Industrial Shelving Units Can Include Wire Materials

Sometimes you might have a need to secure items onto your industrial shelving units. These include items that might be likely to shift off of a shelf due to vibrations or maybe because it has a round or curved bottom that could potentially roll off. This is where wire-based shelving units could come in handy.

At Premier Engineering, we can help you with preparing sensible shelves that offer wire bodies. These are surfaces that use a series of parallel wires connected onto a base. This works in lieu of the traditional solid body on a shelf.

You can get one of these shelves to secure items. A small bit of space is included in between each wire on a shelf. This allows you to secure a bit of string or wire or other fastener onto an item.

You can use this to get strings to go over any item on a shelf to secure its place on that shelf. This keeps something from sliding off of a shelf with ease. It does well if you need to keep something in its place and you don’t have plans to use it although it could also work as a base for a box or other item that you would store even smaller items inside of.

The design of the shelf should still be reviewed based on how well it is added into a shelving unit and how much weight it can handle. Look at how well the shelf can be adjusted too in the event you have to move it up or down for whatever reason. The surface should also be smooth enough to where any strings or other wires you want to add onto it will not chafe and tear off on their own.

Look at how well these wire-based shelves could work for your storage solutions. Such wires are made to help you secure items quite well without being hard to use. We proudly offer many useful options for all your demands.

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