How to choose Commercial Upholstery Fabric for your Upholstery repair?

Deciding what type of fabric material to use for your upholstery fabric is a personal choice, however, you have chosen the right fabric with proper information.

Commercial Upholstery fabric should be easily maintainable, resistible,   long-lasting depending upon it usage. Home Upholstery is one of the leading upholstery fabric providers in Sydney.  We have a different range of upholstery fabric including velvet, suede, vinyl, PC, leather, polyester, cotton, olefin, and many more. You can choose any fabric as per your look imagination in your budget.

Fabric is made of different purposes or applications, which determine how hard-wearing and durable the material will be. Please note during the search for commercial upholstery fabric, you should pay attention to its draping, lightweight, resistibility for commercial upholstery. Another aspect to consider is if there is a rub test grade (Martindale rating) which tests the fabric’s scuff confrontation and therefore measures the durability of a fabric. The higher the rub test numbers the better its quality as a commercial upholstery fabric.

We supply the highest quality upholstery fabric in Sydney. You can visit our workshop in Sydney to view more options and the work we do.

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