Frequently Asked Questions For Swimming Pool Renovations

Do you have plans for renovating your swimming pool? Swimming pool renovations are major projects that require huge funding and careful decision making. If you are still on the process of making a thorough assessment as to whether to proceed with a pool renovation or not yet, here are frequently asked questions that every pool owner must consider and get a straightforward answer.

Question #1 – Is there enough space for expansion?

Giving your pool a minimal facelift would not be a big issue. However, if your plan is to expand it the present size of your swimming pool, ask this crucial question “Is there enough space for expansion?” Whatever answer will be derived from this question will give you a clear idea as to whether this idea is achievable or not. If in doubt you may also seek professional advice from pool contractors handling various swimming pool renovations.

Question #2 – When is the best time to start this renovation?

According to pool contractors carrying swimming pool renovations must take place during fall or winter. Why? Of course, this will give you enough time to complete the renovation before spring or summer season when the use of pool comes highly.

Besides, undergoing a pool renovation during spring or summer would mean higher prices on materials including job-related supplies needed in renovating swimming pools.

Question #3 – Does the pool contractor offer warranty coverage?

As mentioned swimming pool renovations need enough funding, so it’s crucial for pool owners to conduct further investigation who among prospective pool contractors are offering warranty coverage.

A reliable pool contractor must offer a warranty in case something went wrong after the turnover of the completed pool renovation project.  When discussing with the pool renovations Hills District contractor don’t hesitate to ask about warranty coverage as well as other issues like insurance.

Question #4 – Are there permits required for swimming pool renovation?

Just like a home improvement swimming pool renovations may need the acquisition of permits from your homeowners’ association, local state or city. Why? A complex case of pool renovation may require deep excavation or use of special tools and equipment to prepare the job site and getting the necessary permits will ensure no violation is committed. Besides, getting permission for a pool renovation gives you peace of mind that job will start without disruption.

Question #5 – What is the expected timeline of completion?

Depending on the extent of planning and preparation of job site swimming pool renovations timeline of completion may vary. Of course, expect a pool undergoing minor remodeling to take a few weeks whereas a major renovation that includes removing existing pool finishing and resurfacing it with new finish may require months.

If you want to set things clear with the hired pool contractor about the deadline of the pool renovation ask politely “What is the expected timeline? If the contractor cannot give you an estimated date of completion, go and inquire with other pool contractors. Knowing the rough estimate of completion date will give you enough time to choose the best time to start this pool renovation project.

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