Tarpaulins can be used in a variety of ways due to their availability in different sizes and materials. Got an old Tarpaulin with sections that are still sturdy and about to throw it away? Why throw it away when you can REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE. Here’s why you can reuse it for other purposes. Like new tarpaulins can be used in a variety of applications e.g., protecting poultry equipment, dam liners, Hay sheds, temporary warehousing, and construction sites, the old ones can also serve some purposes. Some of the creative ways to repurpose your old tarps by cutting them into manageable sizes are:

  1. Protect smaller items by using cutouts of sturdy sections
  2. Use it as a raised bed for gardening or for a sandbox bottom in the kids’ play area to prevent any attack of weeds and ants.
  3. Use it as a small tent for kids.
  4. A cover for a kiddie pool.
  5. Sew the pieces together and create a waterproof pillow for the outdoor deck or patio furniture
  6. Create a sunshade using some bamboo sticks in summers
  7. Use it in the backyard as a cover for firewood against rain
  8. Use it as a wrap up for your fishing gear
  9. Use it for protecting the spare tire on the trailer
  10. Use it to create a handy log carrier
  11. Use it as cat litter liners, planter box, and pot liners
  12. Use it as a protector for Shrubs during fall or winter
Based in Australia, Polytex Tarpaulins specializes in tarpaulin products. It designs, manufactures, and supplies all grades of tarps from light to heavy-duty. In the past 50 years, polytex has produced tarps for grain storage bunkers, dam liners, hay & cotton sheds, trucking and building industries, poultry & piggery products along shelter covers for military, mining, agriculture & industry not only in Australia but also overseas.

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