Get Delicious Salumi Plate from Campisi Butchery

Salumi plate is a juicy and succulent type of meat. People love salumi plate because it is sweeter than most species of meat.

Campisi butchery is an amazing butchery shop in Sydney Australia. Salumi plate can be eaten with few slices of chicken portions, potatoes and varieties of vegetables. Salumi plate is better than most available salumi in other organic butchery shops or Italian butchery in Sydney.

Our brand of salumi plate looks so appealing, and shares unique features with French charcuterie. It is an Italian cured meat, made from cuts of beef, beef, lamb, fowl and other brands of meats.

Most people try to confuse salumi plate with salami, which is another type of Italian dry cured meat. In most Italian restaurants, salumi plate is served as an appetiser, which features a wide range of meats, herbs, and sweet spices. However, salumi plate gives a distinctive flavour or taste better than salami.

There are so many ways of preserving the meat in a typical butcher shop. For instance, meat wholesalers usually preserve the meat with salt, so as to keep it fresh; this will make the meat to remain very fresh and pleasing to the eye for a very long time. Adding seasoning to it will make the meat to be flavourful always.

Salumi plate can be prevented from bacteria by cooking, fermenting, smoking and drying it. No matter the type of meat you need, campisi butchery can provide you with premium, fresh quality meat.

We have been in business for more than 38 years, and we have been providing this service to our clients. Our reputation speaks volumes. We source our gourmet meats, leg of lamb and other meats from the best breeders and suppliers.

We have always valued our customers, and this is the reason why our high-quality products are provided in a hygienic and clean environment. Be rest assured that you are buying quality meats from us; really superlative both in taste and freshness. A trial will surely convince you!

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