How to Choose a Suitable Substrate for Your Veneer Panels?

Substrate is basically a supportive material that a timber veneer is glued to. Veneer panels are composed of thin slices of veneer glued onto this substrate. In order to choose the right substrate for your veneer panels, you’ll need to consider the type of timber veneer you’re using as well as your own requirements.

There are three main types of substrates recommended by experienced specialists – MDF (Medium-density fiberboard), Particleboard and plywood.  In this article, we will discuss more about these substrates so that you can make a well informed decision when buying your veneer panels.

Qualities of an Ideal Substrate for Veneer Panels

When looking for a suitable substrate, make sure that it remains stable in different conditions i.e. there should be no noticeable expansion or contraction with increase or decrease in temperature. In addition, it should withstand moisture pretty well.

For these reasons, manufactured materials like MDF and particleboard are preferred over solid wood as substrate for wood veneer panels.

MDF: The Best Substrate for Veneer Panels

Although the right substrate for your project might depend on your specific needs, MDF is by far the most popular substrate used for timber wood panels.

MDF is flat, smooth and possibly the most stable board out there. What’s more, MDF is pretty affordable and extremely consistent in its appearance. It can be easily glued to timber veneer.

What Is A Particleboard And How It Is Used in Veneer Panels?

Particleboard is made by bonding together cellulose particles using a binder or a synthetic resin. So, the quality and nature of particleboard depend on the shape of the particles, manufacturing process and the resin level.

When you buy your particleboard veneer panels from a trusted supplier like Processed Forest products, you can rest assured that your panels will come with high performance particleboard.

Particleboard is lightweight and can hold screws extremely well, and that make it the most economical board available anywhere. Particleboard is a widely used substrate but it needs to be properly sanded before applying veneer on it.

Is Plywood A Good Substrate For Veneer Panels?

Plywood is made by gluing together thin sheets of wood. High quality plywood is incredibly strong and resilient. On the downside, plywood is prone to warping especially when used in extreme places.

For more information on different types of boards used in the construction of veneer panels and to choose from the widest selection of quality FSC certified veneer products including timber veneer panels,  fire rated doors, wood veneer panels  and laminated board, contact the leading timber veneer suppliers in SydneyProcessed Forest Products today.

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