising its structural integrity, damaged pool tiles can also be a safety hazard. This is especially true in case of damaged tiles that are positioned in high traffic areas. The edges of cracked tiles can be really sharp and cause cuts and other injuries to the skin. This is perhaps the most important reason why damaged pool tiles shouldn’t be ignored, and instead be repaired immediately by professionals who are offering pool crack repair services.

Pool Tile Damage? Call in the Experts Today

Damages to your pool tile is one problem that shouldn’t be ignored. If you see any damage to your pool tiles, be sure to get in touch with a professional to help repair your pool and get it back in tip top condition. This way, you can be sure that any problem with your pool is immediately attended to. Also, it makes sure that your pool is always ready and safe for use.

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