How to Differentiate Between Veneer and Laminated Boards

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Tacky furnishings could detract from the overall look of your home interiors. This is why homeowners need to invest a significant amount of thought when they think of embellishing their interior décor. For many homeowners in Australia, choosing between veneer and laminated boards for their furnishings can be difficult. These individuals will usually find themselves at sixes and sevens in such situations. In many cases, this is because they don’t know much about the two materials, their similarities and their differences.

What’s the Difference Between Veneer and Laminated Boards?

Unlike genuine wood, laminates are not natural. Manufacturers produce laminates with prints that give it a similar appearance to that of authentic wood. They accomplish this by printing patterns onto paper. Or, they could even soak brown papers in synthetic resins to achieve the desired look. In contrast, veneers denote strips of wood. Manufacturers bond extremely thin layers of hardwood to less expensive varieties of wood or particleboard. As a result, the veneers will look like they are solid pieces of wood. But, they will be much cheaper than blocks of wood having a similar size.

Laminated boards and veneers can provide similar looks and finishes. But, making furniture from laminated boards will be much cheaper. While they are not exorbitant in terms of price, veneers will be slightly more expensive than laminates. In addition, over time, you’ll be able to stain, paint or sandpaper your veneers to achieve a different look. In contrast, you will probably need to replace your laminates, should you want to achieve a different look. But, replacing your laminates will be cheaper because of the lower costs of the material. Laminates are scratch-resistant and waterproof. However, you will need to polish veneers regularly.

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