National Rules for Level 2 Metering Solutions -JBE Group

Certain Rules Involved in Level 2 Metering

(1) Metering installations and check metering installations used for the
measurement of active energy and, where appropriate, reactive
(2) collection and provision of metering data and B2B Data;
(3) provision, installation and maintenance of metering installations and
the provision of metering data services;
(4) accuracy of metering installations;
(5) inspection, testing and audit requirements;
(6) security of, and rights of access to, metering data and B2B Data;
(7) competencies and standards of performance;
(8) metering data services database and the metering database; and
(9) metering register requirements.

Above are the universal national rules to be followed by any level 2 metering solutions service provider in Australia.

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