Installing optical Fibre using Blown Method

Overall blowing method is preferred over the traditional pulling method due to savings in manpower & installation time and improved installation efficiency, particularly in longer ducts with various bends and undulations. In this application note, cable installation by blowing method and its best practices are explained well.

Blown optical fiber cable installation process

Cabling solution by using high-speed air flow combined with additional mechanical pushing force is simply known as “blowing or jetting” of fibre optical cable. Cable blowing is the process of installation of optical fibre cable into a pre-installed duct. Compressed air is injected into the duct inlet after a few hundred meters of cable is pushed into the duct. Compressed air flows at high speed through the duct and along the cable. Compressed air flows at high speed through the ducts and along with the whole cable system. The pushing force is applied mainly near the cable inlet by any pushing device. There two different methods for blown optical fibre blowing which are discussed below:

Method 1 – High airspeed blowing of optical fiber

This method requires pushing the cable with a tractor mechanism by traction rollers in the blowing process for a few hundred meters and then introducing compressed air to make it cable inside the device.

Method 2 – Push/Pull blowing

In this type, of blowing unit, an air-tight piston is attached to the front of the cable. And, this one is the easiest cable solution to do as compared to the previous one. The air pushes this piston, and the piston pulls the cable.

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