How Big Can Roll Up Stands Be?

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A great part of finding roll up stands is that you can come across a variety of stands in a number of sizes. This is useful when you consider how you might need a larger stand to make your display at an exhibition a little more noticeable. The size should still be checked to see that whatever you are using is not too complicated or otherwise hard to display and set up.

How Tall?

To start, banner stands can be relatively tall. In many cases it can be about 1500mm in height at the least. This is enough to create a visible look but it is still relatively short to where many people might be taller than the display you are trying to create.

A taller display that is about 2000mm or 2100mm in height could also be useful. This creates a taller display that is easily visible but is not too tall to the point where it might be tough to set up and prepare in a spot.

What About Width?

The width of the stand should also be checked. A great stand may come with a width of around 850mm. This is a basic width total that is easy to manage and display while still being noticeable without being too rough or difficult around the edges.

You could always go for a much wider option if you have a larger message that you want to convey. Some roll up stands can be available in sizes of up to 1500mm in width, for instance. This is useful if you have a larger or more detailed message that you want to display. Some options can be found in the middle as well but it is up to you to figure out the proper sizing you want to work with at a certain time.

Be sure you think about the sizing standards you want to work with when getting roll up stands among other banner stands ready for use in your business display. Whether it is at an exhibition or on your business site, you need to choose a stand with a size that is sensible and easy to manage. This is all about giving your business display an outstanding look that you are bound to enjoy having.

If you’re looking for trade show displays or exhibitions stands for your next event, party or even for your store front business, get in touch with Swift Display for high quality and affordable banner displays.

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