You would also have to factor in the cost of painting not only for the interior but the entire house. You are looking at the expense of at least $4000 to paint a three-story terrace renovation for your house , with a maximum of three colours. You should also note that you are liable for the costs of painting the entire exterior of the building. Homeowners of landed property will be looking at an additional $3500 or $4000 for manpower, paint material and sealing costs if they decide to have a fresh coat of paint for the facade of the building. The construction and disassembling of scaffolding, if the painters require it, should also be taken into consideration. This would set the owners at a range of $5000 to $8000.

Another important, yet often overlooked, aspect of landed house interior design is the electrical wiring of the landed property. Landed property homeowners need to do a thorough check of the switches and electrical units in the entire house. Electrical wiring will experience wear and tear over time and homeowners can let their Singapore interior design firm know if the wirings are faulty or if they are not working properly. If there is a need for an overhaul of the existing internal electrical structure of the terrace renovation for your house interior, homeowners are looking at the expense of $5000 and up.

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