Laminated Board: Where To Use Plywood?

Among the commonly used laminated board material for construction projects is plywood due to its versatility and affordability. Plywood offers a wide range of uses, especially when building your dream home. It can be used in every part of the house from walls, floorings, cabinets and customised furniture pieces. Here’s more additional information on everything you need to know about plywood.

4 Classification of Plywood

  • Structural plywood

This particular classification of plywood is generally used for structural application and intended to be resistant to all types of weather and stress from external elements found in our environment. Structural plywood can be used as major material for beams, internal structure, subflooring, wall and roof bracing.

  • Exterior plywood

This type of plywood is seen mostly on outdoor because its material is water-resistant. When used as exterior decorations for homes and other construction projects, it’s advisable to paint the surface for added protection against constant exposure to direct heat of sun. Exterior plywood is best for walls, outdoor flooring, linings for the roof and stables.

  • Interior plywood

Another classification of laminated board plywood is the interior plywood. It’s basically used as indoor decorative material to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the house, office or any building. Among the uses of interior plywood is material for construction of indoor furniture pieces, ceilings including interior cladding.

  • Marine plywood

The last classification is the marine plywood and this type of board has a specific usage, for waterproofing. This material has acquired a high-stress grade and possesses the feature of rot resistant in areas with high levels of moisture or humidity. Marine plywood can be seen on docks and boats.

Other uses of plywood

The above mentioned as just some of the many usability of plywood. The other usages that you may not be may include the following:

  • Skateboard ramps

Yes, due to the durability feature of plywood it’s an excellent material for the building skateboard ramps. With its extra smooth surface finish, any skateboarder would have pleasure of executing a perfect skateboard stunt.

  • Film sets

Have you visited film and theatrical sites? If not, you will be astounded the uses of plywood from stage plays and movie settings.

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