How Large Should You Rollup Banners Be?

Quality rollup banners are popular for how they are easy to display at any exhibition stand you operate in Sydney while being easily retractable. You can quickly get one of these banners stored and transported to all the spots that you want to prepare exhibition stands Sydney in.

Even so, you should watch carefully for how large such a banner is going to be. You don’t want to have a better that is too large to the point where it overwhelms everything at your show display. One of these retail display stands should be sized carefully.

How Tall Can It Be?

Great rollup banners can be up to about 90 inches in height. This is often tall enough to make your stand noticeable while also keeping them from being likely to engulf everything else in your display space. This can especially do well if you have a tall image that you want to display on your banner.

Can You Lock Its Size?

One of these banners for retail display stands can be locked to where it will not roll up or down while it is being displayed. You should look at whether a banner can be locked so it can be partially opened instead of having to be opened all the way. A good latch or other small lever might be found on the base to secure the banner in its place as you display it. This is important if your banner has a repeating pattern on it.

How Wide Can It Be?

The width of the banner should be checked just as well. A great banner can be about 30 to 45 inches wide. This should be enough to create a strong base while keeping whatever images you want to display from being bunched up. This can also create a narrow design when you have the banner rolled up all the way although it can be flexible if you have the ability to lock the banner’s position.

Rollup banners are perfect to have for all your shows in Sydney. Be certain when getting such a banner ready that you know what you are getting out of it and that you have a choice that fits in perfectly with your general requirements.


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