Materials for Water Resistance in Bathroom Cabinets Sydney

The cabinetry in a bathroom, especially a vanity, is often the focal point of the room’s style. Having beautiful, luxury cabinetry sets the perfect tone for a stunning bathroom. Water is unavoidable in bathroom cabinets Sydney, with basins, showers, and humidity in the air. With such high water content, bathrooms can be a nightmare for many materials common in custom joinery.

Timber is one of the most common materials for custom joinery, but timber has a hard time dealing with moisture. This issue can be eased with proper sealing and coating to protect the surface. Many people will choose real solid timber because of its natural luxury look. Plywood can be used as an alternative in bathroom cabinets Sydney due to its better water expansion properties and being more affordable than solid timber. However, it doesn’t give the same look and feel as solid timber.

The vanity countertop is a major materials choice for bathroom cabinets Sydney. The countertop is where a lot of the water around the sink will be so the material must be durable and as water-resistant as possible. Granite is often viewed as the king of natural stone options for the home; it is highly scratch resistant and almost immune to any water or heat damage that custom joinery may experience. This resistance is perfect for bathrooms but granite does come at a premium. Other common options include laminates, quartz, and tiles, all of which can resist water damage.

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