How Much Text Should Go Onto a Retail Display?

You can get as much text as you want to have on your retail display. But you should be cautious when figuring out how you will get it all added well enough. You need to add enough room on a display to create a nice layout without being crowded or otherwise hard to read.

A Strong Headline Works

It is perfectly fine to have a headline on your display. A retail display could come with a single line that features a few words. These could be utilized to summarize whatever you have to offer. It could attract people and even give them an idea of what your company is about and what it has for people to utilize.

A Brief Description or Slogan Can Be Used

You also have the option to get a description or slogan added onto your display. This would include a listing of some of the features or qualities of whatever it is you want to highlight. The wording should still be concise and sensible so people can get a clear idea of what you want to share without being too specific on what it is.

Where to Place It

The text you add onto one of your exhibition stands should be applied onto a spot that people can actually read it off of. You can add it to the top part of your stand or display, for instance. This could create a good headline for whatever your stand will show off.

The text can also be organized near a vital image or graphic you want to add onto your display stand. Watch for how that text is organized though so you don’t have anything that might be overwhelmed by your graphics on your retail display.

Be aware of how well your display is organized and that you have a good amount of text on it while still being easy to read and distinguish. Swift Display Systems can help you with figuring out how text and other features can look on all the exhibition stands you want to work with.


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