High Care and Low Care – Differences and Purpose

Choosing aged care for a loved one is a complicated time for the family, one aspect which might be confusing is differentiating between high and low care settings. For aged care Sydney, the severity of the person’s condition will influence the level of care that they need in a nursing home. People suffering from conditions that severely affect daily functions like eating, dressing, and bathing require high care in Rooty Hill. These may include people who have dementia who will likely require long term care, or have recently suffered a stroke requiring shorter terms. This level of care is very intensive, with the nursing staff needed 24 hours of the day.

Aged care is different for everyone, not all people in aged care Sydney will need the intense care that comes with high care in Rooty Hill. People suffering from less severe conditions, or require assistance with some elements of their daily routine such as meal preparation or managing medications are best suited to low care settings. In this form of care, the residents still retain most of their independence but receive the help that they need. People in low care facilities are elderly people who just need some assistance or suffer from conditions like arthritis which makes some chores difficult. The setting is usually community-based with private rooms and public entertainment areas, keeping the residential socially active and happy.

Residential Gardens is a leading provider of aged care Sydney for Spanish speaking residents. They offer professional and intensive high care in Rooty Hill but also offer less intense low care services to elderly people who need some assistance in their independent living.

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