Frozen Fruit Vegetable – How To Keep Them Safe And Savoury

Frozen fruit and vegetable must be stored wisely so that you can avoid freezer burn, prevent moisture loss, use the freezer space wisely, prevent transfer of smell and prevent food poisoning. The key to accomplishing the above lies in proper wrapping and storage of frozen fruit vegetable.

Use of freezer safe containers and freezer bags that closely fit the frozen fruit and vegetable are recommended. Meat and baked goods must be tightly wrapped in foils before placing them in the freezer bags. Use small containers to discourage bacteria growth and also to ensure quick freezing.

It is a good practice to label and date freezer bags with frozen fruit and vegetable so that you can enjoy them as per their shelf life. Most of the frozen fruit and vegetable must be consumed within two to three months, however there are others with a longer shelf life.

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