Gourmet Butcher – Best chicken breeds for meats

Each year, more and more people are becoming aware of the consequences of what they eat.

With the hormones added to market meats, it is becoming increasingly popular for people to grow their own food. For those of us who were not born on a farm, growing our own food tends to start with fruits and vegetables. Later, they realize they need to raise their own meat for protein.

The most commonly used meat products in the market for people to breed their chicken in their house

Chickens are specially raised for meat are commonly known as Broilers. In the market, even gourmet butchers prefer to sell chicken which says farm produced.

In the time period of just 5 short weeks, the chickens that are commonly known as broilers can weigh around 4-5 pounds and in another time period of 10 weeks, they can easily reach 10 pounds, which is the best ideal size for any gourmet butcher to sell.

This makes raising and breeding broilers in the backyard the best possible options for those who are looking to develop a self-sustaining lifestyle with healthy eating meat.

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