Ideal Lamb Cuts To Find Among Quality Meats

The lamb is one of the more prominent animals that can produce a variety of quality meats. Here are a few of the more popular meats to get off of a lamb.

The Shoulder

The shoulder is a firm area around the front part of the lamb. It takes a bit of time for this part to become firm. It can be cooked on the bone while the meat itself can easily slide off of the bone when it is prepared right. This can even be slow-cooked if desired.

The Chop or Rack

The chop or rack is the central part of the lamb and often produces the most expensive cuts. These cost more because they offer tender bodies that are especially impressive. The ribs can be cooked together and will especially offer a firm body that is rich in flavor.

The Leg

The leg of lamb is a key part of the animal that is hard and has a better flavor than most other parts. It is lean and can be roasted or barbecued. It is best to avoid cooking it for too long or at too hot of a temperature though. This is to ensure that the leg is not overcooked.

The Shank

The shank is the lower part of the leg of lamb that is often cheaper and a little easier to cook but will offer a soft texture when cooked right. Much of this is thanks to the collagen that is found in the leg. The tissues here will create a soft body that makes it perfect for soups and stews alike.

The Rump

Located at the rear part of the lamb’s body, it is one of the best quality meats for when you are trying to find a larger chop. It can be pan-fried or grilled and will offer a lean and tender texture. You must avoid cooking the rump for far too long though as it is susceptible to becoming a little too firm and difficult to consume or prepare.

All of these options are great to find when looking for a quality meat serving off of a lamb. Every part of the lamb’s body can work but it helps to watch for how well the process of making something can work.

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