Luxury New Home Builders- Produce Many Specialty Rooms for Your Home

One of the best parts of custom homes is that they often come with rooms designed for specific functions. You can contact Oscar Development to produce great homes that stand out and feature all the individual rooms you want.

Being new home builders, we need to keep in mind that Architect designed homes are versatile in that a proper floorplan can include rooms designed to support certain functions. Just produce a careful layout and you will have an easy time creating a great living space with all the functions you require.

But what types of specialty rooms can you add to a home?

 There are many options for custom-made homes that deserve to be explored in detail and you can plan them with help of professionals at Oscar Development.


A library could be added inside your home. Such a room may include carefully prepared windows sorted in secure spots. Added insulation may be applied along the walls to keep the space quiet.


A bar area can be prepared with an extended counter surface and some additional water taps. Cabinets could also hang from the ceilings. You could even add a few open spots for tables, chairs, and a large entertainment system.

Music Room

A music room could be added with a dynamic layout that allows the sounds from instruments to flow well. Many custom made homes feature music rooms with tall ceilings and large floor plans that can support a piano or other large instrument.

Storage Room

A storage room maybe a little larger than a typical closet. It would have to include a securely insulated setup and minimal lighting to keep items protected and safe. Such a room could work well in lieu of a basement that may be at risk of flooding or an attic that might be too hot.

Home Theater

A home theater would have support for a large screen and audio system plus a series of comfortable chairs. Think of such a room as though it were your own miniature movie theater room.

Maintenance Shed

A maintenance shed could also be added although it might be detached from the main body of your house. This place would hold various tools and vehicles or items you might use when fixing up your yard.

Choose your new home builders with 25 years of experience and delivers quality work for quality people, Oscar Development. Think about the things you want to do in your home when planning it out so you can get a great home design ready.

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